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Battlefield V Closed Alpha Release Date Leaked ?

Battlefield V Closed Alpha Release Date Leaked ?

Battlefield V Closed Alpha finally coming for PC console. This version already tested on August 13 at 1 AM PDT. We need to say thanks to Origin client because of them we know when this game will available for PC. It’s likely would come next week, a little bit late, but still acceptable.

Last Aplha ran in June, but only few gamers can play. It was an invitation, so just only a few gamers can try and play this game. Maybe this time, they will do the same thing like they do in June. All participant can play the beta test on Conquest and Grand Operation: Fall of Norway modes. They also can play versus mode. Till now, DICE has not announced about the next alpha maps and modes, it can be same like the old one or maybe we can get a new one.

With this test, the developer need a feedback from beta tester. With this data, they can fix and add more features. Back in time, they have a problem about matchmaking system and back end system. That’s why they want accurate data about this game.

Battlefield V will be launch on May 19 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you buy the deluxe edition, you will get three days early oon May 3.

The New Teaser of Wolfenstein

Bethesda soon announced that they were ready to commit again in offering the release of the best new games on well-known PC platforms such as Steam. Games such as Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, Cyberpilot Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood are rumored to be an important line-up for Bethesda to maintain their relevance in the AAA gaming industry.

Of all the names, aside from Fallout 76 which is preparing a lot of improvements, the existence of the new Wolfenstein series is also a reminder for gamers who have long forgotten BJ Blazkowicz’s glory in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

If the Cyberpilot Wolfenstein is confirmed to be a game devoted to VR, the Wolfenstein: Youngblood series is actually ready to retell the story of the collection of patriotic groups in holding back the Nazi imperialism in Wolfenstein’s world setting. Interestingly, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will take a different path by not involving BJ Blazkowicz as the front guard.

In the brief teaser gif that Bethesda recently announced, they reported that BJ had reportedly disappeared.

Even though it’s still unconfirmed is this a teaser about Wolfenstein Youngblood or not? In our preaching, it was discovered that the Wolfenstein Youngblood game will focus its story directly on the adventures of two BJ twin daughters from the results of his marriage with Anya Oliwa, namely Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz. This game will also mark the beginning of the emergence of co-op elements in the Wolfenstein franchise, because here you will act as one of BJ’s two twin daughters.

Apple Arcade Will Released On Autmn Promising Exclusive Game

Based on Apple Keynote directly from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino displayed today, California, Apple will launch a new subscription-based gaming platform model to play games on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade, the name of this new subscription platform, will provide subs access to a catalog of more than 100 games which can then be played on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, Mac, or on your television via Apple TV. All games will be available to be played offline and you can also switch between devices when playing the game you want. So, if you go to work, you continue to progress and change devices, which initially on the Iphone moved to Mac or Apple TV for example, or vice versa.

As for the game to be introduced at Apple Arcade, Apple said it would offer several exclusive games from famous game creators such as Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), Ken Wong, and Will Wright (The Sims). Apple also released a game trailer that aims to showcase several game titles that will be available through Apple Arcade such as Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, The Pathless, Sonic Racing, Beyond a Steel Sky, and more. Here is an example of a Video Trailer that we meant just now.

Until now, the initial subscription price for Apple Arcade has not been announced, but Apple said it would provide many details to be announced later. Apple Arcade is currently planned to be ready to air in the fall.

Heroes Lore: Aldous The Maze Keeper

Have you ever seen how strong Aldous in Mobile Legends game ? If you read the lore of Aldous, you will know his power is a curse from God ! He is a fighter type hero with a destructive power. He can even kill a mage, assasin and marksman hero in one hit ! Excited to know Aldous lore ? Check this out !

According to Mobile Legends story, there is a maze in the middle of dessert in Minoan Kingdom. Inside that maze, there is one item called Twilight Orb. Minoan race believe that Twilight Orb is a holy item with unbelieveable power. Because of this, for guarding this maze, Minoan race choose them best fighter to guarding that orb.

Minoan race power come from that orb. That’s why they trying to guarding that orb. But one day, all villager become greedy. One by one, Minoan guard leaving the maze. But there is one person who keep guarding that maze, his name is Aldous.

One day, God became angry with Minoan race and punish them with light and darkness power. But Aldous survived that punishment. His body turning into black and his right hand became so powerfull. And now Aldous become a most powerfull fighter in Land of Dawn.

Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Finally, Arena of Valor Indonesia released new hero called Wiro Sableng. This new hero can be obtained for free. Sounds good ! Not only that, Wiro Sableng also have a overpowered skills ! Wiro Sableng is a tank plus fighter type, so he can bursting damage while taking damage from enemy.

Excited with this new hero ? Let’s discuss more about his skills. Check this out !

His passive skill named Sacred 212. This passive will give advantage to player who using this hero. When Wiro Sableng die in battle, he will reincarnate and back to life again. But when being revived, Wiro Sableng will change to meditate state.

In this mode, Wiro Sableng can’t move or using skills. His magic and physic defense will goin down for 25%. When meditate, there’s a 212 mark under his body. If teammates going to that sign, they will gain 10% recovery HP. This state will be gone after 4,5 second.

His first skill is 212 Axe. Wiro Sableng will spin around with his might Naga Geni 212 axe. Enemy who stand near him will taken pshycal damage. After using this skill, Wiro Sableng also get attack range and attack power for his three next attack.

His second skill is Tornado Fist. With this skill, Wiro Sableng will launch an energy from his hand. Enemy who hitted by this skill will be knock back. If enemy knockback and hit the wall, they will take more damage.

And the last skill is Sunray Fist. Wiro Sableng will gaining power from sun and make in to a large energy ball. The more time you take for releasing this skill, the output damage will be more powerfull.

Apex Legends Officially Announced Their First Battle Pass

Having been rumored to be released this month and not released on 12 March, Respawn Entertainment finally revealed what content is available in Apex Legends’s first battle pass season. Including a new legends named Octane.

Their Twitter account and official website revealed that the Apex Legends battle pass will be released tonight at 00:00 pasific time (tomorrow more precisely). Just like other battle passes, it will contain cosmetic items for Octane legends that you can get at level 48. You can buy Octane using Apex Coin and in-game currency.

The Battle Pass itself will be priced at 950 Apex Coin and 2,800 Apex Coin for bundles that have been open 25 levels. You who don’t buy it will also get a free gift in the form of 5 loot boxes, 18 stats tracker, and Octane skin just by playing the first season.

Despite not having any information about Octane on the website, the PlayStation Blog says that Octane is a runner who has lost his leg. His Adrenaline Junkie ability was able to exchange HP at speed, he would also have Stim to help regenerate his cellphone. Launch Pad as its ultimate will be able to launch you along King’s Canyon very quickly with your teammates. Dare to play ?

AWP Weapon On PUBG Mobile

In addition to the assault rifle and also the submachine gun or SMG, there are still other weapons that can be used in PUBG games, these weapons are AWP. If the assault rifle is suitable for killing opponents from long and medium distances and SMG is suitable for slaughtering opponents at close range, then the AWP is the most powerful weapon for killing opponents remotely with one shot.

There are two types of AWP that can be used in this game where the first AWP is a bolt action type (AWP that has to cock every time it fires) and also a semi-auto that can fire bullets continuously until the bullet runs out. Unfortunately, the AWP in PUBG is different from AWP in FPS games in general. Usually, AWP in other games is equipped with a scope while in PUBG we still need to find a scope to use this weapon.

The best AWP available at PUBG Mobile is AWM. This weapon cannot be found in an ordinary map and can only be obtained through drop water. This type of AWP has a different bullet, the .300 bullet. This bullet can only be obtained through drop water. Usually, when the water drop contains AWM, this scope and bullet will also be attached in it.

AWM has a shot speed of up to 910 which is the fastest projectile speed in PUBG games. AWM has 135 damage which means it will kill your opponent with one shot. For the most effective shot distance is from 100 to 1000.

New Hero On AoV Which Have Skill Similiar To Luffy

Of course you are already familiar with the One Piecebukan Manga or Anime? the story of the journey of a child from East Blue named Luffy who dreams of becoming a pirate king with his crew named Strawhat Pirates.

Well recently AOV or Arena of Valor in the Vietnam Test server officially released a new hero with abilities similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu brott. The ability of this cute AOV hero is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen with a sucking mechanism wind through the mouth before inflating the stomach with the wind.

Pippi / Driver is the temporary name of this funny hero because it has not been officially released on any server recently tested on the server, with the appearance of a big monster when entering Pippi / Driver elastic mode can freely use full ability. We can see from the symbol above where it is clear Pippi is the type of support, maybe support / tank.

This cute hero’s most annoying skill is at once a skill that is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen ability, how not? Pippi was able to issue a similar ability to suck all those in front by holding the duration of skill straw as much as possible, even you nosy Challangers must be very much waiting for the arrival of this Troll-able hero, because it seems that this hero will be able to compete with Grakk the fishing man AOV in this century.

Lineage Revolution 2: Welcome To Yokai Valley !

Lineage 2 Revolution as one of the popular games made by Netmarble recently received the latest update. The update presents a new area called the mysterious Yokai Valley on the Netmarble MMORPG. Yokai Valley is a new concept that displays unique stories, Event Fields, 3 Event Dungeons, 16 types of Monsters, Costumes, and various other Events.

There will be 3 new dungeons that have been added, namely Grave Defense Battle, Twin Tengu Battle and of course the Kyuubi Battle. The three dungeons require cooperation between the players to defeat the three bosses of each dungeon. In addition, to add features and excitement to the game in Yokai Valley, the three dungeons will each have different concepts and regulations.

In addition, along with the update, there will be 16 types of Japanese-style Monster Yokai present in the game. Updates will be equipped with Monster Core, Costume, and of course a new Artifact to celebrate the update. The cool thing is, to celebrate the new update, Netmarble will send various prizes in games and hold an event in game that is no less interesting. The prize sent in the form of a +30 enhancement coupon that allows players to be able to upgrade their equipment directly to +30 without fail.

The cool thing is, there will be a 7-day login event that will award a special prize that can be used to make / craft Rare, UR Equipment. Plus, when joining the Erica Ken Weber Festa event, players will receive 250 red diamond every day for 2 weeks. How cool isn’t it? immediately download Lineage 2 Revolution on Google play store so you can join the event!

Plant Vs Zombie Board Game ?

Plant Versus Zombie is a strategy casual game which is very liked by all people. Anyone know about this game, but the question is what if Plant Versus Zombie made into a board game ? Is that possible ?

There’s one channel on Youtube named Little Puffin, he’s a fan of Plant Versus Zombie, it turns out he made a board game called Plants vs Zombies.

It’s different with the real game on console or PC. The concept is same, you must shoot every zombie who want to eat your brain, but you are not planting your army, but you directly shoot them with a card board gun ! Sound interesting right ? It’s like playing Shoot Em Up game in arcade machine.

Zombie will coming to you and you must stop them before they reach your safeline. If they reached the safeline, then you will be lose and you need to start new game again. Its very relaxing and fun to play. So, if you want to know how to make a Plant Versus Zombie board game, check this video !

You can watch and learn step by step to build that machine, cheap and easy to make. You can spend your time with friend or with your kid to play this board game.

Lets Talk About Slardar !

Slardar in melee STR hero in Dota 2. Slardar have a low cooldown spells and have high pshycal damage. Knock down enemy is piece of cake for Slardar. This hero also good at ganking because he have AoE stun skills and have high movement speed. Chasing down or run from enemy is Slardar speciality. Player usually focusing on Blink Dagger for first item because with this item, Slardar can easily gank the enemy heroes.

For chasing the enemy, Slardar with activated his first skill, Guardian Sprint. With this skill, Slardar will slithers ahead and moving significantly faster. When upgrade to level 4, Sladar will gain 700 movement speed when walking in the river. This skill so good for rotation because Slardar will easily move from point A to point B.

His second skill is Slithereen Crush. Becarefull with this skill ! Even u have BKB, you will still stunned by this skill. The damage is pshycal, so even you have an magic resist item, you will still get the maximum damage of this skill.

Slardar have a passive skill anmed Bash of the Deep. In every attack, Slardar have a chance to stun enemy. Like his second skill, this skill damage is physical.

For optimizing his second and third skill, Slardar have a skill named Corrosive Haze. When using it to enemy, the enemy hero will gain reduce armor and Slardar will have a vision of his target. So even enemy using invisible skill, they will still visible to Slardar.

Claude : Steal Is The Art Of Fighting

Claude is the newest hero in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Claude is a marksman hero who very good at killing enemy unit. His ultimate skill also devastating ! In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, he is a Thief King who want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous.

This new hero can get many attention from players. He have an unique skill and can burst down enemy in a blink !

In Land of Dawn, Claude called a king of thief. His skill on stealing item is great. In his lore, Claude want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous. Twilight Orb is an item which have a great power to control the world.

For Claude, stealing is art, art of fighting. He said stealing is not a crime but a beautifull art. He also tell the victims when he want to steal, cool right ?

There is no item can’t be stolen by him. No matter how strict the guard is. He also can steal that item. But when he want to steal Twilight Orb, Bruno knew it and trying to stop him. Bruno can stop him and bring him to Antoinerei Prison.

But Dr. Rooney made a special machine to him, time machine. With this machine, Claude will try to steal the Twilight Orb once again.

RIOT Will Giving Buff To Sylas In League of Legends

The latest Champions League of Legends released by RIOT last January received special attention from the developer. As a new champions, Sylas feels that it doesn’t get a place in the summoners rift.

It is true that Sylas has unlimited potential with an ultimate that can steal the ultimate champions. With a short cooldown in lategame, Sylas can steal and use two ultimate enemies in close proximity when teamfight.

Although Sylas is also used in competitive League of Legends matches, the frequency of use is still very small and has a low win rate. The main problem faced by Sylas is that the ultimate is useless when facing certain champions. As the toplane champions, Sylas will be useless when facing Jayce and Fiora. They both have the ultimate who are interconnected with their own ability skills.

Besides champions such as Elise, Nidalee, Karma and Heimerdinger also won’t help Sylas in battle if his ultimate strategy is stolen. This is a great homework for the developer about how to make Sylas more flexible.

League of Legends developers are busy making Sylas the same as the new champions League of Legends, which is usually the top pick and top win while still fresh in the summoners rift. In the future we will likely see Sylas getting a buff from RIOT. Making a broken champions is not impossible, of course.

Nine Dots Studio Release Trailer for Battle Mechanism of Outward

You who are foreign to the title of this game, Outward is an open world game that presents elements of RPG games that are quite different between RPG games in general, especially in battle elements.

Nine Dots Studio and Deep Silver recently returned the trailer for the battle mechanism in Outward. Where players are encouraged to do preparation and careful planning rather than attack the enemy directly.

One thing that is quite interesting is the use of magic abilities in this game, which do not just release, for example, fireballs with a number of sacrifices, but players need to do a kind of ritual steps that are also combined with alchemical features.

The developer of course also promises the presence of online multiplayer, local co-op even in split screens, so you and your friends can do interesting combinations to finish off the enemies that are blocking you when adventuring.

Outward is scheduled to be released on March 26 2019 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. You who are interested in seeing the details of this game further can immediately check on the Steam page.

Best Item From MVP Boss In Ragnarok Online

What’s interesting about the Ragnarok Online game is to beat MVP or Boss. So we can party with our friends and together defeat the MVP or boss. If the MVP has been defeated, we will definitely flock to retrieve the item dropped by the MVP so that we can get a good item from that MVP. Now here are the top class Items and Equip that are very useful that can be obtained when defeating the MVP in Ragnarok Online.

MVP Card

Of course the MVP card is very important and we really hope if you want to beat the MVP. MVP cards are very very useful if the MVP drops the card.  The price is also very expensive.

Staff of Destruction

Staff of Destruction is a weapon specifically for job wizards. This staff of Destruction can be obtained when we defeat Beelzebub. To defeat it also requires adequate time and party.

Ice Pick

We can get Ice Pick when we fight Lord of the Death MVP, RSX 0806, and Assassin Cross Eremes. Ice Pick is also a top class weapon commonly used by Assassins. MVPs can drop 2 types of Ice Picks that are not Slotted Ice Pick and Ice Pick slot 1.