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Best Assasin Hero In Mobile Legends

Best Assasin Hero In Mobile Legends

In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! there are many hero roles that can be used, ranging from marksman, tanks, assassins, support, and mage. Of all the roles, the role that is always used in each match is assassin.

Assassin is indeed a hero that is very crucial in killing an opponent’s hero. Usually assassin heroes will be equipped with skills with great damage that is useful for killing opponents quickly. Unfortunately, the assassin also has a weakness, the small and limited number of HP. Here is the best assassin hero in Mobile Legends that you must use to achieve Mythic rank.

The first hero is Lancelot. This hero is a very terrible hero, both in attack and rescue techniques. This hero is often banned when playing in ranked mode.

The second hero is Hayabusa. This hero is similar to Lancelot. His ability to kill opponents is really terrible. Hayabusa is a very effective hero when facing 1 on 1 with enemies. Unfortunately, Hayabusa is often banned in ranked mode.

The third hero is Saber. Although this hero has a low price and has been an assassin since the first season, his ability to counter other heroes is extremely effective. In addition, he is able to kill mage or marksman type heroes with just one skill, namely Triple Swipe.

The fourth hero is Natalia. This hero is very skilled at ganking and also destroys the tower. The ability to disappear is also very effective to give a surprise attack to your opponent. Not to mention the silent effect given when hitting in an incredible state will certainly be a real threat to the opponent’s hero.

You Need To Know How To Play Bellerick In Mobile Legends

For the first time, Moonton release new hero for free. The new hero is a tank hero who can counter any marksman hero, he is Belerick.

This hero is not a dumb or useless hero, Belerick is a tank hero with extraordinary skill, specialy for his passive skill. Not like usual tank, Belerick have though armor and high skill damage. With his skill, Belerick can take down marksman hero and mage hero so easily.


This is the best item build for Belerick:

For early game, you can buy wizardy boots. Why this kind of boot and not tanky boot ? Because your HP in early game is low, so you need to gain gold from asssist. With Flower of Life, you can easily get assist. The more gold you gain from wizardy boots, the more item you can buy in early game.

After bought Wizardy boots, you can buy Oracle. With this item, everytime you take damage from enemy, your HP will be regenerate. With this item, you can stay in front line and cover your teammates.

The third item you should buy is Sky Guardian Helmet. This item can give you a extraordinary HP regeneration. You don’t need to back to base for regen your HP, just staying at lane and your HP will regenerate so fast.

Phantom Seer – New Skin For Hylos In Mobile Legend

After Moonton released Moskov special skin, Javelin Champions, now Hylos come with his new skin, Phantom Seer. This skin will have a new animation with special grade skin. It’s mean, this skin will cost around 600 – 799 diamonds. But till now, there is no clue when this skin will be release.

If we see the model, we can see hylos using a darkness mask and bring a giant black axe. This skin is really really cool ! Phantom Seer skin look like Abyssal Shaman skin, but more cool with new special effect for his skills.

Hylos passive skin is Thickened Blood. Every 1 poin of his mana will be converted to his HP with same amount. So if Hylos have 1000 mana pools, it’s mean Hylos will get 1000 HP too. This skill is very good for him because Hylos can use his HP to use skils.

Law and Order is Hylos first skill. Hylos will gather an energy to his axe and slam the enemy with the giant axe. Enemy will be stunned for 1.5 second.

Ring of Punishment is Hylos second skill. With this skill, Hylos can inflict magical damage to enemy around him.

For initiating clash, Hylos will using his Glorious Pathway. When activated, there is a pathway for Hylos and his teammates. When walking in this line, Hylos will gain HP regeneration and movement speed ( work on teammates too ).

Heroes Lore: Aldous The Maze Keeper

Have you ever seen how strong Aldous in Mobile Legends game ? If you read the lore of Aldous, you will know his power is a curse from God ! He is a fighter type hero with a destructive power. He can even kill a mage, assasin and marksman hero in one hit ! Excited to know Aldous lore ? Check this out !

According to Mobile Legends story, there is a maze in the middle of dessert in Minoan Kingdom. Inside that maze, there is one item called Twilight Orb. Minoan race believe that Twilight Orb is a holy item with unbelieveable power. Because of this, for guarding this maze, Minoan race choose them best fighter to guarding that orb.

Minoan race power come from that orb. That’s why they trying to guarding that orb. But one day, all villager become greedy. One by one, Minoan guard leaving the maze. But there is one person who keep guarding that maze, his name is Aldous.

One day, God became angry with Minoan race and punish them with light and darkness power. But Aldous survived that punishment. His body turning into black and his right hand became so powerfull. And now Aldous become a most powerfull fighter in Land of Dawn.

Claude : Steal Is The Art Of Fighting

Claude is the newest hero in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Claude is a marksman hero who very good at killing enemy unit. His ultimate skill also devastating ! In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, he is a Thief King who want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous.

This new hero can get many attention from players. He have an unique skill and can burst down enemy in a blink !

In Land of Dawn, Claude called a king of thief. His skill on stealing item is great. In his lore, Claude want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous. Twilight Orb is an item which have a great power to control the world.

For Claude, stealing is art, art of fighting. He said stealing is not a crime but a beautifull art. He also tell the victims when he want to steal, cool right ?

There is no item can’t be stolen by him. No matter how strict the guard is. He also can steal that item. But when he want to steal Twilight Orb, Bruno knew it and trying to stop him. Bruno can stop him and bring him to Antoinerei Prison.

But Dr. Rooney made a special machine to him, time machine. With this machine, Claude will try to steal the Twilight Orb once again.