You Need To Know How To Play Bellerick In Mobile Legends

You Need To Know How To Play Bellerick In Mobile Legends

For the first time, Moonton release new hero for free. The new hero is a tank hero who can counter any marksman hero, he is Belerick.

This hero is not a dumb or useless hero, Belerick is a tank hero with extraordinary skill, specialy for his passive skill. Not like usual tank, Belerick have though armor and high skill damage. With his skill, Belerick can take down marksman hero and mage hero so easily.


This is the best item build for Belerick:

For early game, you can buy wizardy boots. Why this kind of boot and not tanky boot ? Because your HP in early game is low, so you need to gain gold from asssist. With Flower of Life, you can easily get assist. The more gold you gain from wizardy boots, the more item you can buy in early game.

After bought Wizardy boots, you can buy Oracle. With this item, everytime you take damage from enemy, your HP will be regenerate. With this item, you can stay in front line and cover your teammates.

The third item you should buy is Sky Guardian Helmet. This item can give you a extraordinary HP regeneration. You don’t need to back to base for regen your HP, just staying at lane and your HP will regenerate so fast.