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Tank Role - One Of The Most Crucial Role In MOBA Game

Tank Role – One Of The Most Crucial Role In MOBA Game

In the MOBA genre game, to be able to achieve victory requires good teamwork. There are various kinds of roles found in the MOBA game, one of which is role tanker. Role tanker is a crucial role in the team. The presence of a tanker determines the victory that will be achieved by the team.

As a tanker, you are a player who stands on the front line to withstand every attack launched by an opponent. With the presence of tankers on the front lines of the team, the enemy will be overwhelmed to find a gap to enter the area behind the team. Of course, this is very important to see the hero on the back line is a marksman and mage hero who has low HP so it must be protected so that it is not knocked down the earliest.

Usually, a tanker will be equipped with crowd control skills to initiate initiation when the war team. This skill is certainly very useful for team wins when fighting. We take the example of the Tigreal hero from Mobile Legends who have the ultimate skill that is very good when successfully capturing many opponent heroes. Not only that, you can see the effectiveness of Tidehunter’s Ravage skill in the Dota 2 game.

That’s why a tanker is needed by the team. A tanker is a hero who always protects his teammates through the front line and sacrifices his own life for the victory to be won by the team.

Slark – Dark Reef Monster Who Good At Stealing Agility

Slark is an agility type hero and is a horrible melee hero. As a carry, Slark is also very effective when ganking.

Slark has the ability to remove debuffs that are on him. With the ability of Dark Pact, Slark will exchange a number of his HP for an attack that has great magic damage. When this skill is activated, all existing debuffs on Slark will also disappear.

Slark also has a skill called Pounce. When used, Slark will jump and give a bonding effect to the affected target. When the target is hit by this skill, besides being unable to move, they will also receive a number of magic damage. This skill is very suitable combined with Dark Pact.

Slark is very good in 1 on 1 combat, this is due to the Essence Shift ability that he has. Each Slark hits an opponent, he will steal 3 opponent’s agility and make the agility his. So the more often Slark hits, the greater the agility he has.

Slark is also a hero who is able to kill his opponent in silence. With the Shadow Dance skill he had, Slark was able to hit the opponent while he was disappearing. Slark will be covered in black mist so that the opponent will not be able to hit him even with a gem of true sight. This skill also gives Slark a good regeneration ability when he is out of reach and vision of the opponent.

Rubick – The Grand Magus – Stealing Spells Is Life !

Rubick is one of the most popular intelligence-type heroes in Dota 2. Rubick is also a hero who is an expert in stealing opponent’s hero skills. In addition to acting as a support, sometimes for pro players to play this hero in the middle lane who play the core hero.

Rubick is a hero that is easy to use. Rubick’s main difficulty lies in the foresight of our eyes when stealing opponent’s skills. Because the skill that can be stolen is only the last skill used by the opponent’s hero.

To play this hero, you must have a reflex and fast response, otherwise, this hero will not be useful during the clash team because the ultimate skill only serves to steal opponent’s skills.

Even so, Rubick is equipped with a mechanism to disable opponents through his first skill. It’s just that Rubick is not able to provide large output damage during the early game because he does not have the ultimate skill. The only skill that has damage output is only the second skill. This skill also reduces the attack damage of the target affected by the skill.

Early game, you can buy a null talisman first to deal damage and a bit of the mana pool (this item is purchased if you want to take the mid lane). If you play as role support, the first item you can buy is ironwood branch and tango, don’t forget to buy two ward observers to provide additional vision in the map.

This hero is very suitable to be shot when opponents use heroes like Magnus, Enigma or heroes with ultimate skills that are useful for crowd control such as Enigma’s Black hole’s skills.

If you are not the type of player who usually fills role mid lane, you better play this hero as a support to support the presentation of the team’s victory. Interested in playing this hero? You can see various ways used by the pro players on Youtube.

Devil May Cry 5 Come With Photo And Training Mode

Just want to fight and take some cool picture when playing Devil May Cry 5 ? Oh, don’t worry, CAPCOM provide all you want in DMC 5. Not only training mode, CAPCOM also provide photo mode for you who like to capture any cool move when playing this game.

Everytime you playing a game, gamer’s will found a cool moment and want to capture it, for example when you using a cool move and combos, sometimes you want to capture that move so you can see it again in another time, right ?

For some game, the developer provide some mode which is can be used for gamer’s who want to take picture. Gamer’s can rotate the camera and capture anything they want when playing the photo mode. Some game also providing post processing filter effect for gamer’s.

But for game which does’nt provide this mode, Nvidia Ansel can be a good solution for you. But this mode only can be accessed only for gamer’s who use Nvidia graphic card.

This mode is a good news for gamer’s. As we know, DMC is a fighting RPG game which is have a intense combat style when playing, so the gamer’s is hard to capture that moment. With this mode, gamer’s can take as much as they want in photo mode, this is a good point from CAPCOM.

Tanker Hero In AoV Which Is Very Good And Hard To Kill

The newest hero in Arena of Valor is Wiro Sableng. This hero is really peeve. Sableng means crazy in Indonesian Language. Yeah now you all know why this hero is so peeve, right ?

Wiro Sableng is tank hero which is very popular in AoV game. He have a great power and though body, so he can knock down enemy easily and hard to kill.

If you still don’t have Wiro Sableng, you can get it for free. You just need to join Untukmu Indonesiaku Event. Just collect 7 Naga Geni Axe 212 and you will get this hero for free.

Wiro Sableng is very popular in Indonesia. He is a hero, like Superman or Batman in DC. Many people like his bravery. But there is always someone who hate you, Wiro Sableng also like that, but he don’t care about it and just want to live a happy life.

The only one problem for Wiro Sableng is the dimension hole which can destroy his village. He want to destroy that dimension hole. But for destroying that hole, he must have a greater power.

With the spiritual guide 212, Wiro Sableng have 2 soul in his body. That’s why he need the 212 Naga Geni Axe to control his power. The true power of 212 will “wake up” when the other soul is in danger.

Bad Guy From Game Who Turned To Be A Hero

In a video games, villain presence is a must. Specially if the games is action games. With villain presence, the game will be more fun to play. To make a game better, the developer need to make a good villain character, not only look bad, but also have a charismatic character, for example, Sephirot from Final Fantasi 7 series.

But as a villain, sometimes they can be a good guy too. Ok, this time we will discussing about villain who turned into a good guy.

First is General Shepherd from Modern Warfare 2. This character is egoist character who want winning in every moment. When playing this game under his command, our mission is to catch the enemy named Vladimir Makarov. But in the middle of the mission, Shepherd kill our teammates named Ghost. he want to steal an item, DSM. He also kill us for taking that item. The reason behind that is he want to became a solo hero for United States of Amerika. Yah even he is a shitty person, his objective is good, to kill Makarov by himself.

The second one is Shelby from Heavy Rain. We need to agree that Quantic Dream is a good developer game. They always bring a good story to their game. In Heave Rain, there is a character called Shelby. He is the head of the chaotic disaster in town. But he try to be a good man in front of the victim family. We can see this action in a Origami Killer mission.

You Need To Know How To Play Bellerick In Mobile Legends

For the first time, Moonton release new hero for free. The new hero is a tank hero who can counter any marksman hero, he is Belerick.

This hero is not a dumb or useless hero, Belerick is a tank hero with extraordinary skill, specialy for his passive skill. Not like usual tank, Belerick have though armor and high skill damage. With his skill, Belerick can take down marksman hero and mage hero so easily.


This is the best item build for Belerick:

For early game, you can buy wizardy boots. Why this kind of boot and not tanky boot ? Because your HP in early game is low, so you need to gain gold from asssist. With Flower of Life, you can easily get assist. The more gold you gain from wizardy boots, the more item you can buy in early game.

After bought Wizardy boots, you can buy Oracle. With this item, everytime you take damage from enemy, your HP will be regenerate. With this item, you can stay in front line and cover your teammates.

The third item you should buy is Sky Guardian Helmet. This item can give you a extraordinary HP regeneration. You don’t need to back to base for regen your HP, just staying at lane and your HP will regenerate so fast.

Phantom Seer – New Skin For Hylos In Mobile Legend

After Moonton released Moskov special skin, Javelin Champions, now Hylos come with his new skin, Phantom Seer. This skin will have a new animation with special grade skin. It’s mean, this skin will cost around 600 – 799 diamonds. But till now, there is no clue when this skin will be release.

If we see the model, we can see hylos using a darkness mask and bring a giant black axe. This skin is really really cool ! Phantom Seer skin look like Abyssal Shaman skin, but more cool with new special effect for his skills.

Hylos passive skin is Thickened Blood. Every 1 poin of his mana will be converted to his HP with same amount. So if Hylos have 1000 mana pools, it’s mean Hylos will get 1000 HP too. This skill is very good for him because Hylos can use his HP to use skils.

Law and Order is Hylos first skill. Hylos will gather an energy to his axe and slam the enemy with the giant axe. Enemy will be stunned for 1.5 second.

Ring of Punishment is Hylos second skill. With this skill, Hylos can inflict magical damage to enemy around him.

For initiating clash, Hylos will using his Glorious Pathway. When activated, there is a pathway for Hylos and his teammates. When walking in this line, Hylos will gain HP regeneration and movement speed ( work on teammates too ).

Grave Keeper Officialy Released On Pc And Also Will Avail In Switch

Grave Keeper is a game made by Polish Studia and Baldur Games that was first created for Android. A few days ago Grave Keeper was officially released for the PC version under the responsibility of Ultimate Games as a publisher. In addition they will also release this game for the Switch.

Set in a unique fantasy world, the hack slash genre game, casual RPG combined with point and click is able to provide a game that is not so complicated and fun. They also provide 3 combat systems, namely melee, range and AoE. In this game you will play as a Bounty hunter who adventures in the Forbidden Stronghold where many treasures are waiting. But to get the treasure is not easy, you have to defeat a diverse group of opponents even the Skeleton King.

Grave Keeper also offers features in the form of dynamic gameplay, diverse missions, daily quests or tasks, has 14 types of enemies, 9 bosses, undefeated Skeleton King; present more than 110 items including swords, axes, crossbows and armor. In addition you can increase items and get new skills.

Minimum technical requirements for PC:

Operating system: Windows 7+
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Phenom II X4 96 or equivalent
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Intel HD 620 / Radeon HD 5770
Memory: 1024MB RAM
Disk space: 300 MB of available space
Other: requires a 64-bit processor and operating system