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To The Moon Remake Will Available For Switch Next Year ?

To The Moon Remake Will Available For Switch Next Year ?

Eight years ago, an adventure game that focused on stories, To The Moon was released on PC. It didn’t take long to make it famous among his fans. The game that was created using RPG Maker is also aimed at Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android thanks to how easy it is to get ported.

Unfortunately, the game that tells two doctors to grant the patient’s last request has not moved to the current console. Luckily, it looks like the developers of Freebird Games and X.D. The network will immediately grant it.

Although soon the engine that is used To To Moon, the RPG Maker MV will be released in the console, but porting from the PC and mobile versions cannot be as easy as thought. Therefore X.D. Network recreates the game so that it can be released on the Nintendo Switch using the Unity Engine.

Like what you can watch yourself through the teaser above, X.D. Network does it very well without changing many of the main elements of the game. The thing that makes it different is certainly from the visual side which is now sharper with better and more charming color saturation.

To The Moon can be played on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. He will also be released on the Nintendo Switch this summer. You can follow the news about it through their official website.

Perfect World Mobile Release Date Leaked !

In connection with one of the Online PC games which is quite popular for Millennials namely Perfect World. Tencent as a well-known Mobile game developer last year announced that it was developing the classic MMORPG game for its Mobile version. It was announced for the first time in April last year through ChinaJoy 2018, finally this Perfect World game received the release date precisely on March 6, 2019.

In connection with the release date, the Perfect World Game is conducting a pre-registration period for players. Players can use WeChat accounts or QQ accounts to do so. In addition, new players can also get a reward pack of 400,000, and can get more rewards such as lucky chest and so on just by inviting your friends to play the game. With each Invite player the opportunity to open the chest 3 times.

Perfect world is an MMORPG game with a broad customization system. Players are free to create their creation characters from top to bottom. There are 4 playable characters that you can choose from the Human Wizard, Barbarian Untamed, Male Winged Archer Elves, and finally the Female Winged Cleric Elves. But what is unique is not the customary freedom and Character with the unique Job, but the “Next Generation Aerial Combat” feature that will be embedded in Perfect World, where the feature allows players to fight in the air with the weapons and abilities they have.

Well, pretty interesting right? Players can pre-register for Perfect World Mobile on the Official Website. The game will be available on March 6, 2019 in the next few months!

New Features In FIFA 2019, Dare To Play ?

Holiday season for football player in any league will be end soon. Its mean we just need to wait the release date of the new FIFA game. In this article, we want to introduce you about new feature u can find in FIFA 2019.

First,  you can customize in kick off mode. Kick off mode its the basic mode that u can find in any fottball games, like FIFA, Winning Eleven or PES. But this time, u can make it more fun, because you can adjust the gameplay whatever you want, like the goal will counted if the goal itself made from volley kick.

You can also change the game rule, like the fastest player to score two goal will win automatically. When choosing this mode, u also can make a fouls not counted, Its more fun right ?

The next one is Timed Finishing. Finishing is the moment when a football player made a score in match. In FIFA game, to make your character do this action, u should press the square button ( like when you want to shoot a ball ) after scoring.

EA Sports do this thing so u can play more realistic, near to real football. Usually, football player will do a celebration move when made a score for his team.

The third is Click to Flick. This feature can make your football player flick the ball to avoid enemy player. To do this action, u can click your second analog. When pressing the second analog, your player will do this trick to avoid every enemy whom want to steal your ball.

With this feature, player can make the magista player like Neyman and Messi to perform the same act like in the real football. Cool right ?

So will you play this game with your friends after seeing this cool features ? If you ask us, we will say YES ! Don’t forget to try Battle Royale mode in FIFA 2019, happy gaming !

Resident Evil 5: Stronger Enemy, Stronger Zombie, And New Gameplay

Well this time I will share a few snippets from the Resident Evil 5 series which again attracts many gamers, guys. This time it’s not the brother Leon’s story that we discussed this time about Chris Redfield’s and Sheva Alamar.

Previously a little introduction Chris was a BSAA who was an expert in conquering zombie viruses such as rich special ops teams but in the field of viruses. From Resident Evil 1 we have been introduced by Chris Redfield’s character. He has a sister named Claire Redfield but we don’t talk about her now.

For now Resident Evil 5 makes a new gameplay feature that is using a partner system where 2 players can play in 1 story. There is also an online system for playing with other players. The partner this time with Chris is Sheva. He is also a BSAA but has just entered the BSAA program or what we usually call a newbie.

Didn’t know that Chris had first visited a village and met Sheva for the first time. In a village it turned out that the plague Las Lasagas found in Resident Evil 4 was also affected. This virus makes a living creature stronger than usual. Well from there the adventure of Chris and Sheva began to conquer the enemies affected by the outbreak.

New Game From Bandai Namco, Doraemon: Nobita No. Bokujou Monogatari

Who is here who doesn’t know the game called Harvest Moon? Wow, you all know, yeah. The Harvest Moon game was first released in the form of a Super Nintendo console, but most of us know this game from PS 1. This legendary and iconic game tells about a person who lives in the countryside and has to do activities in the countryside such as planting, fishing and more .

But Bandai Namco, Marvelous, and Brownies agreed to collaborate with the worldwide animated title, Doraemon. They collaborated between Harvest Moon and Doraemon. Interesting enough. So we will play games like Harvest Moon but use characters from Doraemon, namely Nobita. In the game, we can also meet other character characters from the Doraemon series such as Giant, Suneo, Shizuka and Doraemon themselves.

Uniquely, Nobita will plow fields and care for sheep and cattle with the help of Doraemon’s magic tool. A very iconic magic tool, where do you go will be presented in this game so you can move quickly.

This collaboration gives the title of this game with ‘Doraemon: Nobita No. Bokujou Monogatari ‘. and reportedly this game will be released in 2019 in Japan. For in Indonesia alone, there is no news when released for this game. The plan for this game will be released for the Nintendo Switch, and there is still no news whether it will be released for other platforms as well. So impatient.

Stardew Valley: Harvest Moon In Pixel Art Style Game

Stardew Valley is a game developed by ConcernedApe from America. This game has a rural theme and we have to live in the countryside, such as farming, chatting with our neighbors, to fishing. Stardew Valley at first told the main character that we made to work in an office and he felt bored with his job.

Then his grandfather gave inheritance in the form of land in a village, and started life in the countryside. This game is almost the same as Harvest Moon. But the difference is that we can edit characters as we like. Starting from the hairstyle, hair color, eye color, dress model, color of clothes. We can also use accessories on our characters, such as farm hats, boots and more.

Just like Harvest Moon, this game has weather. Can be rainy or hot. In this game, we can also have livestock such as cows, chickens, horses and others. Fishing features are also provided here, of course sea fishing. Not only in the sea, we can also fish in the pool provided in the game. We can also make or craft farming tools, fishing and others. By fulfilling the raw material needed to make the tool.

Stardew Valley supports in several game platforms like Steam, Android, Xbox, PS4 and Switch. Of course this game is paid to play it, but it’s not too expensive.

Jin Kaien – The Stronger Martial Art Fighter In Silver Land

Jin is a child who lives in Silver Land (plain Silver). This kid whose full name is Jin Kaien is 17 years old. He is very fond of martial arts and a beautiful woman named Amy. Jin is a fighter who basically attacks using his hands and feet. Jin is a student trained by the General of Silver Land (plain Silver). He was trained because the General saw his diligence while practicing martial arts. Jin did not refuse because he himself really wanted to join the Silver Knight army.

Jin himself trained to avenge Thanatos, because Thanatos had separated the Xenia continent with Silver Land. Basically the two continents are one. For a long time the genie trained, he could get new strengths and different jobs.

The first job is a Fighter. With boxing and kick attacks, he can create wide range attacks. By combining speed and destructive attack. He also has a burning bar so that the skills he releases have a larger damage.

Second job, Champion. This job requires Jin to use a weapon named Tonfa. With this job, Jin can provide attacks quickly and can dodge easily.

Third Job, Asura. Asura himself uses weapons in the form of long sticks. With this stick, Jin can rely on his speed in controlling a stick. This stick has a fairly extensive attack power.

Last job, Emperor. This job uses a weapon called Vajra, a small stick weapon like a baton. But with this weapon, making Jin more effective in carrying out attacks while avoiding attacks from enemy enemies.

Rising Force Online Battle Of Three Nations

Old gamers are certainly know about the Rising Force Online game right? This game is included in the type of MMORPG game. This game is popular back in time. Rising Force Online is a battle-themed game that is open world.

In playing the online Rising Force game, you will find three different nations. The nation has its own abilities and strengths, let’s see what nations are in the Rising Force Online game.

The first nation is the Accretia nation. This nation is a nation of robots. Of the three nations, the Accretia nation has the greatest destructive power. The specialization of the Accretia nation is the Job Launcher. This one job carries weapons in the form of a large launcher that has a large amount of damage. This nation is also described as a destroyer nation.

The second nation is Bellato. Bellato Nation is a nation of midget humans. Although small, but the technological developments at Bellato are very advanced. Their special ability is the creation of MAU. MAU is a large robot that can be used to help fight. MAU has a large cellphone and has a large attack power.

The third nation is Cora. This one nation is very good at magic. Besides magic, Cora can summon 3 gods of war, first is Paimon who is a god of defense, second is Hecate who becomes a goddess who can stop the opponent’s movements, and the third is the goddess of war, ISIS. Goddess of war can only be summoned by wizards who have high levels.

Cyberpunk 2077 Certainly Not Release at Epic Games Store

The existence of Epic Games Store seems to have created a sense of trauma that is not only felt by fellow competitors from the providers of digital PC games. Many gamers also seem to be quite worried when they see their favorite games crossing unilaterally or exclusively on a platform that is specifically owned by the Fortnite creator.

After feeling heavy in your eyes when watching Metro Exodus and the PC version of The Division 2 you will not find it on the Steam platform which is still a matter of pride for the majority of PC gamers around the world, many of whom may have carried out sweeping activities to interrogate or convincing PC game developers who have not contracted the virus of exclusivity across social media so as not to market the game arbitrarily on one platform.

One of the major game developers who have just been interrogated is CD Projekt Red. Where as we know, the Polish developer is still busy preparing to finish the work on the newest open RPG game entitled Cyberpunk 2077. So far, there is still no clarity regarding which PC digital distribution distribution platform will target the Red Project CD if the game is super cool was released in time?

Reporting from Cyberpunk 2077 official Twitter account, there is a fan who openly asked CD Projekt Red not to release Cyberpunk 2077 exclusively at Epic Games Store. CD Projekt also replicated and confirmed the invitation of a Twitter netizen named @ wannaplay95 if they had absolutely no interest in being able to market their newest game there.

However, you should know that this is not 100% at all indicating that Steam will be the main destination for Cyberpunk 2077, considering that CD Projekt Red also has their own digital game sales platform such as GOG. So that the worst possibility of the exclusive release of Cyberpunk 2077 there is very little.

Underrated Item In PUBG Mobile Which Can Be A Deadly Weapon

If you are PUBG Mobile gamer and hard to get Chicken Dinner when playing, maybe you are a looting type person. Your focus only to get a good looting item. This is bad, seriously. In PUBG Mobile, there is underrated equipment which can be really deadly, this item can easily found in map. If you want to know, you can read the article below.

First is UMP9. Maybe some of player don’t want to pick this weapon. But you must know, this gun is really devastating, specially in close combat battle ! UMP9 have a insane shooting speed. If you fight enemy with this weapon in close combat battle, you will knocked down easily like poker online.

The second one is P1911. This weapon is handgun type weapon. But handgun can be a good secondary weapon when your ammo is out. P1911 can be used as revolver. This weapon have a good accuracy, so if you have mastered this weapon, you can kill enemy with only 3 hit.

The next one is SKS. Some player don’t like this weapon because SKS only have 10 ammo per charge. It’s mean you need to shot carefully, if no, you will out of ammo and enemy will knock you down. But this weapon is semi AWP weapon, so this weapon can be a deadly weapon if you fight in mid range combat.

Axiom Verge Can’t Be Play Cause Missing Steam.xnb

To attract the attention of PC gamers who have been spoiled by Steam, one way Epic Games does it on its new store is to provide free games every 2 weeks. On this occasion, the indie metroidvania game titled Axiom Verge is a free game. The game made by Tom Happ in his 5-year time frame was released in 2015 on Steam. If you are a lover of this genre, of course you don’t want to miss out on free promos this time.

Although it has been released for a long time, the Epic Games Store version that was just released was faced with a small problem. The game will suddenly crash towards the desktop because of one missing file. The file turns out to be a file called “Steam.xnb”. Looking at the name, it might have occurred to me that it was a DRM file from Steam, but it turned out to be just a sound file for the steam engine in the game.

The developer issues a response to this small problem and explains what happened. Seeing before this game was released on Steam, he decided to discard all Steam-related files for the Epic Games Store version. Unexpectedly one of the files he deleted was a sound file that had nothing to do with DRM from Valve’s platform but happened to have the name “Steam”. Fortunately this problem has been fixed quickly by developers and games can now be played in the EGS version.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this trivial problem, it is always to check again what you just “CTRL + F”.

Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online, the Latest Game From Gravity Corp

Since mobile game has become one of the things that deserves to be calculated, many games called Ragnarok appear on mobile platforms, ranging from Ragnarok Clicker, Idle Poring, to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This time the collaboration between Gravity and Auer Media & Entertainment presents the latest mobile game entitled ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online’ has been released.

‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’, is a mobile game with the genre of Third-Person Action RPG which combines the Dawn Break game with Ragnarok Online, making its first launch in Korea on January 29, 2019.

In this game, there are many elements of the Ragnarok Online game, such as the Stage, Boss Monster, and graphics that are reminiscent of the nuances of the city of Prontera in Ragnarok Online. In addition, the 2D character Ragnarok Online will be transformed into a proportional 3D figure for the first time and it will provide a new experience for Ragnarok fans.

Players can play the characters ‘Archer’ and ‘White Smith’ to fight monsters like Baphomet, and have the opportunity to get Angeling Funny Pet from a special challenge event called ‘Poring Island’. This collaboration was formed in order to establish business cooperation between the two companies and to develop into a global market share. Dawn Break has increased the quality of the game on an ongoing basis based on suggestions from its players, and seeks to adapt the uniqueness and characteristics of the world of Ragnarok.

Gravity also revealed plans for the future will present other job-based characters such as ‘Stalker’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Crusader’ through updated content and based on suggestions from players ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’.

Auer Media & Entertainment also stated officially, “I am also a Ragnarok Online player and it’s very fun collaborating with popular games like Ragnarok. Starting with the launch in Korea, I hope all players around the world can also have the opportunity to enjoy the Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration game. “

Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Garena Indonesia announced their new hero on Arena of Valor, Omen. If you want to buy him, you need to know about his dark lore in AoV. His nickname is Omen the insatiable. He is a killing machine and born form darkest valley in Demon Abyss.

His home is cold as ice and without any soul. Even demon don’t want to live near him, why ? Because Omen just want to kill, not only his enemies, but all near him will be killed by his demon sword !

Even strong, Omen rarely join the battle because he just want to kill. All he want is the joy of killing people. He’s like a uncontrolable cannon in a ship !

You know, even Maloch, the King of Lokheim afraid of him ! Maloch knew that Omen s the realization killing will of Lokheim. At last, Maloch hide him in the darkest valley and became forgotten till Arduin army invading Maloch kingdom.

Know will lose, Maloch decided to release Omen. After a hundred years, Omen awaken and bring death to all Arduin army. He killed all Arduin army only by himself !

After killing Arduin army, Omen satisfied and feel peace inside of his heart. The story about Omen spreading around the world, now he is travelling the world to find a powerful fighter who can fight against him.

Valve Hold New Bloom Event in Dota 2

After the winter season, Valve presented a Christmas event complete with snow and Christmas trees on Dota 2. Now welcoming the Chinese New Year Valve is also back with its flagship annual event, New Bloom.

The mechanism for the New Bloom event this year is not much different from the Frosthaven event. So during the period starting from 1-11 February, every time you win a match, you will get points to complete the progress of the New Bloom event. Especially for Normal match and Turbo, you will get 200 points if you win Normal matches while 100 if you win Turbo match. For the first time you win every day you will get a bonus point of 1250 points.

From the points that have been collected, it can be used to exchange prizes starting from chat wheel sound, celebration features like the one at Frosthaven, until the most interesting prize is Nian Courier.

If the celebrity feature event is throwing snowballs, Christmas tree summon to making snow puppets, in the New Bloom event you will find things like the Chinese New Year, such as throwing pigs shaped like balloons and flying, golden lion summon, changing ordinary trees become a peach tree to throw firecrackers. Of course to use this celebration feature there are limits, if you run out you can’t use the feature again. Oh yeah, it is still not known whether Valve will again present an event against Beast like the previous New Bloom.