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Sucks Things When Playing Classic Squad Mode With Others At PUBG Mobile!

Sucks Things When Playing Classic Squad Mode With Others At PUBG Mobile!

After successfully entertaining the game lovers on the computer, PUBG also continued its achievement by releasing their games into the Mobile Smartphone version.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of people who enjoy the PUBG game currently on their smartphones because the impression is so similar to the computer version of PUBG. In playing PUBG, of course, there are a lot of moments that you experience during playing the game from fun to something that is annoying especially for solo players who play squad mode with other players. Now, what kind of annoying thing is that? Let’s review this topic.

1. Microphone and Speaker Not Activated

Those of you who are already pretty good at playing this one game certainly know very well that these two features are very important to be used to communicate while they are still in the game, but if you play with a player that you don’t know then you will definitely find a player who does not activate the feature and it becomes troublesome because it can’t communicate.

2. Separate Road

Playing in squad mode on PUBG Mobile but the player is not our own friend is someone else you will at any time meet a player who comes down to another area regardless of where you and other friends come down even though in the game there are features to go down with just press follow.

3. Directly Dead

You also must have met this in the Mobile PUBG game, where when the game has just begun and has landed on the island there is a friend who previously was far away from you immediately just died before fighting.

4. Long Looting

This case also often happens where the outside player who is in team with you is too cool to boot items throughout the house regardless of time and some even forget the safe zone and the edges die because they are outside the safe zone where the cellphone is drained before fighting the player another, it’s not useless to boot the previous one.

Underrated Item In PUBG Mobile Which Can Be A Deadly Weapon

If you are PUBG Mobile gamer and hard to get Chicken Dinner when playing, maybe you are a looting type person. Your focus only to get a good looting item. This is bad, seriously. In PUBG Mobile, there is underrated equipment which can be really deadly, this item can easily found in map. If you want to know, you can read the article below.

First is UMP9. Maybe some of player don’t want to pick this weapon. But you must know, this gun is really devastating, specially in close combat battle ! UMP9 have a insane shooting speed. If you fight enemy with this weapon in close combat battle, you will knocked down easily like poker online.

The second one is P1911. This weapon is handgun type weapon. But handgun can be a good secondary weapon when your ammo is out. P1911 can be used as revolver. This weapon have a good accuracy, so if you have mastered this weapon, you can kill enemy with only 3 hit.

The next one is SKS. Some player don’t like this weapon because SKS only have 10 ammo per charge. It’s mean you need to shot carefully, if no, you will out of ammo and enemy will knock you down. But this weapon is semi AWP weapon, so this weapon can be a deadly weapon if you fight in mid range combat.