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Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

In playing games, especially the MOBA genre, of course we need the cooperation of each team member to be able to win. Besides having to be clever in playing selected heroes, a collaboration between players greatly determines the presentation of victory in the game.

Unfortunately, there are many players who do not understand this. Many players feel themselves better so they try to master the game unilaterally without thinking of other friends.

Even though in the MOBA game, victory cannot be achieved by relying on just one person. Every component in the team contributes significantly to team wins, even if your teammates are not very good at playing.

One of the most common defeat factors when playing the MOBA genre game is the AFK player. How come? Games that should run 5 vs 5 must run with no draw because there are AFK. Just imagine how the clash team will only have 4 members against a team of 5 people? It’s hard to win dude! Seriously!

Many players in Indonesia are fond of AFK, especially if they die too often and the difference in net worth is too far, rather than trying to catch up, they instead opt for AFK and let the game run with no draw.

Therefore we must be healthy players where we understand what to do in a team. Don’t be an AFK player, besides troubling your teammates, we are also at risk in the report so that we will get a reduction in points or sanctions later.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story Finally Released

One of the game developers from Bandung, Agate finally released their latest game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. This successful game in the Kickstarter campaign was released on various platforms since October 2, 2018 yesterday and immediately became one of the popular Steam games in the UK!

Besides being released on Steam, this game was also released on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch which marked Agate’s debut on the console. Agate also partnered with a publisher from Europe, PQube to help release this game.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is a continuation of the Valthirian Arc series which was previously successful on the Flash platform and the Kongregate game portal. This game combines isometric RPG elements with academy building simulations. Your task is not only to build the academy, but also train the heroes to complete the mission.

To build an academy, there are approximately 20 rooms that you can build. These rooms are certainly useful to train the heroes before you send them to complete the mission.

There are nine sub-class heroes that you can train, starting from Knight, Magi, Scout, to Medica, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. You are required to mix the right composition of the party to complete each mission.

Less than 24 hours after being released, the response from gamers to this game was quite good. Quoted from an official statement sent to, this game was immediately listed as ranked second in the most popular Steam game list in the UK!

To welcome the release, for those of you who want to buy the PC version of this game you can get a 10% discount up to the next week or until October 10, 2018.

Echantress The Forest Keeper

Enchantress is an INT-type hero that has very horrible ginging and pushing abilities. Enchantress is also a hero ganker that has a myriad of ways to do ganking.

As a jungle hero, Enchantress can easily farm early in the game. His Untouchable skill is a passive skill that is very useful from the beginning to the end of the game. Each enemy unit that wants to attack the Enchantress will receive a slow attack speed effect of up to 140 points.

Enchantress is an INT hero that can act as support or Carry. In the early game, Enchantress can attract forest creep with Enchant skills. If you use this skill in forest creep, this affected unit will be under your control. With this skill, you can do ganking easily. You can also use the skills in the unit that you captured earlier.

Skill Nature’s Attendants are skills in which Enchantress summon several fairies to heal his cellphone and the units that are nearby.

Enchantress’s only attack skill is Impetus. This is also the ultimate skill of Enchantress. Impetus is a skill that is an attack modifier where the Enchantress will throw the spear towards the enemy. The farther the distance of the enemy with Enchantress, the damage skill will also be even greater, on the contrary, the closer the enemy distance to Enchantress, the damage that will be received by the enemy will also be smaller.

Best Assasin Hero In Mobile Legends

In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! there are many hero roles that can be used, ranging from marksman, tanks, assassins, support, and mage. Of all the roles, the role that is always used in each match is assassin.

Assassin is indeed a hero that is very crucial in killing an opponent’s hero. Usually assassin heroes will be equipped with skills with great damage that is useful for killing opponents quickly. Unfortunately, the assassin also has a weakness, the small and limited number of HP. Here is the best assassin hero in Mobile Legends that you must use to achieve Mythic rank.

The first hero is Lancelot. This hero is a very terrible hero, both in attack and rescue techniques. This hero is often banned when playing in ranked mode.

The second hero is Hayabusa. This hero is similar to Lancelot. His ability to kill opponents is really terrible. Hayabusa is a very effective hero when facing 1 on 1 with enemies. Unfortunately, Hayabusa is often banned in ranked mode.

The third hero is Saber. Although this hero has a low price and has been an assassin since the first season, his ability to counter other heroes is extremely effective. In addition, he is able to kill mage or marksman type heroes with just one skill, namely Triple Swipe.

The fourth hero is Natalia. This hero is very skilled at ganking and also destroys the tower. The ability to disappear is also very effective to give a surprise attack to your opponent. Not to mention the silent effect given when hitting in an incredible state will certainly be a real threat to the opponent’s hero.

5 Battle Royale Games You Download For Free On PC

Among gamers around the world today, one of the booming game genres is a battle royale theme game. Seeing the hype of games with genres like this in the world market, many game developers participated in enlivening the Indonesian gaming market.

Here we attach a list of the names of battle royale theme games that you can download for free via the PC platform.

1. Unturned

This game gives the players the freedom to explore every corner of the area, such as buildings, housing to small houses and find enemies to kill. The display offered is a bit similar to Minecraft games.

2. 5 Minutes to Kill

This game uses a rather strange perspective. Usually, the game will use a first or third person perspective, but it is different for this one because this game is viewed from the top side. This game is quite exciting because we can explore many places to the corners.

3. Prison Royale

This game has a look and gameplay that is almost similar to Unturned. Here the point of view that will be used by the player is the first point of view. So we will be more adaptable to this game. If we kill an opponent, we can also take the equipment in the opponent we killed.

4. Last Man Standing

In this game, the world is made similar to the real world. Weapons that can be used around firearms in the real world. Places that can be explored are also very broad and will get smaller as the game progresses.

5. Fortnite

This game is certainly very familiar in the ears of game lovers with the battle royale genre. This game uses the Unreal Engine and is available for the PS4, Xbox One, IOS and Windows platforms.

Hello Neighbor Guide For Going Inside The House

Already know about Hello Neighbor game right ? This game is easy to understand, you just need to go inside your neighbor house and reveal the dark secret of them.

This game is stealth game from Dynamic Pixels. Your mission is to sneak and reveal the dark secret of your neighbor. Sounds easy right ? But no ! This game adapt AI system. This system will learn about your attitute, strategy and your gaming style. So the more you play this game, the more smart your enemy is.

After learning your habbits on the game, your enemy will sets a bunch of trap everywhere. The one make it fun is the trap will be different each time you go sneak to your neighbor house.

For sneak into your neighbor house, there is one simple way to do, it’s called Ding Dong Ditch. You know right, the childreen who like to ring the bell house and then run and hide ? You will do the same thing like that. You must ring your neighbor bell and then run to hide. Do it multiple times so the door will be unlocked and you can senak easily.

Sometimes this way will trigger the other neighbor to see arounds. It’s your chance to go inside your enemy house and reveal the truth !