Echantress The Forest Keeper

Echantress The Forest Keeper

Enchantress is an INT-type hero that has very horrible ginging and pushing abilities. Enchantress is also a hero ganker that has a myriad of ways to do ganking.

As a jungle hero, Enchantress can easily farm early in the game. His Untouchable skill is a passive skill that is very useful from the beginning to the end of the game. Each enemy unit that wants to attack the Enchantress will receive a slow attack speed effect of up to 140 points.

Enchantress is an INT hero that can act as support or Carry. In the early game, Enchantress can attract forest creep with Enchant skills. If you use this skill in forest creep, this affected unit will be under your control. With this skill, you can do ganking easily. You can also use the skills in the unit that you captured earlier.

Skill Nature’s Attendants are skills in which Enchantress summon several fairies to heal his cellphone and the units that are nearby.

Enchantress’s only attack skill is Impetus. This is also the ultimate skill of Enchantress. Impetus is a skill that is an attack modifier where the Enchantress will throw the spear towards the enemy. The farther the distance of the enemy with Enchantress, the damage skill will also be even greater, on the contrary, the closer the enemy distance to Enchantress, the damage that will be received by the enemy will also be smaller.