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Echantress The Forest Keeper

Echantress The Forest Keeper

Enchantress is an INT-type hero that has very horrible ginging and pushing abilities. Enchantress is also a hero ganker that has a myriad of ways to do ganking.

As a jungle hero, Enchantress can easily farm early in the game. His Untouchable skill is a passive skill that is very useful from the beginning to the end of the game. Each enemy unit that wants to attack the Enchantress will receive a slow attack speed effect of up to 140 points.

Enchantress is an INT hero that can act as support or Carry. In the early game, Enchantress can attract forest creep with Enchant skills. If you use this skill in forest creep, this affected unit will be under your control. With this skill, you can do ganking easily. You can also use the skills in the unit that you captured earlier.

Skill Nature’s Attendants are skills in which Enchantress summon several fairies to heal his cellphone and the units that are nearby.

Enchantress’s only attack skill is Impetus. This is also the ultimate skill of Enchantress. Impetus is a skill that is an attack modifier where the Enchantress will throw the spear towards the enemy. The farther the distance of the enemy with Enchantress, the damage skill will also be even greater, on the contrary, the closer the enemy distance to Enchantress, the damage that will be received by the enemy will also be smaller.

Rubick – The Grand Magus – Stealing Spells Is Life !

Rubick is one of the most popular intelligence-type heroes in Dota 2. Rubick is also a hero who is an expert in stealing opponent’s hero skills. In addition to acting as a support, sometimes for pro players to play this hero in the middle lane who play the core hero.

Rubick is a hero that is easy to use. Rubick’s main difficulty lies in the foresight of our eyes when stealing opponent’s skills. Because the skill that can be stolen is only the last skill used by the opponent’s hero.

To play this hero, you must have a reflex and fast response, otherwise, this hero will not be useful during the clash team because the ultimate skill only serves to steal opponent’s skills.

Even so, Rubick is equipped with a mechanism to disable opponents through his first skill. It’s just that Rubick is not able to provide large output damage during the early game because he does not have the ultimate skill. The only skill that has damage output is only the second skill. This skill also reduces the attack damage of the target affected by the skill.

Early game, you can buy a null talisman first to deal damage and a bit of the mana pool (this item is purchased if you want to take the mid lane). If you play as role support, the first item you can buy is ironwood branch and tango, don’t forget to buy two ward observers to provide additional vision in the map.

This hero is very suitable to be shot when opponents use heroes like Magnus, Enigma or heroes with ultimate skills that are useful for crowd control such as Enigma’s Black hole’s skills.

If you are not the type of player who usually fills role mid lane, you better play this hero as a support to support the presentation of the team’s victory. Interested in playing this hero? You can see various ways used by the pro players on Youtube.

Lets Talk About Slardar !

Slardar in melee STR hero in Dota 2. Slardar have a low cooldown spells and have high pshycal damage. Knock down enemy is piece of cake for Slardar. This hero also good at ganking because he have AoE stun skills and have high movement speed. Chasing down or run from enemy is Slardar speciality. Player usually focusing on Blink Dagger for first item because with this item, Slardar can easily gank the enemy heroes.

For chasing the enemy, Slardar with activated his first skill, Guardian Sprint. With this skill, Slardar will slithers ahead and moving significantly faster. When upgrade to level 4, Sladar will gain 700 movement speed when walking in the river. This skill so good for rotation because Slardar will easily move from point A to point B.

His second skill is Slithereen Crush. Becarefull with this skill ! Even u have BKB, you will still stunned by this skill. The damage is pshycal, so even you have an magic resist item, you will still get the maximum damage of this skill.

Slardar have a passive skill anmed Bash of the Deep. In every attack, Slardar have a chance to stun enemy. Like his second skill, this skill damage is physical.

For optimizing his second and third skill, Slardar have a skill named Corrosive Haze. When using it to enemy, the enemy hero will gain reduce armor and Slardar will have a vision of his target. So even enemy using invisible skill, they will still visible to Slardar.

KuroKy Breaking Record In Competitive Career In Dota 2

Behind Team Liquid’s victory over Team Alliance in the qualifying round of The Chongqing Major European zones turned out to hold their own story. One of Team Liquid’s players, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi managed to break his own record.

The player who is often called KuroKy is the first Dota 2 player to successfully play all heroes in Dota 2 at competitive events. He managed to play all 116 heroes for 8 years in a competitive career in Dota 2.

An achievement that is almost impossible to match with other professional Dota 2 players. Because all Dota 2 heroes have their own difficulties and uniqueness. Besides that gameplay some Dota 2 heroes are very difficult to use in competitive events.

Kuroky’s success was none other than because he could play all the roles in Dota 2. Early in his career in 2011 with Gamecom Kuroky was a Carry team. Then moved to a support position while playing on Mousesports, Natus Vincere, and Team Secret. His position in Team Liquid was actually Support, but often he exchanged positions with other players to fill the Core team position.

It was an extraordinary and unforgettable achievement by the 26-year-old German, of course. Kuroky is indeed a great Dota 2 player. Another achievement was that he successfully followed all of The International championships from 2011 to 2018 and won it at The International 2017 last year.

Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Finally, after the full moon, our waiting time has paid off. Maybe it’s more pointed out to Dota 2 fans who have been waiting for a long time “when will Rubick be released?”. Valve has just released the latest update for Dota 2 which contains Rubick’s arcana and an event in game to welcome the Christmas holiday titled Frosthaven: A Fortivus Story. That’s right, finally Valve returned to present an in-game event which of course there will be prizes that you can get.

When seen in plain view, this Rubick looks normal, only a colored robe that can make Rubick drift throughout the game plus the effects of particles that look like squares adorn around it. But what’s interesting is that Valve presents features of the effects that match the mainstay skills of Rubick itself, namely the Steal Spell that can change the color of the robe, animation and interaction from Rubick itself. There are even 115 different effects from the skills stolen by Rubick.

While the Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story event in game will take place from December 19 to January 3. This exciting event will bring you to protect the Christmas tree from the onslaught of enemies that never run out. The heroes available in this mode are also limited, not all of your heroes can be used. To survive an enemy attack you can still buy items like playing Dota 2 as usual. And finally you can collect points to get a prize after the game ends. Oh yeah, if you are lucky you can get the courier Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

It seems that Valve began to understand the feeling of being missed by the Dota 2 players at that time. Yes, as we know, when Dota 2 has just been released and lasts for some time it always presents limited events, such as Diretide, Frostivus, New Bloom, Dark Moon, Nemesis Assassin and several other interesting events that were initially abandoned. And now they finally answer the feeling of longing for all of you.