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Lets Talk About Slardar !

Lets Talk About Slardar !

Slardar in melee STR hero in Dota 2. Slardar have a low cooldown spells and have high pshycal damage. Knock down enemy is piece of cake for Slardar. This hero also good at ganking because he have AoE stun skills and have high movement speed. Chasing down or run from enemy is Slardar speciality. Player usually focusing on Blink Dagger for first item because with this item, Slardar can easily gank the enemy heroes.

For chasing the enemy, Slardar with activated his first skill, Guardian Sprint. With this skill, Slardar will slithers ahead and moving significantly faster. When upgrade to level 4, Sladar will gain 700 movement speed when walking in the river. This skill so good for rotation because Slardar will easily move from point A to point B.

His second skill is Slithereen Crush. Becarefull with this skill ! Even u have BKB, you will still stunned by this skill. The damage is pshycal, so even you have an magic resist item, you will still get the maximum damage of this skill.

Slardar have a passive skill anmed Bash of the Deep. In every attack, Slardar have a chance to stun enemy. Like his second skill, this skill damage is physical.

For optimizing his second and third skill, Slardar have a skill named Corrosive Haze. When using it to enemy, the enemy hero will gain reduce armor and Slardar will have a vision of his target. So even enemy using invisible skill, they will still visible to Slardar.