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Atlus Official Announces Persona 5 R!

Atlus Official Announces Persona 5 R!

Presenting JRPG quality that is populated with a solid gameplay, the Persona franchise is proven to be one of the best JRPG franchises that has an enormous fanbase. In each series, Atlus as a developer and publisher is always able to present the best quality through various Persona series, including in the fifth series. This news will be a good news for Persona series fans, right ?

After floating as a mere rumor, now the good news has finally arrived, Persona 5, which was released 2 years ago, will now soon get the latest version. A while ago, Atlus had officially announced Persona 5 R by releasing a short teaser, the addition of the letter “R” would not be a mere frill. Persona 5 R is predicted to be a Persona 5 version that is more perfect with various improvements & new content, just like Persona 4, which was updated through Persona 4 Golden.

But Atlus itself still hasn’t announced any new content that will be presented in the Persona 5 R version. Atlus itself plans to provide information about Persona 5 R in the upcoming March 2019, is it possible that this one project will be released on a multiplatform basis? Just wait for this game and hopefully this game will be a good game.

Main Story In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

There are 3 main stories that act as a unifying pillar of the whole series of stories in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The first main story about Kassandra’s journey in destroying the Cult of Cosmos & reuniting her family, the story felt very epic & touching, we didn’t even hesitate to call it “one of the most interesting stories in the Assassin ‘Creed series.

Then there is the story of the search for his biological father which is also related to various inheritance of first civillization, the story feels quite interesting, but it doesn’t make sense for connoisseurs of other Assassin ‘Creed series other than the Odyssey. then the last story about modern day with Layla Hassan which feels very lacking and filled with a myriad of plot holes.

Actually the whole story of Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey looks less plausible when it is connected with other Assassin’ Creed stories. First because the choice matters feature can bring a butterfly effect, meaning that every decision you choose will affect the storyline, which in the end makes the Odyssey with the other Assassin ‘Creed series feel 100% relevant.

The second is because of the various hole plots that exist in modern day, we thought that initially the modern day of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey would continue the story of Layla Hassan who finally met William Miles – father of Desmond Miles, the main protagonist of the initial 5 series of Assassin ‘Creed. But in fact it wasn’t, Layla was told to undergo a new adventure in tracing the memory of the grandson of Leonidas, and finally modern day closed with a story that was very floating and without direction.

The third is the presence of mythological beings in the main story of Kassandra who seeks the truth about her biological father, this actually looks epic & interesting. But it doesn’t make sense to compare it to the other Assassin ‘Creed stories, unlike Assassin’ Creed Origins which presents battles with mythical beings through dreams, illusions, or alternative stories. Now mythological beings appear in the main story through this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, they come with artifacts like Apple of Eden.

The point is Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey will feel very epic if you do not care about various plot holes & some of the other shortcomings, but the Odyssey story will feel less “comfortable” for those of you who have followed the entire story of the Assassin’ Creed series.

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

The presence of a tanker in the MOBA genre game is very crucial, for example in the game Dota 2, Mobile Legends, or League Of Legends. A tanker is a figure who will stand at the forefront and act as an initia clash.

But many people do not understand this role and take wrong actions in playing tanker roles. Therefore you need to know what wrong actions are often carried out by beginner tankers.

The first is to push forward to the heart of the opponent’s defense regardless of the position of the teammates. Indeed, tankers are a difficult hero to kill, but if you advance without paying attention to the position of another friend hero, isn’t that the same as suicide? Before going forward and initiating, make sure the team mates are ready to make a backup first.

The second is too focused on chasing items without regard to the situation that is happening on the team. Sometimes a tanker can also make mistakes and focus on farming, it’s not wrong, but if the team’s condition is bad, give space or space for the hero carry for farming.

Third is the wrong build item. For example, if your opponent has strong magic skills, you actually buy physical defense items instead of magic, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the right items will support your team’s victory and will support the survival of a tanker when initiating.

BarierJR Joining New Team, Victim E-Sport !

Some time ago we were surprised by the news of the issuance of BarierJr from RRQ O2, the team that had raised its name since the beginning he plunged as a professional gamer. Had revealed a little leak or clue that there were six teams approaching him, now he has found a new home and BarierJr has joined Victim E-Sports.


Victim E-Sports is one of the esports teams that has many branches, not just Bang Bang Mobile Legends which will be our discussion this time. There are also PUBG, CS: GO, Dota 2 and PUBG Mobile. BarierJr, who previously mentioned that there was a large team like the Louvre, WaW, Bigetron and three other teams approaching him.


He prefers an esport organization that is fairly new, Victim E-Sports which skyrocketed its name through several victories at the PUBG Mobile event was able to attract attention from BarierJr.


Victim E-Sports’s Bang Bang Mobile Legends team is still green, besides not yet tasting the official tournament, the number or members of this team are still incomplete. The first three members who were successfully recruited by Victim E-Sports are, Aden “Xin” Gumilang who is an ex or former Capcorn player.


Then there is Alexander “AngeL” Vincent and Risky “BarierJr” Gunawan who is one of the top-notch all star players from Rex Regum Qeon O2. If you may speak a little, BarierJr’s career in RRQ O2 is fairly dim, after the tandem of his tank Marsha moved to rival team EVOS.


BarierJr must feel the bitter heat of the bench bench from the RRQ O2 team along with Lavitz. This is not without reason, because new substitute players who enter mainly Liam, it turns out they can play better than themselves.


Because it was a pity to leave back good talents like Barier Jr and also Lavitz, finally RRQ Mobile Legends division formed its second division Mobile Legends team. Named RRQ ZEN, the team that is expected to be able to compete with many other big teams turned out to be running as planned.


Until the end of RRQ ZEN was dissolved, causing BarierJr to find a new home if he wanted his Mobile Legends career to continue. Victim E-sports, which is now its new home, then how will he travel to the new team logo like assassin.

Oh yes, it turns out that the Barier does not himself come to Victim E-Sports, he came with his true partner, Momo-Chan, who became the team’s Brand Ambassador. Good luck yes to both!

Knights Chronicle Will Collaboration With Full Metal Alchemist

There is good news for you Anime fans who play the Knight Chronicle game. Netmarble announces that there will be a collaboration between FullMetal Alchemist and one of its games, the Knight Chronicle. The presence of the collaboration character certainly adds to the appeal of the Knight Chronicle game for fans who like the anime.

In the game there will be 6 characters from Fullmetal Alchemist who were present at the Knight Chronicle, namely Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric who is the anime duo protagonist, Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist and his assistant Riza Hawkeye, the crown prince Ling Yao, and one Homonculus namely “Lust”. Cool again, all the characters are filled by the same voice as the animated series.

In addition to celebrating its collaboration with Fullmetal Alchemist, the Knight Chronicle will give you SSR Edward Elric just by checking in for 7 days during the event. In addition, players can also win Lust 4 star SSR prizes and Planetary Proxene which can be converted into 4-star Fulmetal Alchemist by completing Lust Advent Dungeon. Fullmetal Alchemist collaboration will begin on December 22, 2018 until January 11, 2019, and for those of you who have just played this game you can also get it so don’t miss it!

Island of Nyne Bankrupt, This Game Can Be Play For Free

Define Human Studios seems to have felt the weight of the burden that they had to bear when they decided to want to jump into the world hype of Battle Royale. For the first time to showcase the example of the Battle Royale game that was Defined Human if it was more futuristic in June, apparently their game titled Island of Nyne: Battle Royale was not enough to attract many thirsty players for the genre that was trendy.

In an announcement they reported directly on SBOBET the Steam page, Define Human has reported that they have now officially stopped the Island of Nyne game development process because of insufficient funds. Instead, Define Human offers refund services both from the purchase of their base game and in-game item stores specifically for players who have carried out various transactions after 29 November.

However, the fate of the Island of Nyne game itself still will not be immediately sentenced to death, at least for the time being. Define Human did not forget to also confirm that the Battle Royal game is now free to play. However, it must be remembered that the developer will no longer promise the existence of new content and updates there except for the last update which contains the display “credits” for contributors and backers who are willing to accept this game.

How long can you play Island of Nyne for free? Define Human is still unable to provide certainty. However, now they at least still want as much as possible to try to support the continuity of the server from the game that is still in the early access stage until the time cannot be determined.

Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Finally, after the full moon, our waiting time has paid off. Maybe it’s more pointed out to Dota 2 fans who have been waiting for a long time “when will Rubick be released?”. Valve has just released the latest update for Dota 2 which contains Rubick’s arcana and an event in game to welcome the Christmas holiday titled Frosthaven: A Fortivus Story. That’s right, finally Valve returned to present an in-game event which of course there will be prizes that you can get.

When seen in plain view, this Rubick looks normal, only a colored robe that can make Rubick drift throughout the game plus the effects of particles that look like squares adorn around it. But what’s interesting is that Valve presents features of the effects that match the mainstay skills of Rubick itself, namely the Steal Spell that can change the color of the robe, animation and interaction from Rubick itself. There are even 115 different effects from the skills stolen by Rubick.

While the Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story event in game will take place from December 19 to January 3. This exciting event will bring you to protect the Christmas tree from the onslaught of enemies that never run out. The heroes available in this mode are also limited, not all of your heroes can be used. To survive an enemy attack you can still buy items like playing Dota 2 as usual. And finally you can collect points to get a prize after the game ends. Oh yeah, if you are lucky you can get the courier Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

It seems that Valve began to understand the feeling of being missed by the Dota 2 players at that time. Yes, as we know, when Dota 2 has just been released and lasts for some time it always presents limited events, such as Diretide, Frostivus, New Bloom, Dark Moon, Nemesis Assassin and several other interesting events that were initially abandoned. And now they finally answer the feeling of longing for all of you.

Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

For those of you who are confused about how to manage Gold in the Arena of Valor game we will give you 3 tips related to the discussion. What purpose? actually this paper aims to help you especially (New Challangers) so as not to be confused when having to manage Gold in this game.

For us, it’s actually not too important as many Hero or Arcana are owned,  but knowledge Gameplay and Role in games determine the results in a match in the Arena of Valor game if you play Solo Q, different from playing Party where Team Work is the main weapon in every Match.

If it’s not too important, why is it still written by Bang? this way, besides Gameplay, our Role and Team Work feel Hero and Arcana are supporting factors, where 2 things can make it easier and help you get maximum results in playing Arena of Valor of course, so the above two things we should pay attention and should not catch up trivial also to get maximum results.

Before you play poker online game or other, don’t forget to buy Double Gold Items in the shop with Gem, because by using the Item you will get profits with gold income which later can make it easier for you to collect gold to buy Hero or Arcana.

What does the Hero Focus mean? this way, the point is that in this account you are only focusing on buying a hero according to Meta or Role that you have.

Suppose that you are a Jungler, then Gold in your account would be wiser to use your Gold to buy the heroes who are Meta especially those that can be used as role models like that. For example, if you are a jungler, then buy a jungle hero who is Meta on each patch, so you can play with maximum results and quickly get the highest rank in the Arena of Valor game.

Feel The Intense Battle At PlanetSide, 250 Vs 250 !

If you know Battlefield with an epic battle of 64 people, then one of the competitors of similar games that can achieve that number is PlanetSide. The sequel, released in 2012, presents an epic planetary battle experience complete with RPG elements. Now, the developer is preparing a new game with the same settings but with a number of players that is four times more than Battlefield V.

Through its livestream, Daybreak Games announces a new game from PlanetSide, PlanetSide Arena. He will present a variety of modes, ranging from Battle Royale, Massive Clash, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Kill Count, Doubles, Search and Destroy, and Global Conquest. Two of these modes will be released first when the game launches: Massive Clash and Battle Royale.

Massive Clash will give you Battlefield-style sensations with more players, namely 250 vs 250. Daybreak Games says that they will try to make it more into 500 vs 500 in the future.

While Battle Royale mode will be the common mode you usually know in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the aim of surviving the latest but with a sense of PlanetSide. You can choose one of each available class, starting from Assault, Medic, or Engineer.

Both of these modes will field you on the map without any loot at all. You will be forced to search for weapons or terminals to buy your weapons in the map.

PlanetSide Arena also offers progress season like you know in today’s Battle Royale game. The game takes place several decades after the destruction of Auraxis at PlanetSide 2. Unfortunately, unlike the second series which is free, the game will be priced at 104-194 thousand rupiah on Steam.

The Easter Egg about the Game “Portal” Appears in Battle Royale CS: GO Mode?

Amid the threat of Epic Games which successfully established their own digital game store which reportedly will be far more populist than Steam, Valve actually responded to the action of the “epic” by inserting a new content in one of his favorite games while announcing that the game can now be played Free to Play. Yes, of course you all already know and feel how Valve would like to invite you all to launch a royale together in Danger Zone mode in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

With a map layout that is classified as very fresh for you to enjoy, apparently there are secrets that Valve wants to communicate to us all through his easter egg which is quite interesting. In one motel area with 4 rooms lined up, you will see each room actually has a numbering format as rooms 1, 2, and so on. As usual, Valve seems to be very conscious of the “number three” joke that the fans are accustomed to because of Valve’s absence in continuing the third series of their games.

You can see the number 3 board accidentally dropped on the floor, and the room is made as if it can’t be accessed because it has been blocked by wood. But this is not actually the message Valve wants to convey to us. Because that room number 3’s door can actually be accessed and entered.

By entering a door in room 3 which is in the room of the second room, you will find a table containing several computer monitors in it. Interestingly, if you are patient to wait for about 1 or 2 minutes, a female voice will appear which gives a kind of confusing alphabet and number code.

The voice of the woman who delivered the secret code was also accompanied by a musical tone that really made you wonder. Fortunately, gamers on Reddit have immediately succeeded in solving the intent of the mysterious code.

Through a fairly complex encryption process, the following codes apparently read “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS “. For those of you who really know about Valve’s actions in releasing their old games, you are certainly quite familiar with the meaning of the sentence fragments. As for those of you who don’t know, this sentence is a fragment of the song lyrics from the ending of the first portal game titled “Still Alive”.

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Valve’s decision made Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) free-to-play games welcomed by some people as something positive, because those who have never had the game can play it at all. Unfortunately, it looks like the game’s veteran player doesn’t agree with that.

Until this article was written, CSGO had received more than 13,000 negative reviews after the Danger Zone update and the game payment changes from paid to free.

The main problem that made them do a negative review is the Prime status, which forced them to enter their phone number to do matchmaking with the player with the same status. They are also worried about the presence of new cheaters who are increasingly flooding the game.

Not only that, some reported that the game was damaged after the update at Intel Graphics. Not a few also consider that the loyalty rewards provided by Valve are lacking, and there are still many who want to do the game refund. Meanwhile, some people do not like the Danger Zone and are disappointed Valve is following the trend of battle royals just like other developers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive can now be played on a PC for free without a penny. But keep in mind, you will only meet players free than paid

Denuvo Protection Just Cause 4 Breaked After Release

Denuvo has acted as an anti-pirate solution for 3 years and its ability to protect games is undoubted. But there are always times when the effectiveness of this anti-pirate program is a laughing stock for pirates. Games such as Total War: Warhammer 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War broke in 24 hours after its release, and now the new open-world game Avalanche Studios is part of the “instant break denuvo game” category.

Just Cause 4 was just released on December 5 and is protected with the latest version of Denuvo. But this does not prevent the Italian CPY cracker team from doing magic. The next day, Denuvo’s protection from the game collapsed in the hands of the team which had disappeared in recent months.

Denuvo will usually update their protection soon if the current version of the protection has been bombarded by a cracker team. Will the next version be more effective or even easier to break into what happened to Total War: Warhammer 2 yesterday? We will see later.

We don’t know, why in the last 2 years, there is so many cheater or game which been hacked like this. For your information, CSGO finally became Free To Play game and there will be many cheaters who playing CSGO.

Lineage II Revolution Colaborating With DC Comic

Comes with captivating visual quality and addictive gameplay, Linage 2 Revolution is able to grasp many mobile gamers. As of the writing of this article, Lineage 2 Revolution has received more than 5 million downloads on the Android platform on PlayStore. To keep the concoction game shining, Netmarble finally announced the latest update for Lineage 2 Revolution.

Officially cooperating with DC, finally Lineage 2 Revolution presents a new World and Field Boss themed Batman part 2 saga. From the new World Boss “Scarecrow”, players can reach the Scarecrow Core, Batman Artifact, and various other prizes. While in addition to the Field Boss, “The Riddler” offers interesting content besides hunting, in the form of missions such as quizzes. By completing the mission, players can reach The Riddler Core, Demonic Soulstone, and various other attractive prizes.

New content “Artifact” is a system that can strengthen character CP, the Artifact itself can be strengthened through Limit Breaks up to level 7, when the Artifact set is installed, players will get additional CP and also Set Effect. The licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC is the second collaboration in Lineage 2 Revolution, following the success of the first collaboration with the mobile RPG “Monster Strike” in July 2018.

The DC Batman update itself has been released in November, while the update to the Batman World Boss special theme has been released today. Ready to face Scarecrow & The Riddler?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

Annette became one of the most awaited heroes of her arrival at the Arena of Valor, including the baratayudha server in Indonesia, after being “postponed” with the passion of other heroes Elsu and Richter who unexpectedly came first in Garena AOV Indonesia.

Again Annette’s arrival felt delayed even though she was in front of eyes, why? because you can only get Annette by buying / top-up through the Codex Xeniel feature

Indeed, not necessarily in the future Annette will be able to be bought through Gold ingame or not, only Annette seems exclusive compared to other heroes because it can only be obtained through purchases as we mentioned above, of course, for Free players, they can just gawk and wait for the hero this can be bought with regular gold in the future, it’s “the one who pays to play” while “the one that is free to watch first”.

before this indeed Garena AOV Indonesia had released Hero-Hero that can be obtained normally (purchase with gold) or for free by participating in existing events, such as Elsu, Y’bneth and Richter which were recently being the topic of conversation in all players Arena of Valor.

There are many bonus prizes after buying the Xeniel Codex, but is it feasible? What if you only want the Annette hero without needing a gift from the purchase package? Indeed, there is an Ormar Cristmast skin that is worth Ruby, but it does not feel in vain, especially if you are not an Ormar or Wukong Player, even though there is an exclusive Wukong skin if you don’t have the hero and can’t use it because you don’t feel it drain.