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BarierJR Joining New Team, Victim E-Sport !

BarierJR Joining New Team, Victim E-Sport !

Some time ago we were surprised by the news of the issuance of BarierJr from RRQ O2, the team that had raised its name since the beginning he plunged as a professional gamer. Had revealed a little leak or clue that there were six teams approaching him, now he has found a new home and BarierJr has joined Victim E-Sports.


Victim E-Sports is one of the esports teams that has many branches, not just Bang Bang Mobile Legends which will be our discussion this time. There are also PUBG, CS: GO, Dota 2 and PUBG Mobile. BarierJr, who previously mentioned that there was a large team like the Louvre, WaW, Bigetron and three other teams approaching him.


He prefers an esport organization that is fairly new, Victim E-Sports which skyrocketed its name through several victories at the PUBG Mobile event was able to attract attention from BarierJr.


Victim E-Sports’s Bang Bang Mobile Legends team is still green, besides not yet tasting the official tournament, the number or members of this team are still incomplete. The first three members who were successfully recruited by Victim E-Sports are, Aden “Xin” Gumilang who is an ex or former Capcorn player.


Then there is Alexander “AngeL” Vincent and Risky “BarierJr” Gunawan who is one of the top-notch all star players from Rex Regum Qeon O2. If you may speak a little, BarierJr’s career in RRQ O2 is fairly dim, after the tandem of his tank Marsha moved to rival team EVOS.


BarierJr must feel the bitter heat of the bench bench from the RRQ O2 team along with Lavitz. This is not without reason, because new substitute players who enter mainly Liam, it turns out they can play better than themselves.


Because it was a pity to leave back good talents like Barier Jr and also Lavitz, finally RRQ Mobile Legends division formed its second division Mobile Legends team. Named RRQ ZEN, the team that is expected to be able to compete with many other big teams turned out to be running as planned.


Until the end of RRQ ZEN was dissolved, causing BarierJr to find a new home if he wanted his Mobile Legends career to continue. Victim E-sports, which is now its new home, then how will he travel to the new team logo like assassin.

Oh yes, it turns out that the Barier does not himself come to Victim E-Sports, he came with his true partner, Momo-Chan, who became the team’s Brand Ambassador. Good luck yes to both!