Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

For those of you who are confused about how to manage Gold in the Arena of Valor game we will give you 3 tips related to the discussion. What purpose? actually this paper aims to help you especially (New Challangers) so as not to be confused when having to manage Gold in this game.

For us, it’s actually not too important as many Hero or Arcana are owned,  but knowledge Gameplay and Role in games determine the results in a match in the Arena of Valor game if you play Solo Q, different from playing Party where Team Work is the main weapon in every Match.

If it’s not too important, why is it still written by Bang? this way, besides Gameplay, our Role and Team Work feel Hero and Arcana are supporting factors, where 2 things can make it easier and help you get maximum results in playing Arena of Valor of course, so the above two things we should pay attention and should not catch up trivial also to get maximum results.

Before you play poker online game or other, don’t forget to buy Double Gold Items in the shop with Gem, because by using the Item you will get profits with gold income which later can make it easier for you to collect gold to buy Hero or Arcana.

What does the Hero Focus mean? this way, the point is that in this account you are only focusing on buying a hero according to Meta or Role that you have.

Suppose that you are a Jungler, then Gold in your account would be wiser to use your Gold to buy the heroes who are Meta especially those that can be used as role models like that. For example, if you are a jungler, then buy a jungle hero who is Meta on each patch, so you can play with maximum results and quickly get the highest rank in the Arena of Valor game.