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Tanker Hero In AoV Which Is Very Good And Hard To Kill

The newest hero in Arena of Valor is Wiro Sableng. This hero is really peeve. Sableng means crazy in Indonesian Language. Yeah now you all know why this hero is so peeve, right ?

Wiro Sableng is tank hero which is very popular in AoV game. He have a great power and though body, so he can knock down enemy easily and hard to kill.

If you still don’t have Wiro Sableng, you can get it for free. You just need to join Untukmu Indonesiaku Event. Just collect 7 Naga Geni Axe 212 and you will get this hero for free.

Wiro Sableng is very popular in Indonesia. He is a hero, like Superman or Batman in DC. Many people like his bravery. But there is always someone who hate you, Wiro Sableng also like that, but he don’t care about it and just want to live a happy life.

The only one problem for Wiro Sableng is the dimension hole which can destroy his village. He want to destroy that dimension hole. But for destroying that hole, he must have a greater power.

With the spiritual guide 212, Wiro Sableng have 2 soul in his body. That’s why he need the 212 Naga Geni Axe to control his power. The true power of 212 will “wake up” when the other soul is in danger.

Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Finally, Arena of Valor Indonesia released new hero called Wiro Sableng. This new hero can be obtained for free. Sounds good ! Not only that, Wiro Sableng also have a overpowered skills ! Wiro Sableng is a tank plus fighter type, so he can bursting damage while taking damage from enemy.

Excited with this new hero ? Let’s discuss more about his skills. Check this out !

His passive skill named Sacred 212. This passive will give advantage to player who using this hero. When Wiro Sableng die in battle, he will reincarnate and back to life again. But when being revived, Wiro Sableng will change to meditate state.

In this mode, Wiro Sableng can’t move or using skills. His magic and physic defense will goin down for 25%. When meditate, there’s a 212 mark under his body. If teammates going to that sign, they will gain 10% recovery HP. This state will be gone after 4,5 second.

His first skill is 212 Axe. Wiro Sableng will spin around with his might Naga Geni 212 axe. Enemy who stand near him will taken pshycal damage. After using this skill, Wiro Sableng also get attack range and attack power for his three next attack.

His second skill is Tornado Fist. With this skill, Wiro Sableng will launch an energy from his hand. Enemy who hitted by this skill will be knock back. If enemy knockback and hit the wall, they will take more damage.

And the last skill is Sunray Fist. Wiro Sableng will gaining power from sun and make in to a large energy ball. The more time you take for releasing this skill, the output damage will be more powerfull.

New Hero On AoV Which Have Skill Similiar To Luffy

Of course you are already familiar with the One Piecebukan Manga or Anime? the story of the journey of a child from East Blue named Luffy who dreams of becoming a pirate king with his crew named Strawhat Pirates.

Well recently AOV or Arena of Valor in the Vietnam Test server officially released a new hero with abilities similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu brott. The ability of this cute AOV hero is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen with a sucking mechanism wind through the mouth before inflating the stomach with the wind.

Pippi / Driver is the temporary name of this funny hero because it has not been officially released on any server recently tested on the server, with the appearance of a big monster when entering Pippi / Driver elastic mode can freely use full ability. We can see from the symbol above where it is clear Pippi is the type of support, maybe support / tank.

This cute hero’s most annoying skill is at once a skill that is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen ability, how not? Pippi was able to issue a similar ability to suck all those in front by holding the duration of skill straw as much as possible, even you nosy Challangers must be very much waiting for the arrival of this Troll-able hero, because it seems that this hero will be able to compete with Grakk the fishing man AOV in this century.

Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Garena Indonesia announced their new hero on Arena of Valor, Omen. If you want to buy him, you need to know about his dark lore in AoV. His nickname is Omen the insatiable. He is a killing machine and born form darkest valley in Demon Abyss.

His home is cold as ice and without any soul. Even demon don’t want to live near him, why ? Because Omen just want to kill, not only his enemies, but all near him will be killed by his demon sword !

Even strong, Omen rarely join the battle because he just want to kill. All he want is the joy of killing people. He’s like a uncontrolable cannon in a ship !

You know, even Maloch, the King of Lokheim afraid of him ! Maloch knew that Omen s the realization killing will of Lokheim. At last, Maloch hide him in the darkest valley and became forgotten till Arduin army invading Maloch kingdom.

Know will lose, Maloch decided to release Omen. After a hundred years, Omen awaken and bring death to all Arduin army. He killed all Arduin army only by himself !

After killing Arduin army, Omen satisfied and feel peace inside of his heart. The story about Omen spreading around the world, now he is travelling the world to find a powerful fighter who can fight against him.

Garena AOV Will Colaborate With Sword Art Online

What makes a scene? The crossover between SAO (Sword Art Online) and AOV that will collaborate this year is likely to be realized. The Garena AOV Taiwan official Facebook account some time ago on December 30, 2018 has released a post describing Alice carrying a sword similar to Kirito SAO’s Animen.

In this post, it implies that there will be an Event related to Kirito’s two swords, indeed there is no clarity as to what later this Event will be, but if we look based on previous AOV Events, maybe we will be given a daily Quest in the form of collecting Items or in the form of a box that can be opened and contains random gifts.

If we compare it to the sword carried by Alice, it seems that there is indeed a similarity between the two, the deep black sword and this blue sword were also brought by Kirito in the Anime footage above, and in our opinion this crossover project goes hand in hand after AOV officially released the server In Japan. So it is not a coincidence according to us, where we also know that Tencent is indeed very good at gaming market affairs.

Surprise after surprise was presented in 2019, After Aquaman managed to leak on the Internet some time ago did not make Tencent run out of ideas in an effort to make the Challangers happy with a series of Projects and Crossover. With the official release of SAO into the game Arena of Valor automatically adds a License to AOV. Where we also know that the effects of the License can increase many opportunities for the Developer itself, so it is not a loss if a Developer does a project that involves two parties to achieve a profit.

Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

For those of you who are confused about how to manage Gold in the Arena of Valor game we will give you 3 tips related to the discussion. What purpose? actually this paper aims to help you especially (New Challangers) so as not to be confused when having to manage Gold in this game.

For us, it’s actually not too important as many Hero or Arcana are owned,  but knowledge Gameplay and Role in games determine the results in a match in the Arena of Valor game if you play Solo Q, different from playing Party where Team Work is the main weapon in every Match.

If it’s not too important, why is it still written by Bang? this way, besides Gameplay, our Role and Team Work feel Hero and Arcana are supporting factors, where 2 things can make it easier and help you get maximum results in playing Arena of Valor of course, so the above two things we should pay attention and should not catch up trivial also to get maximum results.

Before you play poker online game or other, don’t forget to buy Double Gold Items in the shop with Gem, because by using the Item you will get profits with gold income which later can make it easier for you to collect gold to buy Hero or Arcana.

What does the Hero Focus mean? this way, the point is that in this account you are only focusing on buying a hero according to Meta or Role that you have.

Suppose that you are a Jungler, then Gold in your account would be wiser to use your Gold to buy the heroes who are Meta especially those that can be used as role models like that. For example, if you are a jungler, then buy a jungle hero who is Meta on each patch, so you can play with maximum results and quickly get the highest rank in the Arena of Valor game.

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

Annette became one of the most awaited heroes of her arrival at the Arena of Valor, including the baratayudha server in Indonesia, after being “postponed” with the passion of other heroes Elsu and Richter who unexpectedly came first in Garena AOV Indonesia.

Again Annette’s arrival felt delayed even though she was in front of eyes, why? because you can only get Annette by buying / top-up through the Codex Xeniel feature

Indeed, not necessarily in the future Annette will be able to be bought through Gold ingame or not, only Annette seems exclusive compared to other heroes because it can only be obtained through purchases as we mentioned above, of course, for Free players, they can just gawk and wait for the hero this can be bought with regular gold in the future, it’s “the one who pays to play” while “the one that is free to watch first”.

before this indeed Garena AOV Indonesia had released Hero-Hero that can be obtained normally (purchase with gold) or for free by participating in existing events, such as Elsu, Y’bneth and Richter which were recently being the topic of conversation in all players Arena of Valor.

There are many bonus prizes after buying the Xeniel Codex, but is it feasible? What if you only want the Annette hero without needing a gift from the purchase package? Indeed, there is an Ormar Cristmast skin that is worth Ruby, but it does not feel in vain, especially if you are not an Ormar or Wukong Player, even though there is an exclusive Wukong skin if you don’t have the hero and can’t use it because you don’t feel it drain.