Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Garena Indonesia announced their new hero on Arena of Valor, Omen. If you want to buy him, you need to know about his dark lore in AoV. His nickname is Omen the insatiable. He is a killing machine and born form darkest valley in Demon Abyss.

His home is cold as ice and without any soul. Even demon don’t want to live near him, why ? Because Omen just want to kill, not only his enemies, but all near him will be killed by his demon sword !

Even strong, Omen rarely join the battle because he just want to kill. All he want is the joy of killing people. He’s like a uncontrolable cannon in a ship !

You know, even Maloch, the King of Lokheim afraid of him ! Maloch knew that Omen s the realization killing will of Lokheim. At last, Maloch hide him in the darkest valley and became forgotten till Arduin army invading Maloch kingdom.

Know will lose, Maloch decided to release Omen. After a hundred years, Omen awaken and bring death to all Arduin army. He killed all Arduin army only by himself !

After killing Arduin army, Omen satisfied and feel peace inside of his heart. The story about Omen spreading around the world, now he is travelling the world to find a powerful fighter who can fight against him.