Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Finally, Arena of Valor Indonesia released new hero called Wiro Sableng. This new hero can be obtained for free. Sounds good ! Not only that, Wiro Sableng also have a overpowered skills ! Wiro Sableng is a tank plus fighter type, so he can bursting damage while taking damage from enemy.

Excited with this new hero ? Let’s discuss more about his skills. Check this out !

His passive skill named Sacred 212. This passive will give advantage to player who using this hero. When Wiro Sableng die in battle, he will reincarnate and back to life again. But when being revived, Wiro Sableng will change to meditate state.

In this mode, Wiro Sableng can’t move or using skills. His magic and physic defense will goin down for 25%. When meditate, there’s a 212 mark under his body. If teammates going to that sign, they will gain 10% recovery HP. This state will be gone after 4,5 second.

His first skill is 212 Axe. Wiro Sableng will spin around with his might Naga Geni 212 axe. Enemy who stand near him will taken pshycal damage. After using this skill, Wiro Sableng also get attack range and attack power for his three next attack.

His second skill is Tornado Fist. With this skill, Wiro Sableng will launch an energy from his hand. Enemy who hitted by this skill will be knock back. If enemy knockback and hit the wall, they will take more damage.

And the last skill is Sunray Fist. Wiro Sableng will gaining power from sun and make in to a large energy ball. The more time you take for releasing this skill, the output damage will be more powerfull.