How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

Annette became one of the most awaited heroes of her arrival at the Arena of Valor, including the baratayudha server in Indonesia, after being “postponed” with the passion of other heroes Elsu and Richter who unexpectedly came first in Garena AOV Indonesia.

Again Annette’s arrival felt delayed even though she was in front of eyes, why? because you can only get Annette by buying / top-up through the Codex Xeniel feature

Indeed, not necessarily in the future Annette will be able to be bought through Gold ingame or not, only Annette seems exclusive compared to other heroes because it can only be obtained through purchases as we mentioned above, of course, for Free players, they can just gawk and wait for the hero this can be bought with regular gold in the future, it’s “the one who pays to play” while “the one that is free to watch first”.

before this indeed Garena AOV Indonesia had released Hero-Hero that can be obtained normally (purchase with gold) or for free by participating in existing events, such as Elsu, Y’bneth and Richter which were recently being the topic of conversation in all players Arena of Valor.

There are many bonus prizes after buying the Xeniel Codex, but is it feasible? What if you only want the Annette hero without needing a gift from the purchase package? Indeed, there is an Ormar Cristmast skin that is worth Ruby, but it does not feel in vain, especially if you are not an Ormar or Wukong Player, even though there is an exclusive Wukong skin if you don’t have the hero and can’t use it because you don’t feel it drain.