Tanker Hero In AoV Which Is Very Good And Hard To Kill

The newest hero in Arena of Valor is Wiro Sableng. This hero is really peeve. Sableng means crazy in Indonesian Language. Yeah now you all know why this hero is so peeve, right ?

Wiro Sableng is tank hero which is very popular in AoV game. He have a great power and though body, so he can knock down enemy easily and hard to kill.

If you still don’t have Wiro Sableng, you can get it for free. You just need to join Untukmu Indonesiaku Event. Just collect 7 Naga Geni Axe 212 and you will get this hero for free.

Wiro Sableng is very popular in Indonesia. He is a hero, like Superman or Batman in DC. Many people like his bravery. But there is always someone who hate you, Wiro Sableng also like that, but he don’t care about it and just want to live a happy life.

The only one problem for Wiro Sableng is the dimension hole which can destroy his village. He want to destroy that dimension hole. But for destroying that hole, he must have a greater power.

With the spiritual guide 212, Wiro Sableng have 2 soul in his body. That’s why he need the 212 Naga Geni Axe to control his power. The true power of 212 will “wake up” when the other soul is in danger.