Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Valve’s decision made Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) free-to-play games welcomed by some people as something positive, because those who have never had the game can play it at all. Unfortunately, it looks like the game’s veteran player doesn’t agree with that.

Until this article was written, CSGO had received more than 13,000 negative reviews after the Danger Zone update and the game payment changes from paid to free.

The main problem that made them do a negative review is the Prime status, which forced them to enter their phone number to do matchmaking with the player with the same status. They are also worried about the presence of new cheaters who are increasingly flooding the game.

Not only that, some reported that the game was damaged after the update at Intel Graphics. Not a few also consider that the loyalty rewards provided by Valve are lacking, and there are still many who want to do the game refund. Meanwhile, some people do not like the Danger Zone and are disappointed Valve is following the trend of battle royals just like other developers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive can now be played on a PC for free without a penny. But keep in mind, you will only meet players free than paid