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Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

The presence of a tanker in the MOBA genre game is very crucial, for example in the game Dota 2, Mobile Legends, or League Of Legends. A tanker is a figure who will stand at the forefront and act as an initia clash.

But many people do not understand this role and take wrong actions in playing tanker roles. Therefore you need to know what wrong actions are often carried out by beginner tankers.

The first is to push forward to the heart of the opponent’s defense regardless of the position of the teammates. Indeed, tankers are a difficult hero to kill, but if you advance without paying attention to the position of another friend hero, isn’t that the same as suicide? Before going forward and initiating, make sure the team mates are ready to make a backup first.

The second is too focused on chasing items without regard to the situation that is happening on the team. Sometimes a tanker can also make mistakes and focus on farming, it’s not wrong, but if the team’s condition is bad, give space or space for the hero carry for farming.

Third is the wrong build item. For example, if your opponent has strong magic skills, you actually buy physical defense items instead of magic, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the right items will support your team’s victory and will support the survival of a tanker when initiating.

Best Tank Item In Dota 2

For those of you who are still newbie in playing the DOTA 2 game, you need to know the best item that must be owned by a tanker hero. This item will help you survive the opponent’s attack. what are the items?

The first item is Heart of Tarasque. This item gives a very large boosting of HP and STR. In addition, this item will also add tremendous regeneration capabilities when you are out of battle. This item has a fairly expensive price, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

For early games, the most useful item is Vanguard. This item has a function to block an opponent’s attack. This item is very effective in the early game. If you have entered mid or late game, you can upgrade to Crimson Guard.

The next item you can buy is Assault Cuirass. This item provides immense boosting armor for its users. In addition, this item also provides a very high attack speed. Same is the case with Heart of Tarasque, because this item is expensive, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

Next is Shiva Guard. Similar to Assault Cuirass, it’s just that this item has a slow effect on opponents around the user. In addition this item has the ability “Artic Field”, which is an ice area that will give magic damage to opponents who are in the area.