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Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

In playing games, especially the MOBA genre, of course we need the cooperation of each team member to be able to win. Besides having to be clever in playing selected heroes, a collaboration between players greatly determines the presentation of victory in the game.

Unfortunately, there are many players who do not understand this. Many players feel themselves better so they try to master the game unilaterally without thinking of other friends.

Even though in the MOBA game, victory cannot be achieved by relying on just one person. Every component in the team contributes significantly to team wins, even if your teammates are not very good at playing.

One of the most common defeat factors when playing the MOBA genre game is the AFK player. How come? Games that should run 5 vs 5 must run with no draw because there are AFK. Just imagine how the clash team will only have 4 members against a team of 5 people? It’s hard to win dude! Seriously!

Many players in Indonesia are fond of AFK, especially if they die too often and the difference in net worth is too far, rather than trying to catch up, they instead opt for AFK and let the game run with no draw.

Therefore we must be healthy players where we understand what to do in a team. Don’t be an AFK player, besides troubling your teammates, we are also at risk in the report so that we will get a reduction in points or sanctions later.

Tank Role - One Of The Most Crucial Role In MOBA Game

Tank Role – One Of The Most Crucial Role In MOBA Game

In the MOBA genre game, to be able to achieve victory requires good teamwork. There are various kinds of roles found in the MOBA game, one of which is role tanker. Role tanker is a crucial role in the team. The presence of a tanker determines the victory that will be achieved by the team.

As a tanker, you are a player who stands on the front line to withstand every attack launched by an opponent. With the presence of tankers on the front lines of the team, the enemy will be overwhelmed to find a gap to enter the area behind the team. Of course, this is very important to see the hero on the back line is a marksman and mage hero who has low HP so it must be protected so that it is not knocked down the earliest.

Usually, a tanker will be equipped with crowd control skills to initiate initiation when the war team. This skill is certainly very useful for team wins when fighting. We take the example of the Tigreal hero from Mobile Legends who have the ultimate skill that is very good when successfully capturing many opponent heroes. Not only that, you can see the effectiveness of Tidehunter’s Ravage skill in the Dota 2 game.

That’s why a tanker is needed by the team. A tanker is a hero who always protects his teammates through the front line and sacrifices his own life for the victory to be won by the team.

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

The presence of a tanker in the MOBA genre game is very crucial, for example in the game Dota 2, Mobile Legends, or League Of Legends. A tanker is a figure who will stand at the forefront and act as an initia clash.

But many people do not understand this role and take wrong actions in playing tanker roles. Therefore you need to know what wrong actions are often carried out by beginner tankers.

The first is to push forward to the heart of the opponent’s defense regardless of the position of the teammates. Indeed, tankers are a difficult hero to kill, but if you advance without paying attention to the position of another friend hero, isn’t that the same as suicide? Before going forward and initiating, make sure the team mates are ready to make a backup first.

The second is too focused on chasing items without regard to the situation that is happening on the team. Sometimes a tanker can also make mistakes and focus on farming, it’s not wrong, but if the team’s condition is bad, give space or space for the hero carry for farming.

Third is the wrong build item. For example, if your opponent has strong magic skills, you actually buy physical defense items instead of magic, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the right items will support your team’s victory and will support the survival of a tanker when initiating.