Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

Dont AFK If Playing MOBA Game Genre !

In playing games, especially the MOBA genre, of course we need the cooperation of each team member to be able to win. Besides having to be clever in playing selected heroes, a collaboration between players greatly determines the presentation of victory in the game.

Unfortunately, there are many players who do not understand this. Many players feel themselves better so they try to master the game unilaterally without thinking of other friends.

Even though in the MOBA game, victory cannot be achieved by relying on just one person. Every component in the team contributes significantly to team wins, even if your teammates are not very good at playing.

One of the most common defeat factors when playing the MOBA genre game is the AFK player. How come? Games that should run 5 vs 5 must run with no draw because there are AFK. Just imagine how the clash team will only have 4 members against a team of 5 people? It’s hard to win dude! Seriously!

Many players in Indonesia are fond of AFK, especially if they die too often and the difference in net worth is too far, rather than trying to catch up, they instead opt for AFK and let the game run with no draw.

Therefore we must be healthy players where we understand what to do in a team. Don’t be an AFK player, besides troubling your teammates, we are also at risk in the report so that we will get a reduction in points or sanctions later.