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Island of Nyne Bankrupt, This Game Can Be Play For Free

Island of Nyne Bankrupt, This Game Can Be Play For Free

Define Human Studios seems to have felt the weight of the burden that they had to bear when they decided to want to jump into the world hype of Battle Royale. For the first time to showcase the example of the Battle Royale game that was Defined Human if it was more futuristic in June, apparently their game titled Island of Nyne: Battle Royale was not enough to attract many thirsty players for the genre that was trendy.

In an announcement they reported directly on SBOBET the Steam page, Define Human has reported that they have now officially stopped the Island of Nyne game development process because of insufficient funds. Instead, Define Human offers refund services both from the purchase of their base game and in-game item stores specifically for players who have carried out various transactions after 29 November.

However, the fate of the Island of Nyne game itself still will not be immediately sentenced to death, at least for the time being. Define Human did not forget to also confirm that the Battle Royal game is now free to play. However, it must be remembered that the developer will no longer promise the existence of new content and updates there except for the last update which contains the display “credits” for contributors and backers who are willing to accept this game.

How long can you play Island of Nyne for free? Define Human is still unable to provide certainty. However, now they at least still want as much as possible to try to support the continuity of the server from the game that is still in the early access stage until the time cannot be determined.