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Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Finally, after the full moon, our waiting time has paid off. Maybe it’s more pointed out to Dota 2 fans who have been waiting for a long time “when will Rubick be released?”. Valve has just released the latest update for Dota 2 which contains Rubick’s arcana and an event in game to welcome the Christmas holiday titled Frosthaven: A Fortivus Story. That’s right, finally Valve returned to present an in-game event which of course there will be prizes that you can get.

When seen in plain view, this Rubick looks normal, only a colored robe that can make Rubick drift throughout the game plus the effects of particles that look like squares adorn around it. But what’s interesting is that Valve presents features of the effects that match the mainstay skills of Rubick itself, namely the Steal Spell that can change the color of the robe, animation and interaction from Rubick itself. There are even 115 different effects from the skills stolen by Rubick.

While the Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story event in game will take place from December 19 to January 3. This exciting event will bring you to protect the Christmas tree from the onslaught of enemies that never run out. The heroes available in this mode are also limited, not all of your heroes can be used. To survive an enemy attack you can still buy items like playing Dota 2 as usual. And finally you can collect points to get a prize after the game ends. Oh yeah, if you are lucky you can get the courier Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

It seems that Valve began to understand the feeling of being missed by the Dota 2 players at that time. Yes, as we know, when Dota 2 has just been released and lasts for some time it always presents limited events, such as Diretide, Frostivus, New Bloom, Dark Moon, Nemesis Assassin and several other interesting events that were initially abandoned. And now they finally answer the feeling of longing for all of you.