Best Assasin Hero In Mobile Legends

Best Assasin Hero In Mobile Legends

In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! there are many hero roles that can be used, ranging from marksman, tanks, assassins, support, and mage. Of all the roles, the role that is always used in each match is assassin.

Assassin is indeed a hero that is very crucial in killing an opponent’s hero. Usually assassin heroes will be equipped with skills with great damage that is useful for killing opponents quickly. Unfortunately, the assassin also has a weakness, the small and limited number of HP. Here is the best assassin hero in Mobile Legends that you must use to achieve Mythic rank.

The first hero is Lancelot. This hero is a very terrible hero, both in attack and rescue techniques. This hero is often banned when playing in ranked mode.

The second hero is Hayabusa. This hero is similar to Lancelot. His ability to kill opponents is really terrible. Hayabusa is a very effective hero when facing 1 on 1 with enemies. Unfortunately, Hayabusa is often banned in ranked mode.

The third hero is Saber. Although this hero has a low price and has been an assassin since the first season, his ability to counter other heroes is extremely effective. In addition, he is able to kill mage or marksman type heroes with just one skill, namely Triple Swipe.

The fourth hero is Natalia. This hero is very skilled at ganking and also destroys the tower. The ability to disappear is also very effective to give a surprise attack to your opponent. Not to mention the silent effect given when hitting in an incredible state will certainly be a real threat to the opponent’s hero.