5 Battle Royale Games You Download For Free On PC

5 Battle Royale Games You Download For Free On PC

Among gamers around the world today, one of the booming game genres is a battle royale theme game. Seeing the hype of games with genres like this in the world market, many game developers participated in enlivening the Indonesian gaming market.

Here we attach a list of the names of battle royale theme games that you can download for free via the PC platform.

1. Unturned

This game gives the players the freedom to explore every corner of the area, such as buildings, housing to small houses and find enemies to kill. The display offered is a bit similar to Minecraft games.

2. 5 Minutes to Kill

This game uses a rather strange perspective. Usually, the game will use a first or third person perspective, but it is different for this one because this game is viewed from the top side. This game is quite exciting because we can explore many places to the corners.

3. Prison Royale

This game has a look and gameplay that is almost similar to Unturned. Here the point of view that will be used by the player is the first point of view. So we will be more adaptable to this game. If we kill an opponent, we can also take the equipment in the opponent we killed.

4. Last Man Standing

In this game, the world is made similar to the real world. Weapons that can be used around firearms in the real world. Places that can be explored are also very broad and will get smaller as the game progresses.

5. Fortnite

This game is certainly very familiar in the ears of game lovers with the battle royale genre. This game uses the Unreal Engine and is available for the PS4, Xbox One, IOS and Windows platforms.