Hello Neighbor Guide For Going Inside The House

Hello Neighbor Guide For Going Inside The House

Already know about Hello Neighbor game right ? This game is easy to understand, you just need to go inside your neighbor house and reveal the dark secret of them.

This game is stealth game from Dynamic Pixels. Your mission is to sneak and reveal the dark secret of your neighbor. Sounds easy right ? But no ! This game adapt AI system. This system will learn about your attitute, strategy and your gaming style. So the more you play this game, the more smart your enemy is.

After learning your habbits on the game, your enemy will sets a bunch of trap everywhere. The one make it fun is the trap will be different each time you go sneak to your neighbor house.

For sneak into your neighbor house, there is one simple way to do, it’s called Ding Dong Ditch. You know right, the childreen who like to ring the bell house and then run and hide ? You will do the same thing like that. You must ring your neighbor bell and then run to hide. Do it multiple times so the door will be unlocked and you can senak easily.

Sometimes this way will trigger the other neighbor to see arounds. It’s your chance to go inside your enemy house and reveal the truth !