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Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online, the Latest Game From Gravity Corp

Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online, the Latest Game From Gravity Corp

Since mobile game has become one of the things that deserves to be calculated, many games called Ragnarok appear on mobile platforms, ranging from Ragnarok Clicker, Idle Poring, to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This time the collaboration between Gravity and Auer Media & Entertainment presents the latest mobile game entitled ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online’ has been released.

‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’, is a mobile game with the genre of Third-Person Action RPG which combines the Dawn Break game with Ragnarok Online, making its first launch in Korea on January 29, 2019.

In this game, there are many elements of the Ragnarok Online game, such as the Stage, Boss Monster, and graphics that are reminiscent of the nuances of the city of Prontera in Ragnarok Online. In addition, the 2D character Ragnarok Online will be transformed into a proportional 3D figure for the first time and it will provide a new experience for Ragnarok fans.

Players can play the characters ‘Archer’ and ‘White Smith’ to fight monsters like Baphomet, and have the opportunity to get Angeling Funny Pet from a special challenge event called ‘Poring Island’. This collaboration was formed in order to establish business cooperation between the two companies and to develop into a global market share. Dawn Break has increased the quality of the game on an ongoing basis based on suggestions from its players, and seeks to adapt the uniqueness and characteristics of the world of Ragnarok.

Gravity also revealed plans for the future will present other job-based characters such as ‘Stalker’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Crusader’ through updated content and based on suggestions from players ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’.

Auer Media & Entertainment also stated officially, “I am also a Ragnarok Online player and it’s very fun collaborating with popular games like Ragnarok. Starting with the launch in Korea, I hope all players around the world can also have the opportunity to enjoy the Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration game. “