New Features In FIFA 2019, Dare To Play ?

New Features In FIFA 2019, Dare To Play ?

Holiday season for football player in any league will be end soon. Its mean we just need to wait the release date of the new FIFA game. In this article, we want to introduce you about new feature u can find in FIFA 2019.

First,  you can customize in kick off mode. Kick off mode its the basic mode that u can find in any fottball games, like FIFA, Winning Eleven or PES. But this time, u can make it more fun, because you can adjust the gameplay whatever you want, like the goal will counted if the goal itself made from volley kick.

You can also change the game rule, like the fastest player to score two goal will win automatically. When choosing this mode, u also can make a fouls not counted, Its more fun right ?

The next one is Timed Finishing. Finishing is the moment when a football player made a score in match. In FIFA game, to make your character do this action, u should press the square button ( like when you want to shoot a ball ) after scoring.

EA Sports do this thing so u can play more realistic, near to real football. Usually, football player will do a celebration move when made a score for his team.

The third is Click to Flick. This feature can make your football player flick the ball to avoid enemy player. To do this action, u can click your second analog. When pressing the second analog, your player will do this trick to avoid every enemy whom want to steal your ball.

With this feature, player can make the magista player like Neyman and Messi to perform the same act like in the real football. Cool right ?

So will you play this game with your friends after seeing this cool features ? If you ask us, we will say YES ! Don’t forget to try Battle Royale mode in FIFA 2019, happy gaming !