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Jin Kaien - The Stronger Martial Art Fighter In Silver Land

Jin Kaien – The Stronger Martial Art Fighter In Silver Land

Jin is a child who lives in Silver Land (plain Silver). This kid whose full name is Jin Kaien is 17 years old. He is very fond of martial arts and a beautiful woman named Amy. Jin is a fighter who basically attacks using his hands and feet. Jin is a student trained by the General of Silver Land (plain Silver). He was trained because the General saw his diligence while practicing martial arts. Jin did not refuse because he himself really wanted to join the Silver Knight army.

Jin himself trained to avenge Thanatos, because Thanatos had separated the Xenia continent with Silver Land. Basically the two continents are one. For a long time the genie trained, he could get new strengths and different jobs.

The first job is a Fighter. With boxing and kick attacks, he can create wide range attacks. By combining speed and destructive attack. He also has a burning bar so that the skills he releases have a larger damage.

Second job, Champion. This job requires Jin to use a weapon named Tonfa. With this job, Jin can provide attacks quickly and can dodge easily.

Third Job, Asura. Asura himself uses weapons in the form of long sticks. With this stick, Jin can rely on his speed in controlling a stick. This stick has a fairly extensive attack power.

Last job, Emperor. This job uses a weapon called Vajra, a small stick weapon like a baton. But with this weapon, making Jin more effective in carrying out attacks while avoiding attacks from enemy enemies.