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Rising Force Online Battle Of Three Nations

Rising Force Online Battle Of Three Nations

Old gamers are certainly know about the Rising Force Online game right? This game is included in the type of MMORPG game. This game is popular back in time. Rising Force Online is a battle-themed game that is open world.

In playing the online Rising Force game, you will find three different nations. The nation has its own abilities and strengths, let’s see what nations are in the Rising Force Online game.

The first nation is the Accretia nation. This nation is a nation of robots. Of the three nations, the Accretia nation has the greatest destructive power. The specialization of the Accretia nation is the Job Launcher. This one job carries weapons in the form of a large launcher that has a large amount of damage. This nation is also described as a destroyer nation.

The second nation is Bellato. Bellato Nation is a nation of midget humans. Although small, but the technological developments at Bellato are very advanced. Their special ability is the creation of MAU. MAU is a large robot that can be used to help fight. MAU has a large cellphone and has a large attack power.

The third nation is Cora. This one nation is very good at magic. Besides magic, Cora can summon 3 gods of war, first is Paimon who is a god of defense, second is Hecate who becomes a goddess who can stop the opponent’s movements, and the third is the goddess of war, ISIS. Goddess of war can only be summoned by wizards who have high levels.