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Slark - Dark Reef Monster Who Good At Stealing Agility

Slark – Dark Reef Monster Who Good At Stealing Agility

Slark is an agility type hero and is a horrible melee hero. As a carry, Slark is also very effective when ganking.

Slark has the ability to remove debuffs that are on him. With the ability of Dark Pact, Slark will exchange a number of his HP for an attack that has great magic damage. When this skill is activated, all existing debuffs on Slark will also disappear.

Slark also has a skill called Pounce. When used, Slark will jump and give a bonding effect to the affected target. When the target is hit by this skill, besides being unable to move, they will also receive a number of magic damage. This skill is very suitable combined with Dark Pact.

Slark is very good in 1 on 1 combat, this is due to the Essence Shift ability that he has. Each Slark hits an opponent, he will steal 3 opponent’s agility and make the agility his. So the more often Slark hits, the greater the agility he has.

Slark is also a hero who is able to kill his opponent in silence. With the Shadow Dance skill he had, Slark was able to hit the opponent while he was disappearing. Slark will be covered in black mist so that the opponent will not be able to hit him even with a gem of true sight. This skill also gives Slark a good regeneration ability when he is out of reach and vision of the opponent.