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Heroes Lore: Aldous The Maze Keeper

Heroes Lore: Aldous The Maze Keeper

Have you ever seen how strong Aldous in Mobile Legends game ? If you read the lore of Aldous, you will know his power is a curse from God ! He is a fighter type hero with a destructive power. He can even kill a mage, assasin and marksman hero in one hit ! Excited to know Aldous lore ? Check this out !

According to Mobile Legends story, there is a maze in the middle of dessert in Minoan Kingdom. Inside that maze, there is one item called Twilight Orb. Minoan race believe that Twilight Orb is a holy item with unbelieveable power. Because of this, for guarding this maze, Minoan race choose them best fighter to guarding that orb.

Minoan race power come from that orb. That’s why they trying to guarding that orb. But one day, all villager become greedy. One by one, Minoan guard leaving the maze. But there is one person who keep guarding that maze, his name is Aldous.

One day, God became angry with Minoan race and punish them with light and darkness power. But Aldous survived that punishment. His body turning into black and his right hand became so powerfull. And now Aldous become a most powerfull fighter in Land of Dawn.