Best Item From MVP Boss In Ragnarok Online

Best Item From MVP Boss In Ragnarok Online

What’s interesting about the Ragnarok Online game is to beat MVP or Boss. So we can party with our friends and together defeat the MVP or boss. If the MVP has been defeated, we will definitely flock to retrieve the item dropped by the MVP so that we can get a good item from that MVP. Now here are the top class Items and Equip that are very useful that can be obtained when defeating the MVP in Ragnarok Online.

MVP Card

Of course the MVP card is very important and we really hope if you want to beat the MVP. MVP cards are very very useful if the MVP drops the card.  The price is also very expensive.

Staff of Destruction

Staff of Destruction is a weapon specifically for job wizards. This staff of Destruction can be obtained when we defeat Beelzebub. To defeat it also requires adequate time and party.

Ice Pick

We can get Ice Pick when we fight Lord of the Death MVP, RSX 0806, and Assassin Cross Eremes. Ice Pick is also a top class weapon commonly used by Assassins. MVPs can drop 2 types of Ice Picks that are not Slotted Ice Pick and Ice Pick slot 1.