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AWP Weapon On PUBG Mobile

AWP Weapon On PUBG Mobile

In addition to the assault rifle and also the submachine gun or SMG, there are still other weapons that can be used in PUBG games, these weapons are AWP. If the assault rifle is suitable for killing opponents from long and medium distances and SMG is suitable for slaughtering opponents at close range, then the AWP is the most powerful weapon for killing opponents remotely with one shot.

There are two types of AWP that can be used in this game where the first AWP is a bolt action type (AWP that has to cock every time it fires) and also a semi-auto that can fire bullets continuously until the bullet runs out. Unfortunately, the AWP in PUBG is different from AWP in FPS games in general. Usually, AWP in other games is equipped with a scope while in PUBG we still need to find a scope to use this weapon.

The best AWP available at PUBG Mobile is AWM. This weapon cannot be found in an ordinary map and can only be obtained through drop water. This type of AWP has a different bullet, the .300 bullet. This bullet can only be obtained through drop water. Usually, when the water drop contains AWM, this scope and bullet will also be attached in it.

AWM has a shot speed of up to 910 which is the fastest projectile speed in PUBG games. AWM has 135 damage which means it will kill your opponent with one shot. For the most effective shot distance is from 100 to 1000.