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RIOT Will Giving Buff To Sylas In League of Legends

RIOT Will Giving Buff To Sylas In League of Legends

The latest Champions League of Legends released by RIOT last January received special attention from the developer. As a new champions, Sylas feels that it doesn’t get a place in the summoners rift.

It is true that Sylas has unlimited potential with an ultimate that can steal the ultimate champions. With a short cooldown in lategame, Sylas can steal and use two ultimate enemies in close proximity when teamfight.

Although Sylas is also used in competitive League of Legends matches, the frequency of use is still very small and has a low win rate. The main problem faced by Sylas is that the ultimate is useless when facing certain champions. As the toplane champions, Sylas will be useless when facing Jayce and Fiora. They both have the ultimate who are interconnected with their own ability skills.

Besides champions such as Elise, Nidalee, Karma and Heimerdinger also won’t help Sylas in battle if his ultimate strategy is stolen. This is a great homework for the developer about how to make Sylas more flexible.

League of Legends developers are busy making Sylas the same as the new champions League of Legends, which is usually the top pick and top win while still fresh in the summoners rift. In the future we will likely see Sylas getting a buff from RIOT. Making a broken champions is not impossible, of course.