Research: Nintendo Game Players are Smarter than Non-Gamers

Research: Nintendo Game Players are Smarter than Non-Gamers

Nintendo has become one of the most important companies in the history of the gaming industry. Not only has it succeeded in reviving the relevance of gaming after a video game crash in 1983, but this Japanese company has given hundreds of legendary games that are memories of many gamers today.

Through one of the studies conducted by the Max Planck Institute, not only providing entertainment, Nintendo games are considered to have a positive effect on brain development and the nature of the players.

Reporting from Business Insider, this study concluded that when playing Nintendo games can increase gray matter (gray matter) in the part of the brain that functions important in passive orientation, memory formation, strategic thinking and motor skills.

The researchers in this study allowed several adults to play Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day in a period of 2 months. The results obtained were that the more happy the player felt from the playing session, the more gray matter formed in the right hippocampus, the prefrontal cortex and some parts of the cerebellum or cerebellum.

Here are some conclusions drawn from the research:

Research concludes that if those who play games have higher gray matter than non-gray matter, gray matter is important for memory formation and strategic thinking.
Children who play video games (in this research tested with Nintendo games) show better social behavior
Research has concluded that some parts of the brain are trained through playing video games (in this research proved through Nintendo games)