Nvidia Announces RTX 2060 with RTX 2080 for Laptops

Nvidia Announces RTX 2060 with RTX 2080 for Laptops

Nvidia made a big announcement ahead of CES 2019. In addition to releasing RTX 2060 with G-Sync support for FreeSync monitors, Nvidia also announced that the GeForce RTX line will be used on laptops in some of the biggest OEMs, local OEMs and some system builders.

“The world’s top OEMs use Turing to deliver next generation console performance to the slim and slim laptops that gamers can carry anywhere. Hundreds of millions of people around the world – one full generation – grew up in games. “I can’t wait for them to experience the wave of this new laptop,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA in his official press release.

Gaming laptops that will use the RTX 2060 to RTX 2080 themselves will be available starting January 29 and some new laptops will also use the N-vidia’s Max-Q design.

Still at the press conference on the eve of CES 2019, Nvidia announced that the RTX 2060, will be priced at $ 350 and is said to be faster than the last generation 1070 Ti. RTX 2060 itself is expected to be available on January 15.

“RTX 2060 is 60% faster than the previous generation, the GTX 1060, the most popular NVIDIA GPU, and beats the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti gameplay. With Turing RT Cores and Tensor Cores it can run Battlefield V with ray tracing at 60 fps, “in an official Nvidia press release.

Nvidia said availability, configuration and price will vary by region depending on the sales partner.