Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

1. Kagura

Kagura the Onmyouji Master is one of the big damage mage heroes but has a high level of difficulty playing. But if you are good at using it, then the enemy will be difficult to defeat you.

Because Kagura has skills that can all provide damage and status to the enemy, moreover if he is paired with a magic geared item, the tank hero will be overwhelmed by it!

Remember that Kagura is the core of a combination of hero mages here, he will fill the mid lane position and as quickly as possible to quickly level up to dominate the map.

2. Alice

This is the old mage hero who is now getting stronger after getting the revamp from Moonton. Currently Alice is one of the many mage hero Mobile Legends that can be used under any circumstances.

You can use Alice as a Crowd Control hero or it can be a damage dealer who has the most painful magic damage area after Kagura and Odette.

In this Hero Legacy Mobile Legends combination, Alice can you position in the lower lane with one or two other mage heroes. In this hero combination, you have to make Alice fast full item and level up.