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All You Need To Know About Tidehunter

All You Need To Know About Tidehunter

In the previous version of DOTA, Tidehunter was called “Leviathan”. He is a melee hero with STR attribute. Usually, Tidehunter played as a offline, but sometimes he can be a support too. As a offline, Tidehunter have a good skill for harassing and defending. In the early game, Tidehunter can reduce any damage taken with his second skill.

His first skill is Gush. With this skill, Tidehunter will summon a gush of water and hit the enemy. Any enemy unit hitted by this skill will got reduce armor by 7 and take slow effect ( -40% movement speed ). With Aghanim Scepter, this skill become an AOE skill.

His second skill is Kraken Shell. Tidehunter will block some amount of damage taken with his shell. This skill will block till 48 poin of damage taken. FYI, this skill does not work against Plague Ward ( Venomancer ), Mass Serpent Ward ( Shadow Shaman ) and Death Ward ( Witch Doctor ).

His third skill is Anchor Smash. With this skill, Tidehunter will hit any enemy stand around him. Any enemy hitted by Anchor Smash will take a debuff -40% attack damage reduction reduction. This skill is physical, so Black King Bar, Repel and Rage can’t block this skill.

His ultimate skill is Ravage. Tidehunter will stamp the ground and call the Kraken to hit enemy in very large AOE, causing stuns. This skill is very effective for initiating clash with teammates.