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Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Finally, the Super Robot Wars series will come with the Super Robot Wars classic style on Smartphones (Android and iOS), namely Super Robot Wars DD.

Didn’t there already be Super Robot Wars X-Omega for Android and iOS? Indeed yes, but it has a different playing style with the classic Super Robot Wars series.

In the video trailer, we have been presented with a play style scene that looks like a classic, that is utilizing strategy and also with very, very classic animation.

Like other series, if there is a new Super Robot Wars game then there will be the latest anime series too, and who debuted in the Super Robot Wars DD game?

We have come to the Valvrave The Liberator series, which has aired and finished its anime since 2013. It really took a long time until finally its first debut with the emergence of the Valvrave I Hito unit in the Super Robot Wars game.

The next series is Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans with a well-known Mobile Suit unit, Gundam Barbatos.

The IBO Gundam series is also said to require quite a long time, because the series has been airing since 2015. So this game will be a good game for you who like Gundam so much !