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Resident Evil Typewriting Keyboard, The Price Is Unbelievable !

Resident Evil Typewriting Keyboard, The Price Is Unbelievable !

Capcom will release remake version of Resident Evil  next year. Before release, Capcom also release the typewriter machine keyboard. This bundling is premium edition, about the keyboard, it’s Bluetooth keybord with premium material.

For Resident Evil Series fans, this Bluetooth keyboard can be a good item for collect. Resident Evil 2 Remake version is the most focused remake version from Capcom. They use a new engine for making a better world in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Lets back about the keyboard. This item is an collectible item, so there is a limited number of this item in the market. It’s mean you need to grab is as fast as possible, if no, other people will take it first and then you will got nothing.

The Lexington Typewriter keyboard its not so close to the real one, but always came with cool classic style and you can find a Lexington logo in the top of the machine.

But don’t be shocked, this typewriter cost 90.000 yen ! Its around 800 USD ! You can buy if sparately form the game and it’s cost 600 USD, still expensive right ?

But if you want to have this kind of keyboard, you can buy the same thing from Querkytoys who cost more cheaper than the original one, just 200 USD for the replica.