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This Model Plans To Report LOL Developer Because Using Her Face

This Model Plans To Report LOL Developer Because Using Her Face

A few days ago, League of Legends just released a new cinematic trailer for the 9th season of the game. The 3-minute 28-second musical trailer indeed featured many champions from League of Legends starting from Jhin, Sion, to Akali who could boom because they appeared in the K / DA video clip a few months ago. However, one that turned out to be a problem was the emergence of Irelia who was indeed one of the champions who got a large portion of the cinematic. Because it turned out that Irelia’s form that was displayed realistically was accused of stealing the face of one model.

You can certainly see from the main picture above, or see it directly through the video above that it turns out that the model character from Irelia does have a resemblance to the face of a Kazakhstan model named Aya Shalkar. The 22-year-old model even made a post on Instagram that showed a picture side by side between Irelia in the trailer with her. She herself did this as a confirmation that she did not have any relationship with Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends game.

Previously she was flooded with fans who sent him screenshots or pictures and questioned whether she was indeed a model for the character. And she also felt that the character had used his face model without permission. It was reported that the model would also plan to submit a claim to Riot Games on the basis of “Maintaining its identity in certain cases, especially for things that happened without his consent”.

She also asked for support from his fans to fight this matter with Riot Games and League of Legends. Aya’s post was flooded with comments from netizens who showed their pros and cons. What do you think of yourself? Is this included in plagiarism?