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Days Gone: Beautiness In Death !

Days Gone: Beautiness In Death !

Days Gone is a game title that is indeed counted “unique” for an exclusive Playstation 4 game. Because it is different from other products that have super high hype with consistent talk about anticipation, it feels like a title that is easily drowned and quiet.

Had been delayed several times for reasons that were quite straightforward at the time, Days Gone failed to look special. Slowly but surely, all the new trailers released to the market indicate an action game with a formula that is so ordinary, with the only “savior” element likely to be on the side of the story. The preview media that we had explored in February 2019 ago also implied the same impression. However, in the end, we ended up being shocked.

Those of you who have read our preview article before seemed to have an idea of ​​what Days Gone has to offer. That is different from the E3 2018 demo and Media Preview that we learned about, the studio – Sony Bend managed to solve some complicated problems – especially in terms of unsatisfactory use of firearms.

By presenting a better impact system that triggers the reaction of enemies hit by fire, freakers or ordinary humans, Days Gone ends offering a better playing experience. Indeed, there are still some technical problems that we will discuss later, but combined with music, stories and awesome visual presentations, it’s hard not to fall in love with them.

So, what is actually offered by Days Gone? Why do we call it a game that offers a contrast of beauty and death? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

So, what kind of challenges should Oileh Deacon go through? What is the real fate of Sarah? Can Deacon save Boozer? What secret mission is actually being carried out by NERO who keeps on going back and forth? Of course you have to play this Days Gone to get answers to these mysteries.