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AMD Launch Ryzen Processor In Computex 2019

AMD Launch Ryzen Processor In Computex 2019

This year’s Computex 2019 event seems to be a spotlight for AMD, moreover AMD is the opening keynote of the show. Opened directly by the CEO Dr. Lisa Su immediately stole the attention of journalists by introducing their latest Ryzen processors and GPU RX which have been eagerly awaited by PC enthusiast fans around the world to heat up the battle of processors and GPUs.

For the processor itself, AMD finally showed off Ryzen based on Zen 2 architecture. And as previously shown, this Ryzen processor will be the first processor to use 7nm architecture and 14nm I / O die chips. Ready to fight Intel’s Coffe Lake, AMD also introduces 2 Ryzen 3 processor models which are divided into 2 classes namely “7” and “9”.

Ryzen 7 3700X is an entry level processor, taking the price of $ 329 or around 4.7 million Rupiah. This processor is of course directly targeting the Intel Core i7 processor i7-9700K which is marketed at $ 385 or around 5.5 million Rupiah. their benchmark for Intel processors, especially for matters of price and performance. Call it the Ryzen 7 3700X processor that is directly compared to the Intel Core i7-9700K where in addition to cheaper prices, AMD also exhibits that their Ryzen 7 3700 X processor is superior to 1.3 x rather than the Core i7 in the Cinebench R20 rendering tool a ray-traced. AMD also claims that in single-threaded performance they can excel 28% faster than Intel.

In the enthusiast market there is a Ryzen 7 3800X which has a spec similar to its sister but with a performance that has been driven so it can produce higher performance than 3700 X. AMD also claims that when these processors are tagged with their latest GPU, the AMD Navi Radeon RX 5700 they can overtake the performance of the Intel Core i9-9900K which was tagged with Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti by 69% in 3D Mark’s PCIe testing. In testing that was shown AMD was able to get 25 frames per second compared to Intel + Nvidia which only got 14 frames per second.