Niantic Will Not Allow Devices That Are Rooted to Play Pokemon Go

Niantic Will Not Allow Devices That Are Rooted to Play Pokemon Go

Niantic has just reported that there are special requirements for playing Pokemon Go. Niantic will block access to playing Pokemon Go for devices that have passed the rooting process. As we know, many irresponsible parties try to break into Pokemon Go’s security system by way of root where they will later use cheats to facilitate the game.

If we become a game developer, of course, we don’t want the game that we develop into hackers, right? Nobody likes cheater except the perpetrator himself. This is what Niantic wants to suppress.

To suppress the number of cheaters who sneaked into Pokemon Go, Niantic finally decided to block all access to the cell phone that had been rooted. Actually, root has many useful functions, but there are also many people who use it in the wrong way which ultimately harms others.

By using a custom ROM, users can install illegal features that can modify the course of the Pokemon Go game system. This is what Niantic wants to eliminate. Because the presence of cheater, excitement in playing games will certainly be reduced.

For some other game developers, some have used Luckypatcher, which is an application to detect fraud in the system or not, but for Niantic, they prefer to use this kind of extreme method.

So for those of you who still want to play, don’t try to root your smartphone!