My Time at Portia Review - Not Perfect, but Still Good

My Time at Portia Review – Not Perfect, but Still Good

“Modern version of Harvest Moon”. An impression that we had carved in one article title that reported about the game’s My Time at Portia from the Early Access period. Seeing the existence of this game as if to remind us again with the charm of the game that had been so legendary in the days of PS1 console greatness, it is quite natural that daydreaming about Harvest Moon always seems to ring in the minds of gamers.

However, does My Time at Portia actually deserve to be called a new hope for Harvest Moon lovers around the world, considering that there are still Stardew Valley who are still solid and consistent in giving a nostalgic aroma even if only 2D graphics?

You could say, this is a question that is quite “tricky” to respond to. Although on the one hand My Time at Portia has a visual appearance that is really potential to be called the true successor of Harvest Moon, this game as a whole has a certain focus that impresses more ambitiously for the size of life sim themed games.

There are some things that sometimes are not enough or even exceed the limits if we juxtapose the existence of My Time at Portia with the phenomenal Harvest Moon series. Everything depends on how our point of view is to receive all the offerings that have been shown by this game. What kind of ambition does Pathea Games and Team 17 want to be as developers in releasing My Time at Portia? Try you see the review that I have reviewed below.