Know More About Stamina In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Know More About Stamina In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Combat Time or what we call Stamina is a system introduced in the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love game as a balancing system due to the impact of a mobile game. And also the balancing from the auto system of this game. Combat Time can be seen in the Game Settings section.

Normal stamina / battle time obtained for each character every day is 300 Minutes. and will be reset every 05:00 WIB (SEA server). If stamina exceeds the limit, the EXP and Drop Rate obtained will drop dramatically. If stamina does not run out in that day, the remaining stamina will be accumulated to stamina the next day.

Example: Use stamina 200/300 (remaining 100 minutes), then the limit for tomorrow is 0/400 (300 + 100 minutes remaining). The maximum stamina that can be stored is 900 minutes.

The following details about stamina are explained in the game:

Stamina decreases only when fighting with monsters (including being attacked).
If stamina exceeds the predetermined limit, the drop rate and experience obtained will decrease.
In one day the stamina obtained is 300 minutes and can be accumulated to 900 minutes.

PVP is not affected by stamina, including Miniboss and MVP.
When in a party with friends, Stamina will also be reduced if one party’s friends do battle.

The Music Box in South Prontera Field (also in the guild hall) is a feature that can increase stamina by 60 minutes (max) in one day.

Insert a song CD that you can from drop monsters or buy it directly into the Music Box. During the song you will get a stamina bonus of 1 minute of stamina every time you listen to a song for 1 minute.

Stamina gained from listening to music will be used first if stamina still does not exceed the limit. Conversely, if the stamina has exceeded the limit, the EXP and Drop rate will be normal for 60 minutes.