Funny Game On Android Which Can Be Download For Free

Funny Game On Android Which Can Be Download For Free

Mobile games have become the main choice in modern times like today. Besides being easy to play, we also only need a smartphone to enjoy the fun in playing games, unlike in the past, which requires us to have a game console first if you want to play games. Here are recommendations for funny games that you can download for free on your smartphone, what games are they?

1. Dumb Way To Die

This game was actually created to promote driving safety. This game even had the chance to viral on social media because of its excitement and humor. Our main mission is to save the cute creature from death, the way it is by completing the action puzzle that has been prepared. If you fail, then the cute creature will die.

2. Goats Simulator

Playing as a goat does look boring. But thanks to the bugs and glitches in this game it has become a special attraction for gamers. Because with there is glitch, the shape of the goat can look weird and funny.

3. Toilet Time

This game is similar to Dumb Way To Die, the difference is that the games you play are things that are usually in the bathroom or toilet, such as killing cockroaches, washing hands, looking for empty toilets and so on.

4. Troll Quest Game

This game is a puzzle-themed game. To solve the given puzzle, you must think beyond ordinary reasoning or the cool terms think outside the box. This game is able to bring laughter to anyone who plays it.