Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Wiro Sableng Skill Guide In AOV

Finally, Arena of Valor Indonesia released new hero called Wiro Sableng. This new hero can be obtained for free. Sounds good ! Not only that, Wiro Sableng also have a overpowered skills ! Wiro Sableng is a tank plus fighter type, so he can bursting damage while taking damage from enemy.

Excited with this new hero ? Let’s discuss more about his skills. Check this out !

His passive skill named Sacred 212. This passive will give advantage to player who using this hero. When Wiro Sableng die in battle, he will reincarnate and back to life again. But when being revived, Wiro Sableng will change to meditate state.

In this mode, Wiro Sableng can’t move or using skills. His magic and physic defense will goin down for 25%. When meditate, there’s a 212 mark under his body. If teammates going to that sign, they will gain 10% recovery HP. This state will be gone after 4,5 second.

His first skill is 212 Axe. Wiro Sableng will spin around with his might Naga Geni 212 axe. Enemy who stand near him will taken pshycal damage. After using this skill, Wiro Sableng also get attack range and attack power for his three next attack.

His second skill is Tornado Fist. With this skill, Wiro Sableng will launch an energy from his hand. Enemy who hitted by this skill will be knock back. If enemy knockback and hit the wall, they will take more damage.

And the last skill is Sunray Fist. Wiro Sableng will gaining power from sun and make in to a large energy ball. The more time you take for releasing this skill, the output damage will be more powerfull.

Apex Legends Officially Announced Their First Battle Pass

Apex Legends Officially Announced Their First Battle Pass

Having been rumored to be released this month and not released on 12 March, Respawn Entertainment finally revealed what content is available in Apex Legends’s first battle pass season. Including a new legends named Octane.

Their Twitter account and official website revealed that the Apex Legends battle pass will be released tonight at 00:00 pasific time (tomorrow more precisely). Just like other battle passes, it will contain cosmetic items for Octane legends that you can get at level 48. You can buy Octane using Apex Coin and in-game currency.

The Battle Pass itself will be priced at 950 Apex Coin and 2,800 Apex Coin for bundles that have been open 25 levels. You who don’t buy it will also get a free gift in the form of 5 loot boxes, 18 stats tracker, and Octane skin just by playing the first season.

Despite not having any information about Octane on the website, the PlayStation Blog says that Octane is a runner who has lost his leg. His Adrenaline Junkie ability was able to exchange HP at speed, he would also have Stim to help regenerate his cellphone. Launch Pad as its ultimate will be able to launch you along King’s Canyon very quickly with your teammates. Dare to play ?

AWP Weapon On PUBG Mobile

AWP Weapon On PUBG Mobile

In addition to the assault rifle and also the submachine gun or SMG, there are still other weapons that can be used in PUBG games, these weapons are AWP. If the assault rifle is suitable for killing opponents from long and medium distances and SMG is suitable for slaughtering opponents at close range, then the AWP is the most powerful weapon for killing opponents remotely with one shot.

There are two types of AWP that can be used in this game where the first AWP is a bolt action type (AWP that has to cock every time it fires) and also a semi-auto that can fire bullets continuously until the bullet runs out. Unfortunately, the AWP in PUBG is different from AWP in FPS games in general. Usually, AWP in other games is equipped with a scope while in PUBG we still need to find a scope to use this weapon.

Hasil gambar untuk AWM

The best AWP available at PUBG Mobile is AWM. This weapon cannot be found in an ordinary map and can only be obtained through drop water. This type of AWP has a different bullet, the .300 bullet. This bullet can only be obtained through drop water. Usually, when the water drop contains AWM, this scope and bullet will also be attached in it.

AWM has a shot speed of up to 910 which is the fastest projectile speed in PUBG games. AWM has 135 damage which means it will kill your opponent with one shot. For the most effective shot distance is from 100 to 1000.

New Hero On AoV Which Have Skill Similiar To Luffy

New Hero On AoV Which Have Skill Similiar To Luffy

Of course you are already familiar with the One Piecebukan Manga or Anime? the story of the journey of a child from East Blue named Luffy who dreams of becoming a pirate king with his crew named Strawhat Pirates.

Well recently AOV or Arena of Valor in the Vietnam Test server officially released a new hero with abilities similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu brott. The ability of this cute AOV hero is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen with a sucking mechanism wind through the mouth before inflating the stomach with the wind.

Pippi / Driver is the temporary name of this funny hero because it has not been officially released on any server recently tested on the server, with the appearance of a big monster when entering Pippi / Driver elastic mode can freely use full ability. We can see from the symbol above where it is clear Pippi is the type of support, maybe support / tank.

This cute hero’s most annoying skill is at once a skill that is very similar to Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Fuusen ability, how not? Pippi was able to issue a similar ability to suck all those in front by holding the duration of skill straw as much as possible, even you nosy Challangers must be very much waiting for the arrival of this Troll-able hero, because it seems that this hero will be able to compete with Grakk the fishing man AOV in this century.

Lineage Revolution 2: Welcome To Yokai Valley !

Lineage Revolution 2: Welcome To Yokai Valley !

Lineage 2 Revolution as one of the popular games made by Netmarble recently received the latest update. The update presents a new area called the mysterious Yokai Valley on the Netmarble MMORPG. Yokai Valley is a new concept that displays unique stories, Event Fields, 3 Event Dungeons, 16 types of Monsters, Costumes, and various other Events.

There will be 3 new dungeons that have been added, namely Grave Defense Battle, Twin Tengu Battle and of course the Kyuubi Battle. The three dungeons require cooperation between the players to defeat the three bosses of each dungeon. In addition, to add features and excitement to the game in Yokai Valley, the three dungeons will each have different concepts and regulations.

In addition, along with the update, there will be 16 types of Japanese-style Monster Yokai present in the game. Updates will be equipped with Monster Core, Costume, and of course a new Artifact to celebrate the update. The cool thing is, to celebrate the new update, Netmarble will send various prizes in games and hold an event in game that is no less interesting. The prize sent in the form of a +30 enhancement coupon that allows players to be able to upgrade their equipment directly to +30 without fail.

The cool thing is, there will be a 7-day login event that will award a special prize that can be used to make / craft Rare, UR Equipment. Plus, when joining the Erica Ken Weber Festa event, players will receive 250 red diamond every day for 2 weeks. How cool isn’t it? immediately download Lineage 2 Revolution on Google play store so you can join the event!

Plant Vs Zombie Board Game ?

Plant Vs Zombie Board Game ?

Plant Versus Zombie is a strategy casual game which is very liked by all people. Anyone know about this game, but the question is what if Plant Versus Zombie made into a board game ? Is that possible ?

There’s one channel on Youtube named Little Puffin, he’s a fan of Plant Versus Zombie, it turns out he made a board game called Plants vs Zombies.

It’s different with the real game on console or PC. The concept is same, you must shoot every zombie who want to eat your brain, but you are not planting your army, but you directly shoot them with a card board gun ! Sound interesting right ? It’s like playing Shoot Em Up game in arcade machine.

Zombie will coming to you and you must stop them before they reach your safeline. If they reached the safeline, then you will be lose and you need to start new game again. Its very relaxing and fun to play. So, if you want to know how to make a Plant Versus Zombie board game, check this video !

You can watch and learn step by step to build that machine, cheap and easy to make. You can spend your time with friend or with your kid to play this board game.

Lets Talk About Slardar !

Lets Talk About Slardar !

Slardar in melee STR hero in Dota 2. Slardar have a low cooldown spells and have high pshycal damage. Knock down enemy is piece of cake for Slardar. This hero also good at ganking because he have AoE stun skills and have high movement speed. Chasing down or run from enemy is Slardar speciality. Player usually focusing on Blink Dagger for first item because with this item, Slardar can easily gank the enemy heroes.

For chasing the enemy, Slardar with activated his first skill, Guardian Sprint. With this skill, Slardar will slithers ahead and moving significantly faster. When upgrade to level 4, Sladar will gain 700 movement speed when walking in the river. This skill so good for rotation because Slardar will easily move from point A to point B.

Hasil gambar untuk Slardar

His second skill is Slithereen Crush. Becarefull with this skill ! Even u have BKB, you will still stunned by this skill. The damage is pshycal, so even you have an magic resist item, you will still get the maximum damage of this skill.

Slardar have a passive skill anmed Bash of the Deep. In every attack, Slardar have a chance to stun enemy. Like his second skill, this skill damage is physical.

For optimizing his second and third skill, Slardar have a skill named Corrosive Haze. When using it to enemy, the enemy hero will gain reduce armor and Slardar will have a vision of his target. So even enemy using invisible skill, they will still visible to Slardar.

Claude : Steal Is The Art Of Fighting

Claude : Steal Is The Art Of Fighting

Claude is the newest hero in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Claude is a marksman hero who very good at killing enemy unit. His ultimate skill also devastating ! In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, he is a Thief King who want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous.

This new hero can get many attention from players. He have an unique skill and can burst down enemy in a blink !

In Land of Dawn, Claude called a king of thief. His skill on stealing item is great. In his lore, Claude want to steal Twilight Orb form Aldous. Twilight Orb is an item which have a great power to control the world.

For Claude, stealing is art, art of fighting. He said stealing is not a crime but a beautifull art. He also tell the victims when he want to steal, cool right ?

There is no item can’t be stolen by him. No matter how strict the guard is. He also can steal that item. But when he want to steal Twilight Orb, Bruno knew it and trying to stop him. Bruno can stop him and bring him to Antoinerei Prison.

But Dr. Rooney made a special machine to him, time machine. With this machine, Claude will try to steal the Twilight Orb once again.

RIOT Will Giving Buff To Sylas In League of Legends

RIOT Will Giving Buff To Sylas In League of Legends

The latest Champions League of Legends released by RIOT last January received special attention from the developer. As a new champions, Sylas feels that it doesn’t get a place in the summoners rift.

It is true that Sylas has unlimited potential with an ultimate that can steal the ultimate champions. With a short cooldown in lategame, Sylas can steal and use two ultimate enemies in close proximity when teamfight.

Although Sylas is also used in competitive League of Legends matches, the frequency of use is still very small and has a low win rate. The main problem faced by Sylas is that the ultimate is useless when facing certain champions. As the toplane champions, Sylas will be useless when facing Jayce and Fiora. They both have the ultimate who are interconnected with their own ability skills.

Besides champions such as Elise, Nidalee, Karma and Heimerdinger also won’t help Sylas in battle if his ultimate strategy is stolen. This is a great homework for the developer about how to make Sylas more flexible.

League of Legends developers are busy making Sylas the same as the new champions League of Legends, which is usually the top pick and top win while still fresh in the summoners rift. In the future we will likely see Sylas getting a buff from RIOT. Making a broken champions is not impossible, of course.

Nine Dots Studio Release Trailer for Battle Mechanism of Outward

Nine Dots Studio Release Trailer for Battle Mechanism of Outward

You who are foreign to the title of this game, Outward is an open world game that presents elements of RPG games that are quite different between RPG games in general, especially in battle elements.

Nine Dots Studio and Deep Silver recently returned the trailer for the battle mechanism in Outward. Where players are encouraged to do preparation and careful planning rather than attack the enemy directly.

One thing that is quite interesting is the use of magic abilities in this game, which do not just release, for example, fireballs with a number of sacrifices, but players need to do a kind of ritual steps that are also combined with alchemical features.

The developer of course also promises the presence of online multiplayer, local co-op even in split screens, so you and your friends can do interesting combinations to finish off the enemies that are blocking you when adventuring.

Outward is scheduled to be released on March 26 2019 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. You who are interested in seeing the details of this game further can immediately check on the Steam page.

Best Item From MVP Boss In Ragnarok Online

Best Item From MVP Boss In Ragnarok Online

What’s interesting about the Ragnarok Online game is to beat MVP or Boss. So we can party with our friends and together defeat the MVP or boss. If the MVP has been defeated, we will definitely flock to retrieve the item dropped by the MVP so that we can get a good item from that MVP. Now here are the top class Items and Equip that are very useful that can be obtained when defeating the MVP in Ragnarok Online.

MVP Card

Of course the MVP card is very important and we really hope if you want to beat the MVP. MVP cards are very very useful if the MVP drops the card.  The price is also very expensive.

Gambar terkait

Staff of Destruction

Staff of Destruction is a weapon specifically for job wizards. This staff of Destruction can be obtained when we defeat Beelzebub. To defeat it also requires adequate time and party.

Ice Pick

We can get Ice Pick when we fight Lord of the Death MVP, RSX 0806, and Assassin Cross Eremes. Ice Pick is also a top class weapon commonly used by Assassins. MVPs can drop 2 types of Ice Picks that are not Slotted Ice Pick and Ice Pick slot 1.

To The Moon Remake Will Available For Switch Next Year ?

To The Moon Remake Will Available For Switch Next Year ?

Eight years ago, an adventure game that focused on stories, To The Moon was released on PC. It didn’t take long to make it famous among his fans. The game that was created using RPG Maker is also aimed at Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android thanks to how easy it is to get ported.

Unfortunately, the game that tells two doctors to grant the patient’s last request has not moved to the current console. Luckily, it looks like the developers of Freebird Games and X.D. The network will immediately grant it.

Although soon the engine that is used To To Moon, the RPG Maker MV will be released in the console, but porting from the PC and mobile versions cannot be as easy as thought. Therefore X.D. Network recreates the game so that it can be released on the Nintendo Switch using the Unity Engine.

Like what you can watch yourself through the teaser above, X.D. Network does it very well without changing many of the main elements of the game. The thing that makes it different is certainly from the visual side which is now sharper with better and more charming color saturation.

To The Moon can be played on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. He will also be released on the Nintendo Switch this summer. You can follow the news about it through their official website.

Perfect World Mobile Release Date Leaked !

Perfect World Mobile Release Date Leaked !

In connection with one of the Online PC games which is quite popular for Millennials namely Perfect World. Tencent as a well-known Mobile game developer last year announced that it was developing the classic MMORPG game for its Mobile version. It was announced for the first time in April last year through ChinaJoy 2018, finally this Perfect World game received the release date precisely on March 6, 2019.

In connection with the release date, the Perfect World Game is conducting a pre-registration period for players. Players can use WeChat accounts or QQ accounts to do so. In addition, new players can also get a reward pack of 400,000, and can get more rewards such as lucky chest and so on just by inviting your friends to play the game. With each Invite player the opportunity to open the chest 3 times.

Perfect world is an MMORPG game with a broad customization system. Players are free to create their creation characters from top to bottom. There are 4 playable characters that you can choose from the Human Wizard, Barbarian Untamed, Male Winged Archer Elves, and finally the Female Winged Cleric Elves. But what is unique is not the customary freedom and Character with the unique Job, but the “Next Generation Aerial Combat” feature that will be embedded in Perfect World, where the feature allows players to fight in the air with the weapons and abilities they have.

Well, pretty interesting right? Players can pre-register for Perfect World Mobile on the Official Website. The game will be available on March 6, 2019 in the next few months!

New Features In FIFA 2019, Dare To Play ?

New Features In FIFA 2019, Dare To Play ?

Holiday season for football player in any league will be end soon. Its mean we just need to wait the release date of the new FIFA game. In this article, we want to introduce you about new feature u can find in FIFA 2019.

First,  you can customize in kick off mode. Kick off mode its the basic mode that u can find in any fottball games, like FIFA, Winning Eleven or PES. But this time, u can make it more fun, because you can adjust the gameplay whatever you want, like the goal will counted if the goal itself made from volley kick.

You can also change the game rule, like the fastest player to score two goal will win automatically. When choosing this mode, u also can make a fouls not counted, Its more fun right ?

The next one is Timed Finishing. Finishing is the moment when a football player made a score in match. In FIFA game, to make your character do this action, u should press the square button ( like when you want to shoot a ball ) after scoring.

EA Sports do this thing so u can play more realistic, near to real football. Usually, football player will do a celebration move when made a score for his team.

The third is Click to Flick. This feature can make your football player flick the ball to avoid enemy player. To do this action, u can click your second analog. When pressing the second analog, your player will do this trick to avoid every enemy whom want to steal your ball.

With this feature, player can make the magista player like Neyman and Messi to perform the same act like in the real football. Cool right ?

So will you play this game with your friends after seeing this cool features ? If you ask us, we will say YES ! Don’t forget to try Battle Royale mode in FIFA 2019, happy gaming !

Resident Evil 5: Stronger Enemy, Stronger Zombie, And New Gameplay

Resident Evil 5: Stronger Enemy, Stronger Zombie, And New Gameplay

Well this time I will share a few snippets from the Resident Evil 5 series which again attracts many gamers, guys. This time it’s not the brother Leon’s story that we discussed this time about Chris Redfield’s and Sheva Alamar.

Previously a little introduction Chris was a BSAA who was an expert in conquering zombie viruses such as rich special ops teams but in the field of viruses. From Resident Evil 1 we have been introduced by Chris Redfield’s character. He has a sister named Claire Redfield but we don’t talk about her now.

For now Resident Evil 5 makes a new gameplay feature that is using a partner system where 2 players can play in 1 story. There is also an online system for playing with other players. The partner this time with Chris is Sheva. He is also a BSAA but has just entered the BSAA program or what we usually call a newbie.

Didn’t know that Chris had first visited a village and met Sheva for the first time. In a village it turned out that the plague Las Lasagas found in Resident Evil 4 was also affected. This virus makes a living creature stronger than usual. Well from there the adventure of Chris and Sheva began to conquer the enemies affected by the outbreak.

New Game From Bandai Namco, Doraemon: Nobita No. Bokujou Monogatari

New Game From Bandai Namco, Doraemon: Nobita No. Bokujou Monogatari

Who is here who doesn’t know the game called Harvest Moon? Wow, you all know, yeah. The Harvest Moon game was first released in the form of a Super Nintendo console, but most of us know this game from PS 1. This legendary and iconic game tells about a person who lives in the countryside and has to do activities in the countryside such as planting, fishing and more .

But Bandai Namco, Marvelous, and Brownies agreed to collaborate with the worldwide animated title, Doraemon. They collaborated between Harvest Moon and Doraemon. Interesting enough. So we will play games like Harvest Moon but use characters from Doraemon, namely Nobita. In the game, we can also meet other character characters from the Doraemon series such as Giant, Suneo, Shizuka and Doraemon themselves.

Uniquely, Nobita will plow fields and care for sheep and cattle with the help of Doraemon’s magic tool. A very iconic magic tool, where do you go will be presented in this game so you can move quickly.

This collaboration gives the title of this game with ‘Doraemon: Nobita No. Bokujou Monogatari ‘. and reportedly this game will be released in 2019 in Japan. For in Indonesia alone, there is no news when released for this game. The plan for this game will be released for the Nintendo Switch, and there is still no news whether it will be released for other platforms as well. So impatient.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: Harvest Moon In Pixel Art Style Game

Stardew Valley is a game developed by ConcernedApe from America. This game has a rural theme and we have to live in the countryside, such as farming, chatting with our neighbors, to fishing. Stardew Valley at first told the main character that we made to work in an office and he felt bored with his job.

Then his grandfather gave inheritance in the form of land in a village, and started life in the countryside. This game is almost the same as Harvest Moon. But the difference is that we can edit characters as we like. Starting from the hairstyle, hair color, eye color, dress model, color of clothes. We can also use accessories on our characters, such as farm hats, boots and more.

Just like Harvest Moon, this game has weather. Can be rainy or hot. In this game, we can also have livestock such as cows, chickens, horses and others. Fishing features are also provided here, of course sea fishing. Not only in the sea, we can also fish in the pool provided in the game. We can also make or craft farming tools, fishing and others. By fulfilling the raw material needed to make the tool.

Stardew Valley supports in several game platforms like Steam, Android, Xbox, PS4 and Switch. Of course this game is paid to play it, but it’s not too expensive.

Jin Kaien - The Stronger Martial Art Fighter In Silver Land

Jin Kaien – The Stronger Martial Art Fighter In Silver Land

Jin is a child who lives in Silver Land (plain Silver). This kid whose full name is Jin Kaien is 17 years old. He is very fond of martial arts and a beautiful woman named Amy. Jin is a fighter who basically attacks using his hands and feet. Jin is a student trained by the General of Silver Land (plain Silver). He was trained because the General saw his diligence while practicing martial arts. Jin did not refuse because he himself really wanted to join the Silver Knight army.

Jin himself trained to avenge Thanatos, because Thanatos had separated the Xenia continent with Silver Land. Basically the two continents are one. For a long time the genie trained, he could get new strengths and different jobs.

The first job is a Fighter. With boxing and kick attacks, he can create wide range attacks. By combining speed and destructive attack. He also has a burning bar so that the skills he releases have a larger damage.

Second job, Champion. This job requires Jin to use a weapon named Tonfa. With this job, Jin can provide attacks quickly and can dodge easily.

Third Job, Asura. Asura himself uses weapons in the form of long sticks. With this stick, Jin can rely on his speed in controlling a stick. This stick has a fairly extensive attack power.

Last job, Emperor. This job uses a weapon called Vajra, a small stick weapon like a baton. But with this weapon, making Jin more effective in carrying out attacks while avoiding attacks from enemy enemies.

Rising Force Online Battle Of Three Nations

Rising Force Online Battle Of Three Nations

Old gamers are certainly know about the Rising Force Online game right? This game is included in the type of MMORPG game. This game is popular back in time. Rising Force Online is a battle-themed game that is open world.

In playing the online Rising Force game, you will find three different nations. The nation has its own abilities and strengths, let’s see what nations are in the Rising Force Online game.

The first nation is the Accretia nation. This nation is a nation of robots. Of the three nations, the Accretia nation has the greatest destructive power. The specialization of the Accretia nation is the Job Launcher. This one job carries weapons in the form of a large launcher that has a large amount of damage. This nation is also described as a destroyer nation.

The second nation is Bellato. Bellato Nation is a nation of midget humans. Although small, but the technological developments at Bellato are very advanced. Their special ability is the creation of MAU. MAU is a large robot that can be used to help fight. MAU has a large cellphone and has a large attack power.

The third nation is Cora. This one nation is very good at magic. Besides magic, Cora can summon 3 gods of war, first is Paimon who is a god of defense, second is Hecate who becomes a goddess who can stop the opponent’s movements, and the third is the goddess of war, ISIS. Goddess of war can only be summoned by wizards who have high levels.

Cyberpunk 2077 Certainly Not Release at Epic Games Store

Cyberpunk 2077 Certainly Not Release at Epic Games Store

The existence of Epic Games Store seems to have created a sense of trauma that is not only felt by fellow competitors from the providers of digital PC games. Many gamers also seem to be quite worried when they see their favorite games crossing unilaterally or exclusively on a platform that is specifically owned by the Fortnite creator.

After feeling heavy in your eyes when watching Metro Exodus and the PC version of The Division 2 you will not find it on the Steam platform which is still a matter of pride for the majority of PC gamers around the world, many of whom may have carried out sweeping activities to interrogate or convincing PC game developers who have not contracted the virus of exclusivity across social media so as not to market the game arbitrarily on one platform.

One of the major game developers who have just been interrogated is CD Projekt Red. Where as we know, the Polish developer is still busy preparing to finish the work on the newest open RPG game entitled Cyberpunk 2077. So far, there is still no clarity regarding which PC digital distribution distribution platform will target the Red Project CD if the game is super cool was released in time?

Reporting from Cyberpunk 2077 official Twitter account, there is a fan who openly asked CD Projekt Red not to release Cyberpunk 2077 exclusively at Epic Games Store. CD Projekt also replicated and confirmed the invitation of a Twitter netizen named @ wannaplay95 if they had absolutely no interest in being able to market their newest game there.

However, you should know that this is not 100% at all indicating that Steam will be the main destination for Cyberpunk 2077, considering that CD Projekt Red also has their own digital game sales platform such as GOG. So that the worst possibility of the exclusive release of Cyberpunk 2077 there is very little.

Underrated Item In PUBG Mobile Which Can Be A Deadly Weapon

Underrated Item In PUBG Mobile Which Can Be A Deadly Weapon

If you are PUBG Mobile gamer and hard to get Chicken Dinner when playing, maybe you are a looting type person. Your focus only to get a good looting item. This is bad, seriously. In PUBG Mobile, there is underrated equipment which can be really deadly, this item can easily found in map. If you want to know, you can read the article below.

First is UMP9. Maybe some of player don’t want to pick this weapon. But you must know, this gun is really devastating, specially in close combat battle ! UMP9 have a insane shooting speed. If you fight enemy with this weapon in close combat battle, you will knocked down easily like poker online.

The second one is P1911. This weapon is handgun type weapon. But handgun can be a good secondary weapon when your ammo is out. P1911 can be used as revolver. This weapon have a good accuracy, so if you have mastered this weapon, you can kill enemy with only 3 hit.

The next one is SKS. Some player don’t like this weapon because SKS only have 10 ammo per charge. It’s mean you need to shot carefully, if no, you will out of ammo and enemy will knock you down. But this weapon is semi AWP weapon, so this weapon can be a deadly weapon if you fight in mid range combat.

Axiom Verge Can't Be Play Cause Missing Steam.xnb

Axiom Verge Can’t Be Play Cause Missing Steam.xnb

To attract the attention of PC gamers who have been spoiled by Steam, one way Epic Games does it on its new store is to provide free games every 2 weeks. On this occasion, the indie metroidvania game titled Axiom Verge is a free game. The game made by Tom Happ in his 5-year time frame was released in 2015 on Steam. If you are a lover of this genre, of course you don’t want to miss out on free promos this time.

Although it has been released for a long time, the Epic Games Store version that was just released was faced with a small problem. The game will suddenly crash towards the desktop because of one missing file. The file turns out to be a file called “Steam.xnb”. Looking at the name, it might have occurred to me that it was a DRM file from Steam, but it turned out to be just a sound file for the steam engine in the game.

The developer issues a response to this small problem and explains what happened. Seeing before this game was released on Steam, he decided to discard all Steam-related files for the Epic Games Store version. Unexpectedly one of the files he deleted was a sound file that had nothing to do with DRM from Valve’s platform but happened to have the name “Steam”. Fortunately this problem has been fixed quickly by developers and games can now be played in the EGS version.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this trivial problem, it is always to check again what you just “CTRL + F”.

Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online, the Latest Game From Gravity Corp

Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online, the Latest Game From Gravity Corp

Since mobile game has become one of the things that deserves to be calculated, many games called Ragnarok appear on mobile platforms, ranging from Ragnarok Clicker, Idle Poring, to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This time the collaboration between Gravity and Auer Media & Entertainment presents the latest mobile game entitled ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online’ has been released.

‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’, is a mobile game with the genre of Third-Person Action RPG which combines the Dawn Break game with Ragnarok Online, making its first launch in Korea on January 29, 2019.

In this game, there are many elements of the Ragnarok Online game, such as the Stage, Boss Monster, and graphics that are reminiscent of the nuances of the city of Prontera in Ragnarok Online. In addition, the 2D character Ragnarok Online will be transformed into a proportional 3D figure for the first time and it will provide a new experience for Ragnarok fans.

Players can play the characters ‘Archer’ and ‘White Smith’ to fight monsters like Baphomet, and have the opportunity to get Angeling Funny Pet from a special challenge event called ‘Poring Island’. This collaboration was formed in order to establish business cooperation between the two companies and to develop into a global market share. Dawn Break has increased the quality of the game on an ongoing basis based on suggestions from its players, and seeks to adapt the uniqueness and characteristics of the world of Ragnarok.

Gravity also revealed plans for the future will present other job-based characters such as ‘Stalker’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Crusader’ through updated content and based on suggestions from players ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’.

Auer Media & Entertainment also stated officially, “I am also a Ragnarok Online player and it’s very fun collaborating with popular games like Ragnarok. Starting with the launch in Korea, I hope all players around the world can also have the opportunity to enjoy the Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration game. “

Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Omen: No Tales of this Battle Ever Arose !

Garena Indonesia announced their new hero on Arena of Valor, Omen. If you want to buy him, you need to know about his dark lore in AoV. His nickname is Omen the insatiable. He is a killing machine and born form darkest valley in Demon Abyss.

His home is cold as ice and without any soul. Even demon don’t want to live near him, why ? Because Omen just want to kill, not only his enemies, but all near him will be killed by his demon sword !

Even strong, Omen rarely join the battle because he just want to kill. All he want is the joy of killing people. He’s like a uncontrolable cannon in a ship !

lore omen aov

You know, even Maloch, the King of Lokheim afraid of him ! Maloch knew that Omen s the realization killing will of Lokheim. At last, Maloch hide him in the darkest valley and became forgotten till Arduin army invading Maloch kingdom.

Know will lose, Maloch decided to release Omen. After a hundred years, Omen awaken and bring death to all Arduin army. He killed all Arduin army only by himself !

After killing Arduin army, Omen satisfied and feel peace inside of his heart. The story about Omen spreading around the world, now he is travelling the world to find a powerful fighter who can fight against him.

Valve Hold New Bloom Event in Dota 2

Valve Hold New Bloom Event in Dota 2

After the winter season, Valve presented a Christmas event complete with snow and Christmas trees on Dota 2. Now welcoming the Chinese New Year Valve is also back with its flagship annual event, New Bloom.

The mechanism for the New Bloom event this year is not much different from the Frosthaven event. So during the period starting from 1-11 February, every time you win a match, you will get points to complete the progress of the New Bloom event. Especially for Normal match and Turbo, you will get 200 points if you win Normal matches while 100 if you win Turbo match. For the first time you win every day you will get a bonus point of 1250 points.

From the points that have been collected, it can be used to exchange prizes starting from chat wheel sound, celebration features like the one at Frosthaven, until the most interesting prize is Nian Courier.

If the celebrity feature event is throwing snowballs, Christmas tree summon to making snow puppets, in the New Bloom event you will find things like the Chinese New Year, such as throwing pigs shaped like balloons and flying, golden lion summon, changing ordinary trees become a peach tree to throw firecrackers. Of course to use this celebration feature there are limits, if you run out you can’t use the feature again. Oh yeah, it is still not known whether Valve will again present an event against Beast like the previous New Bloom.

The PC Version of Fortnite Players Experience "Freeze" when load The Game After a New Update

The PC Version of Fortnite Players Experience “Freeze” when load The Game After a New Update

Sometimes the presence of updates / patches in a game does not make it even better, instead there are various problems. This is what is happening now in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Especially for the PC version of Fortnite, the players actually feel freeze when loading the screen. According to the post Sean Hamilton as the Epic Games Community Coordinator said in a thread of Fortnite’s subreddit that this problem caused Fortnite players on PC to experience freeze during loading screens.

Hamilton also said Epic Games was working to find a solution and would provide further information if the issue of freeze had been resolved through its social media accounts.

Not only that, some Fortnite players on the console have experienced the issue of freeze since the presence of version 7.30. It seems that this new patch actually raises some problems with the game.

A few hours before patch 7.30 was implemented this weekend, the Epic Games server even went down. Some problems arose, such as a problematic login for up to three hours before Epic Games finally announced that the server had returned online.

Since Hamilton’s post on Reddit appeared, until when this article was written there was still no information on whether the problem was resolved.

In the game world both online and offline, there are many game developers who are releasing games. You need to note that not all game developers provide games that match expectations, but there are also those who succeed in fulfilling it all. Want to know the best game developer in the world? The first best game developer is Valve. Who didn't know Valve? Almost all PC gamer must know this developer. One of their most popular products is Counter Strike. Since the previous version up to the latest version, CS.GO, all the series are very popular with game players in the world. Even with the advent of Steam, their progress in the gaming world is skyrocketed. For the second game developer named Rockstar Games. Their most famous product is Grand Theft Auto or GTA. Since the first version until now, their game has always topped the best game charts. So naturally they are included in the list of the best game developers in the world. The third game developer named Square Enix. Actually, their names used to be Squaresoft, but they went bankrupt so they merged with Enix so their name became Square Enix. For their games, of course everyone knows, starting from Tom Raider, Final Fantasy and Automata is their best game. The fourth best developer is Ubisoft. Who doesn't know the Assassin's Creed game? Successful success, the sequel to this game has been published for several generations. Besides that their old school games like Prince of Persia and The Crew are also very popular with console gamers.

Best Game Developers In The World

In the game world both online and offline, there are many game developers who are releasing games. You need to note that not all game developers provide games that match expectations, but there are also those who succeed in fulfilling it all. Want to know the best game developer in the world?

The first best game developer is Valve. Who didn’t know Valve? Almost all PC gamer must know this developer. One of their most popular products is Counter Strike. Since the previous version up to the latest version, CS.GO, all the series are very popular with game players in the world. Even with the advent of Steam, their progress in the gaming world is skyrocketed.

For the second game developer named Rockstar Games. Their most famous product is Grand Theft Auto or GTA. Since the first version until now, their game has always topped the best game charts. So naturally they are included in the list of the best game developers in the world.

The third game developer named Square Enix. Actually, their names used to be Squaresoft, but they went bankrupt so they merged with Enix so their name became Square Enix. For their games, of course everyone knows, starting from Tom Raider, Final Fantasy and Automata is their best game.

The fourth best developer is Ubisoft. Who doesn’t know the Assassin’s Creed game? Successful success, the sequel to this game has been published for several generations. Besides that their old school games like Prince of Persia and The Crew are also very popular with console gamers.

This Model Plans To Report LOL Developer Because Using Her Face

This Model Plans To Report LOL Developer Because Using Her Face

A few days ago, League of Legends just released a new cinematic trailer for the 9th season of the game. The 3-minute 28-second musical trailer indeed featured many champions from League of Legends starting from Jhin, Sion, to Akali who could boom because they appeared in the K / DA video clip a few months ago. However, one that turned out to be a problem was the emergence of Irelia who was indeed one of the champions who got a large portion of the cinematic. Because it turned out that Irelia’s form that was displayed realistically was accused of stealing the face of one model.

You can certainly see from the main picture above, or see it directly through the video above that it turns out that the model character from Irelia does have a resemblance to the face of a Kazakhstan model named Aya Shalkar. The 22-year-old model even made a post on Instagram that showed a picture side by side between Irelia in the trailer with her. She herself did this as a confirmation that she did not have any relationship with Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends game.

Previously she was flooded with fans who sent him screenshots or pictures and questioned whether she was indeed a model for the character. And she also felt that the character had used his face model without permission. It was reported that the model would also plan to submit a claim to Riot Games on the basis of “Maintaining its identity in certain cases, especially for things that happened without his consent”.

She also asked for support from his fans to fight this matter with Riot Games and League of Legends. Aya’s post was flooded with comments from netizens who showed their pros and cons. What do you think of yourself? Is this included in plagiarism?

My Time at Portia Review - Not Perfect, but Still Good

My Time at Portia Review – Not Perfect, but Still Good

“Modern version of Harvest Moon”. An impression that we had carved in one article title that reported about the game’s My Time at Portia from the Early Access period. Seeing the existence of this game as if to remind us again with the charm of the game that had been so legendary in the days of PS1 console greatness, it is quite natural that daydreaming about Harvest Moon always seems to ring in the minds of gamers.

However, does My Time at Portia actually deserve to be called a new hope for Harvest Moon lovers around the world, considering that there are still Stardew Valley who are still solid and consistent in giving a nostalgic aroma even if only 2D graphics?

You could say, this is a question that is quite “tricky” to respond to. Although on the one hand My Time at Portia has a visual appearance that is really potential to be called the true successor of Harvest Moon, this game as a whole has a certain focus that impresses more ambitiously for the size of life sim themed games.

There are some things that sometimes are not enough or even exceed the limits if we juxtapose the existence of My Time at Portia with the phenomenal Harvest Moon series. Everything depends on how our point of view is to receive all the offerings that have been shown by this game. What kind of ambition does Pathea Games and Team 17 want to be as developers in releasing My Time at Portia? Try you see the review that I have reviewed below.

Digimon ReArise Finally Released !

Digimon ReArise Finally Released !

Digimon series is very popular for anime fans around the world. There is so many version of Digimon, like Digimon 1 – 3, Digimon Tamers and many more. From many species of Digimon, Agumon is the iconic Digimon. Back in time, Bandai already released Digimon Links. In this game, every player can build a solid team with their Digimon. But there is one missing part of that version, it’s the main story. Digimon Links only server a bunch of fighting Digimon without any good story behind the battle. Sounds bored right ?

This year, Bandai Namco once again announcing a new version of Digimon game, Digimon ReArise. This game can be play on mobile and taking different direction with Digimon Links. For this version, Namco give a good story behind every scene in the game. With this story, Namco believed this game can be more fun to play. As we know, Digimon without story is suck and bored as hell.

In this game, Pusurimon become the main digimon. In the story, there is a mysterious character called Spiral. This thing causing a disaster on Digital World. Pasurimon came out with some mission, for example, he come to help his owner. Pasurimon itself can digivole to Erismon to save a main character. So will you play this game once it release ?

Research: Nintendo Game Players are Smarter than Non-Gamers

Research: Nintendo Game Players are Smarter than Non-Gamers

Nintendo has become one of the most important companies in the history of the gaming industry. Not only has it succeeded in reviving the relevance of gaming after a video game crash in 1983, but this Japanese company has given hundreds of legendary games that are memories of many gamers today.

Through one of the studies conducted by the Max Planck Institute, not only providing entertainment, Nintendo games are considered to have a positive effect on brain development and the nature of the players.

Reporting from Business Insider, this study concluded that when playing Nintendo games can increase gray matter (gray matter) in the part of the brain that functions important in passive orientation, memory formation, strategic thinking and motor skills.

The researchers in this study allowed several adults to play Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes a day in a period of 2 months. The results obtained were that the more happy the player felt from the playing session, the more gray matter formed in the right hippocampus, the prefrontal cortex and some parts of the cerebellum or cerebellum.

Here are some conclusions drawn from the research:

Research concludes that if those who play games have higher gray matter than non-gray matter, gray matter is important for memory formation and strategic thinking.
Children who play video games (in this research tested with Nintendo games) show better social behavior
Research has concluded that some parts of the brain are trained through playing video games (in this research proved through Nintendo games)

Sony Demanded 2 Million Euros by the Italian Antitrust Organization

Sony Demanded 2 Million Euros by the Italian Antitrust Organization

Many rules must be understood by business people in the world, one of which is in terms of marketing their products. Business people must understand that they must not “cheat” and not provide disinformation for customers or prospective customers. But it seems that the simple rules were ignored by Sony in marketing the PlayStation 4 according to the Italian Antitrust organization.

Wccftech reported, Antitrust said that Sony violated business rules in article 21 (clauses 1, B and D) and article 22 concerning consumer rules. They added that Sony did not provide information to subscribe to PlayStation Plus so that players could play online multiplayer features with the PlayStation 4 game they bought retail and online.

Antitrust believes that the practice of this business has occurred since the first PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013. They demanded a fine of two million Euros for Sony’s negligence and must be paid 30 days after the announcement.

Sony was given 90 days to correct its negligence and provide clear information that consumers must subscribe to PlayStation Plus in the PlayStation 4 box to access its multiplayer features. Failing to do so will impose a greater fine on the Japanese company up to 5 million Euros. If they fail repeatedly, Antitrust has the right to close Sony’s business for a maximum of 30 days.

Sony will be able to defend the Lazio Administrative Tribune for sixty days since the sanctions were announced.Sony Demanded 2 Million Euros by the Italian Antitrust Organization

All You Need To Know About Tidehunter

All You Need To Know About Tidehunter

In the previous version of DOTA, Tidehunter was called “Leviathan”. He is a melee hero with STR attribute. Usually, Tidehunter played as a offline, but sometimes he can be a support too. As a offline, Tidehunter have a good skill for harassing and defending. In the early game, Tidehunter can reduce any damage taken with his second skill.

His first skill is Gush. With this skill, Tidehunter will summon a gush of water and hit the enemy. Any enemy unit hitted by this skill will got reduce armor by 7 and take slow effect ( -40% movement speed ). With Aghanim Scepter, this skill become an AOE skill.

His second skill is Kraken Shell. Tidehunter will block some amount of damage taken with his shell. This skill will block till 48 poin of damage taken. FYI, this skill does not work against Plague Ward ( Venomancer ), Mass Serpent Ward ( Shadow Shaman ) and Death Ward ( Witch Doctor ).

His third skill is Anchor Smash. With this skill, Tidehunter will hit any enemy stand around him. Any enemy hitted by Anchor Smash will take a debuff -40% attack damage reduction reduction. This skill is physical, so Black King Bar, Repel and Rage can’t block this skill.

His ultimate skill is Ravage. Tidehunter will stamp the ground and call the Kraken to hit enemy in very large AOE, causing stuns. This skill is very effective for initiating clash with teammates.

Kirito And Asuna Will Join In Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void! Game

Kirito And Asuna Will Join In Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void! Game

It seems like your dream of seeing Kirito’s action from Sword Art Online Anime facing Shiba Tatsuya from the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime will soon be realized, the article is SEGA and 91Act who collaborate with Dengki Bunko.

The game that has the official Dengki Bunko title: Crossing Void will find characters from your favorite 25 light novels, including Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index and Toradora. The plan of this game will be released in Southeast Asian countries for IOS and Andorid platforms.

Previously this game itself opened an open-beta period in 2018. Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void itself is an RPG genre game that will present characters from Japanese publishers, Dengeki Bunko, so you will find characters like Kirito from Sword Art Online and Izaya Orihara from Durarara!

In battle system this game will use a turn-based system, where you will be accompanied by two of your other party members. Interestingly when you issue a special attack from the character you are using, it will trigger an interesting cutscene that will be supported by stunning effects. In addition, Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void will also have a PVP and story mode feature that allows you to meet Asuna and Shana in the same world.

Previously this game had been released for the PS3 platform in 2014 with the title Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax which is a fighting genre game. Of course, with the release of this game, it will be good news for you lovers of the anime adaptation game, because you will be presented with 25 light novels of character actions.

KuroKy Breaking Record In Competitive Career In Dota 2

KuroKy Breaking Record In Competitive Career In Dota 2

Behind Team Liquid’s victory over Team Alliance in the qualifying round of The Chongqing Major European zones turned out to hold their own story. One of Team Liquid’s players, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi managed to break his own record.

The player who is often called KuroKy is the first Dota 2 player to successfully play all heroes in Dota 2 at competitive events. He managed to play all 116 heroes for 8 years in a competitive career in Dota 2.

An achievement that is almost impossible to match with other professional Dota 2 players. Because all Dota 2 heroes have their own difficulties and uniqueness. Besides that gameplay some Dota 2 heroes are very difficult to use in competitive events.

Kuroky’s success was none other than because he could play all the roles in Dota 2. Early in his career in 2011 with Gamecom Kuroky was a Carry team. Then moved to a support position while playing on Mousesports, Natus Vincere, and Team Secret. His position in Team Liquid was actually Support, but often he exchanged positions with other players to fill the Core team position.

It was an extraordinary and unforgettable achievement by the 26-year-old German, of course. Kuroky is indeed a great Dota 2 player. Another achievement was that he successfully followed all of The International championships from 2011 to 2018 and won it at The International 2017 last year.

Nvidia Announces RTX 2060 with RTX 2080 for Laptops

Nvidia Announces RTX 2060 with RTX 2080 for Laptops

Nvidia made a big announcement ahead of CES 2019. In addition to releasing RTX 2060 with G-Sync support for FreeSync monitors, Nvidia also announced that the GeForce RTX line will be used on laptops in some of the biggest OEMs, local OEMs and some system builders.

“The world’s top OEMs use Turing to deliver next generation console performance to the slim and slim laptops that gamers can carry anywhere. Hundreds of millions of people around the world – one full generation – grew up in games. “I can’t wait for them to experience the wave of this new laptop,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA in his official press release.

Gaming laptops that will use the RTX 2060 to RTX 2080 themselves will be available starting January 29 and some new laptops will also use the N-vidia’s Max-Q design.

Still at the press conference on the eve of CES 2019, Nvidia announced that the RTX 2060, will be priced at $ 350 and is said to be faster than the last generation 1070 Ti. RTX 2060 itself is expected to be available on January 15.

“RTX 2060 is 60% faster than the previous generation, the GTX 1060, the most popular NVIDIA GPU, and beats the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti gameplay. With Turing RT Cores and Tensor Cores it can run Battlefield V with ray tracing at 60 fps, “in an official Nvidia press release.

Nvidia said availability, configuration and price will vary by region depending on the sales partner.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu And Eevee Finally Release

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Finally Release

Who is here looking forward to the release of the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee games, both of which were released on the Nintendo Switch?

Take it easy, because Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee were released yesterday when this article was written, or rather November 16, 2018.

You can get it in the form of a physical cartridge that is sold in the game shop or in the online shop, mostly along with a Poke Ball bundle and a Trainer hat.

In addition, there is also a digital version on Nintendo eShop to get the game.

These are two different games, typical of other Pokemon games, but what distinguishes Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee?

Of course the Pokemon Starter. In Pikachu’s version, you will get Pikachu, and in Eevee’s version, of course you get Eevee.

Some Pokemon are also used exclusively for certain games, for example?

Oddish, Growlithe, Sandshrew will only be in the Pikachu version, while Bellsprout, Vulpix, and Meowth only exist in the Eevee version.

The trade system or Pokemon exchange system is always there, and is one of the selling points of Pokemon games.

This series is taken from Pokemon Yellow or the first generation, it will be very nostalgic if you play it later.

Garena AOV Will Colaborate With Sword Art Online

Garena AOV Will Colaborate With Sword Art Online

What makes a scene? The crossover between SAO (Sword Art Online) and AOV that will collaborate this year is likely to be realized. The Garena AOV Taiwan official Facebook account some time ago on December 30, 2018 has released a post describing Alice carrying a sword similar to Kirito SAO’s Animen.

In this post, it implies that there will be an Event related to Kirito’s two swords, indeed there is no clarity as to what later this Event will be, but if we look based on previous AOV Events, maybe we will be given a daily Quest in the form of collecting Items or in the form of a box that can be opened and contains random gifts.

If we compare it to the sword carried by Alice, it seems that there is indeed a similarity between the two, the deep black sword and this blue sword were also brought by Kirito in the Anime footage above, and in our opinion this crossover project goes hand in hand after AOV officially released the server In Japan. So it is not a coincidence according to us, where we also know that Tencent is indeed very good at gaming market affairs.

Surprise after surprise was presented in 2019, After Aquaman managed to leak on the Internet some time ago did not make Tencent run out of ideas in an effort to make the Challangers happy with a series of Projects and Crossover. With the official release of SAO into the game Arena of Valor automatically adds a License to AOV. Where we also know that the effects of the License can increase many opportunities for the Developer itself, so it is not a loss if a Developer does a project that involves two parties to achieve a profit.

Atlus Official Announces Persona 5 R!

Atlus Official Announces Persona 5 R!

Presenting JRPG quality that is populated with a solid gameplay, the Persona franchise is proven to be one of the best JRPG franchises that has an enormous fanbase. In each series, Atlus as a developer and publisher is always able to present the best quality through various Persona series, including in the fifth series. This news will be a good news for Persona series fans, right ?

After floating as a mere rumor, now the good news has finally arrived, Persona 5, which was released 2 years ago, will now soon get the latest version. A while ago, Atlus had officially announced Persona 5 R by releasing a short teaser, the addition of the letter “R” would not be a mere frill. Persona 5 R is predicted to be a Persona 5 version that is more perfect with various improvements & new content, just like Persona 4, which was updated through Persona 4 Golden.

But Atlus itself still hasn’t announced any new content that will be presented in the Persona 5 R version. Atlus itself plans to provide information about Persona 5 R in the upcoming March 2019, is it possible that this one project will be released on a multiplatform basis? Just wait for this game and hopefully this game will be a good game.

Main Story In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Main Story In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

There are 3 main stories that act as a unifying pillar of the whole series of stories in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The first main story about Kassandra’s journey in destroying the Cult of Cosmos & reuniting her family, the story felt very epic & touching, we didn’t even hesitate to call it “one of the most interesting stories in the Assassin ‘Creed series.

Then there is the story of the search for his biological father which is also related to various inheritance of first civillization, the story feels quite interesting, but it doesn’t make sense for connoisseurs of other Assassin ‘Creed series other than the Odyssey. then the last story about modern day with Layla Hassan which feels very lacking and filled with a myriad of plot holes.

Actually the whole story of Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey looks less plausible when it is connected with other Assassin’ Creed stories. First because the choice matters feature can bring a butterfly effect, meaning that every decision you choose will affect the storyline, which in the end makes the Odyssey with the other Assassin ‘Creed series feel 100% relevant.

The second is because of the various hole plots that exist in modern day, we thought that initially the modern day of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey would continue the story of Layla Hassan who finally met William Miles – father of Desmond Miles, the main protagonist of the initial 5 series of Assassin ‘Creed. But in fact it wasn’t, Layla was told to undergo a new adventure in tracing the memory of the grandson of Leonidas, and finally modern day closed with a story that was very floating and without direction.

The third is the presence of mythological beings in the main story of Kassandra who seeks the truth about her biological father, this actually looks epic & interesting. But it doesn’t make sense to compare it to the other Assassin ‘Creed stories, unlike Assassin’ Creed Origins which presents battles with mythical beings through dreams, illusions, or alternative stories. Now mythological beings appear in the main story through this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, they come with artifacts like Apple of Eden.

The point is Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey will feel very epic if you do not care about various plot holes & some of the other shortcomings, but the Odyssey story will feel less “comfortable” for those of you who have followed the entire story of the Assassin’ Creed series.

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

Most Common Mistake When Using Tank Hero

The presence of a tanker in the MOBA genre game is very crucial, for example in the game Dota 2, Mobile Legends, or League Of Legends. A tanker is a figure who will stand at the forefront and act as an initia clash.

But many people do not understand this role and take wrong actions in playing tanker roles. Therefore you need to know what wrong actions are often carried out by beginner tankers.

The first is to push forward to the heart of the opponent’s defense regardless of the position of the teammates. Indeed, tankers are a difficult hero to kill, but if you advance without paying attention to the position of another friend hero, isn’t that the same as suicide? Before going forward and initiating, make sure the team mates are ready to make a backup first.

The second is too focused on chasing items without regard to the situation that is happening on the team. Sometimes a tanker can also make mistakes and focus on farming, it’s not wrong, but if the team’s condition is bad, give space or space for the hero carry for farming.

Third is the wrong build item. For example, if your opponent has strong magic skills, you actually buy physical defense items instead of magic, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the right items will support your team’s victory and will support the survival of a tanker when initiating.

BarierJR Joining New Team, Victim E-Sport !

BarierJR Joining New Team, Victim E-Sport !

Some time ago we were surprised by the news of the issuance of BarierJr from RRQ O2, the team that had raised its name since the beginning he plunged as a professional gamer. Had revealed a little leak or clue that there were six teams approaching him, now he has found a new home and BarierJr has joined Victim E-Sports.


Victim E-Sports is one of the esports teams that has many branches, not just Bang Bang Mobile Legends which will be our discussion this time. There are also PUBG, CS: GO, Dota 2 and PUBG Mobile. BarierJr, who previously mentioned that there was a large team like the Louvre, WaW, Bigetron and three other teams approaching him.


He prefers an esport organization that is fairly new, Victim E-Sports which skyrocketed its name through several victories at the PUBG Mobile event was able to attract attention from BarierJr.


Victim E-Sports’s Bang Bang Mobile Legends team is still green, besides not yet tasting the official tournament, the number or members of this team are still incomplete. The first three members who were successfully recruited by Victim E-Sports are, Aden “Xin” Gumilang who is an ex or former Capcorn player.


Then there is Alexander “AngeL” Vincent and Risky “BarierJr” Gunawan who is one of the top-notch all star players from Rex Regum Qeon O2. If you may speak a little, BarierJr’s career in RRQ O2 is fairly dim, after the tandem of his tank Marsha moved to rival team EVOS.


BarierJr must feel the bitter heat of the bench bench from the RRQ O2 team along with Lavitz. This is not without reason, because new substitute players who enter mainly Liam, it turns out they can play better than themselves.


Because it was a pity to leave back good talents like Barier Jr and also Lavitz, finally RRQ Mobile Legends division formed its second division Mobile Legends team. Named RRQ ZEN, the team that is expected to be able to compete with many other big teams turned out to be running as planned.


Until the end of RRQ ZEN was dissolved, causing BarierJr to find a new home if he wanted his Mobile Legends career to continue. Victim E-sports, which is now its new home, then how will he travel to the new team logo like assassin.

Oh yes, it turns out that the Barier does not himself come to Victim E-Sports, he came with his true partner, Momo-Chan, who became the team’s Brand Ambassador. Good luck yes to both!

Knights Chronicle Will Collaboration With Full Metal Alchemist

Knights Chronicle Will Collaboration With Full Metal Alchemist

There is good news for you Anime fans who play the Knight Chronicle game. Netmarble announces that there will be a collaboration between FullMetal Alchemist and one of its games, the Knight Chronicle. The presence of the collaboration character certainly adds to the appeal of the Knight Chronicle game for fans who like the anime.

In the game there will be 6 characters from Fullmetal Alchemist who were present at the Knight Chronicle, namely Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric who is the anime duo protagonist, Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist and his assistant Riza Hawkeye, the crown prince Ling Yao, and one Homonculus namely “Lust”. Cool again, all the characters are filled by the same voice as the animated series.

In addition to celebrating its collaboration with Fullmetal Alchemist, the Knight Chronicle will give you SSR Edward Elric just by checking in for 7 days during the event. In addition, players can also win Lust 4 star SSR prizes and Planetary Proxene which can be converted into 4-star Fulmetal Alchemist by completing Lust Advent Dungeon. Fullmetal Alchemist collaboration will begin on December 22, 2018 until January 11, 2019, and for those of you who have just played this game you can also get it so don’t miss it!

Island of Nyne Bankrupt, This Game Can Be Play For Free

Island of Nyne Bankrupt, This Game Can Be Play For Free

Define Human Studios seems to have felt the weight of the burden that they had to bear when they decided to want to jump into the world hype of Battle Royale. For the first time to showcase the example of the Battle Royale game that was Defined Human if it was more futuristic in June, apparently their game titled Island of Nyne: Battle Royale was not enough to attract many thirsty players for the genre that was trendy.

In an announcement they reported directly on SBOBET the Steam page, Define Human has reported that they have now officially stopped the Island of Nyne game development process because of insufficient funds. Instead, Define Human offers refund services both from the purchase of their base game and in-game item stores specifically for players who have carried out various transactions after 29 November.

However, the fate of the Island of Nyne game itself still will not be immediately sentenced to death, at least for the time being. Define Human did not forget to also confirm that the Battle Royal game is now free to play. However, it must be remembered that the developer will no longer promise the existence of new content and updates there except for the last update which contains the display “credits” for contributors and backers who are willing to accept this game.

How long can you play Island of Nyne for free? Define Human is still unable to provide certainty. However, now they at least still want as much as possible to try to support the continuity of the server from the game that is still in the early access stage until the time cannot be determined.

Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Rubick Arcana Finally Released !!!

Finally, after the full moon, our waiting time has paid off. Maybe it’s more pointed out to Dota 2 fans who have been waiting for a long time “when will Rubick be released?”. Valve has just released the latest update for Dota 2 which contains Rubick’s arcana and an event in game to welcome the Christmas holiday titled Frosthaven: A Fortivus Story. That’s right, finally Valve returned to present an in-game event which of course there will be prizes that you can get.

When seen in plain view, this Rubick looks normal, only a colored robe that can make Rubick drift throughout the game plus the effects of particles that look like squares adorn around it. But what’s interesting is that Valve presents features of the effects that match the mainstay skills of Rubick itself, namely the Steal Spell that can change the color of the robe, animation and interaction from Rubick itself. There are even 115 different effects from the skills stolen by Rubick.

While the Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story event in game will take place from December 19 to January 3. This exciting event will bring you to protect the Christmas tree from the onslaught of enemies that never run out. The heroes available in this mode are also limited, not all of your heroes can be used. To survive an enemy attack you can still buy items like playing Dota 2 as usual. And finally you can collect points to get a prize after the game ends. Oh yeah, if you are lucky you can get the courier Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

It seems that Valve began to understand the feeling of being missed by the Dota 2 players at that time. Yes, as we know, when Dota 2 has just been released and lasts for some time it always presents limited events, such as Diretide, Frostivus, New Bloom, Dark Moon, Nemesis Assassin and several other interesting events that were initially abandoned. And now they finally answer the feeling of longing for all of you.

Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

Best Way To Spend Gold In AOV Game

For those of you who are confused about how to manage Gold in the Arena of Valor game we will give you 3 tips related to the discussion. What purpose? actually this paper aims to help you especially (New Challangers) so as not to be confused when having to manage Gold in this game.

For us, it’s actually not too important as many Hero or Arcana are owned,  but knowledge Gameplay and Role in games determine the results in a match in the Arena of Valor game if you play Solo Q, different from playing Party where Team Work is the main weapon in every Match.

If it’s not too important, why is it still written by Bang? this way, besides Gameplay, our Role and Team Work feel Hero and Arcana are supporting factors, where 2 things can make it easier and help you get maximum results in playing Arena of Valor of course, so the above two things we should pay attention and should not catch up trivial also to get maximum results.

Before you play poker online game or other, don’t forget to buy Double Gold Items in the shop with Gem, because by using the Item you will get profits with gold income which later can make it easier for you to collect gold to buy Hero or Arcana.

What does the Hero Focus mean? this way, the point is that in this account you are only focusing on buying a hero according to Meta or Role that you have.

Suppose that you are a Jungler, then Gold in your account would be wiser to use your Gold to buy the heroes who are Meta especially those that can be used as role models like that. For example, if you are a jungler, then buy a jungle hero who is Meta on each patch, so you can play with maximum results and quickly get the highest rank in the Arena of Valor game.

Feel The Intense Battle At PlanetSide, 250 Vs 250 !

Feel The Intense Battle At PlanetSide, 250 Vs 250 !

If you know Battlefield with an epic battle of 64 people, then one of the competitors of similar games that can achieve that number is PlanetSide. The sequel, released in 2012, presents an epic planetary battle experience complete with RPG elements. Now, the developer is preparing a new game with the same settings but with a number of players that is four times more than Battlefield V.

Through its livestream, Daybreak Games announces a new game from PlanetSide, PlanetSide Arena. He will present a variety of modes, ranging from Battle Royale, Massive Clash, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Kill Count, Doubles, Search and Destroy, and Global Conquest. Two of these modes will be released first when the game launches: Massive Clash and Battle Royale.

Massive Clash will give you Battlefield-style sensations with more players, namely 250 vs 250. Daybreak Games says that they will try to make it more into 500 vs 500 in the future.

While Battle Royale mode will be the common mode you usually know in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the aim of surviving the latest but with a sense of PlanetSide. You can choose one of each available class, starting from Assault, Medic, or Engineer.

Both of these modes will field you on the map without any loot at all. You will be forced to search for weapons or terminals to buy your weapons in the map.

PlanetSide Arena also offers progress season like you know in today’s Battle Royale game. The game takes place several decades after the destruction of Auraxis at PlanetSide 2. Unfortunately, unlike the second series which is free, the game will be priced at 104-194 thousand rupiah on Steam.

The Easter Egg about the Game "Portal" Appears in Battle Royale CS: GO Mode?

The Easter Egg about the Game “Portal” Appears in Battle Royale CS: GO Mode?

Amid the threat of Epic Games which successfully established their own digital game store which reportedly will be far more populist than Steam, Valve actually responded to the action of the “epic” by inserting a new content in one of his favorite games while announcing that the game can now be played Free to Play. Yes, of course you all already know and feel how Valve would like to invite you all to launch a royale together in Danger Zone mode in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

With a map layout that is classified as very fresh for you to enjoy, apparently there are secrets that Valve wants to communicate to us all through his easter egg which is quite interesting. In one motel area with 4 rooms lined up, you will see each room actually has a numbering format as rooms 1, 2, and so on. As usual, Valve seems to be very conscious of the “number three” joke that the fans are accustomed to because of Valve’s absence in continuing the third series of their games.

You can see the number 3 board accidentally dropped on the floor, and the room is made as if it can’t be accessed because it has been blocked by wood. But this is not actually the message Valve wants to convey to us. Because that room number 3’s door can actually be accessed and entered.

By entering a door in room 3 which is in the room of the second room, you will find a table containing several computer monitors in it. Interestingly, if you are patient to wait for about 1 or 2 minutes, a female voice will appear which gives a kind of confusing alphabet and number code.

The voice of the woman who delivered the secret code was also accompanied by a musical tone that really made you wonder. Fortunately, gamers on Reddit have immediately succeeded in solving the intent of the mysterious code.

Through a fairly complex encryption process, the following codes apparently read “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS “. For those of you who really know about Valve’s actions in releasing their old games, you are certainly quite familiar with the meaning of the sentence fragments. As for those of you who don’t know, this sentence is a fragment of the song lyrics from the ending of the first portal game titled “Still Alive”.

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Bad Comment After Valve Decide To Make CSGO Free To Play

Valve’s decision made Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) free-to-play games welcomed by some people as something positive, because those who have never had the game can play it at all. Unfortunately, it looks like the game’s veteran player doesn’t agree with that.

Until this article was written, CSGO had received more than 13,000 negative reviews after the Danger Zone update and the game payment changes from paid to free.

The main problem that made them do a negative review is the Prime status, which forced them to enter their phone number to do matchmaking with the player with the same status. They are also worried about the presence of new cheaters who are increasingly flooding the game.

Not only that, some reported that the game was damaged after the update at Intel Graphics. Not a few also consider that the loyalty rewards provided by Valve are lacking, and there are still many who want to do the game refund. Meanwhile, some people do not like the Danger Zone and are disappointed Valve is following the trend of battle royals just like other developers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive can now be played on a PC for free without a penny. But keep in mind, you will only meet players free than paid

Denuvo Protection Just Cause 4 Breaked After Release

Denuvo Protection Just Cause 4 Breaked After Release

Denuvo has acted as an anti-pirate solution for 3 years and its ability to protect games is undoubted. But there are always times when the effectiveness of this anti-pirate program is a laughing stock for pirates. Games such as Total War: Warhammer 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War broke in 24 hours after its release, and now the new open-world game Avalanche Studios is part of the “instant break denuvo game” category.

Just Cause 4 was just released on December 5 and is protected with the latest version of Denuvo. But this does not prevent the Italian CPY cracker team from doing magic. The next day, Denuvo’s protection from the game collapsed in the hands of the team which had disappeared in recent months.

Denuvo will usually update their protection soon if the current version of the protection has been bombarded by a cracker team. Will the next version be more effective or even easier to break into what happened to Total War: Warhammer 2 yesterday? We will see later.

We don’t know, why in the last 2 years, there is so many cheater or game which been hacked like this. For your information, CSGO finally became Free To Play game and there will be many cheaters who playing CSGO.

Lineage II Revolution Colaborating With DC Comic

Lineage II Revolution Colaborating With DC Comic

Comes with captivating visual quality and addictive gameplay, Linage 2 Revolution is able to grasp many mobile gamers. As of the writing of this article, Lineage 2 Revolution has received more than 5 million downloads on the Android platform on PlayStore. To keep the concoction game shining, Netmarble finally announced the latest update for Lineage 2 Revolution.

Officially cooperating with DC, finally Lineage 2 Revolution presents a new World and Field Boss themed Batman part 2 saga. From the new World Boss “Scarecrow”, players can reach the Scarecrow Core, Batman Artifact, and various other prizes. While in addition to the Field Boss, “The Riddler” offers interesting content besides hunting, in the form of missions such as quizzes. By completing the mission, players can reach The Riddler Core, Demonic Soulstone, and various other attractive prizes.

New content “Artifact” is a system that can strengthen character CP, the Artifact itself can be strengthened through Limit Breaks up to level 7, when the Artifact set is installed, players will get additional CP and also Set Effect. The licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC is the second collaboration in Lineage 2 Revolution, following the success of the first collaboration with the mobile RPG “Monster Strike” in July 2018.

The DC Batman update itself has been released in November, while the update to the Batman World Boss special theme has been released today. Ready to face Scarecrow & The Riddler?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

How To Get New Hero Annete In AOV ?

Annette became one of the most awaited heroes of her arrival at the Arena of Valor, including the baratayudha server in Indonesia, after being “postponed” with the passion of other heroes Elsu and Richter who unexpectedly came first in Garena AOV Indonesia.

Again Annette’s arrival felt delayed even though she was in front of eyes, why? because you can only get Annette by buying / top-up through the Codex Xeniel feature

Indeed, not necessarily in the future Annette will be able to be bought through Gold ingame or not, only Annette seems exclusive compared to other heroes because it can only be obtained through purchases as we mentioned above, of course, for Free players, they can just gawk and wait for the hero this can be bought with regular gold in the future, it’s “the one who pays to play” while “the one that is free to watch first”.

before this indeed Garena AOV Indonesia had released Hero-Hero that can be obtained normally (purchase with gold) or for free by participating in existing events, such as Elsu, Y’bneth and Richter which were recently being the topic of conversation in all players Arena of Valor.

There are many bonus prizes after buying the Xeniel Codex, but is it feasible? What if you only want the Annette hero without needing a gift from the purchase package? Indeed, there is an Ormar Cristmast skin that is worth Ruby, but it does not feel in vain, especially if you are not an Ormar or Wukong Player, even though there is an exclusive Wukong skin if you don’t have the hero and can’t use it because you don’t feel it drain.

Unique Features In Red Dead Redemption

Unique Features In Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released a few weeks ago, is indeed extraordinary. When first released, this game immediately became a hot topic in various game forums, you know. It is already natural considering the quality offered by this game is indeed not halfway.

Instead of providing linear gameplay like most open world games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually able to give us a lot of things from the side of the gameplay from the heavy to the trivial.

The level of detail of the gameplay is the strength of this game. Even some gamers consider Red Dead Redemption 2 as a simulation game guys. Come on without further ado we just discussed the most important gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Just like The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 includes a gameplay that is quite unique which can be long hair and beard. To be able to make it grow faster, you can use hair tonic and that is in accordance with what is happening in the real world.

This method is said to make your hair and beard length accelerate. Understandably, if Arthur’s hair is short, then you won’t be able to make Arthur’s hair look like a model. But if it’s long, you can do anything with the hair.

Killing can have major consequences on your trip. In addition to drained money to pay for bounties, killing also makes your heads valued wherever you are. One more thing, don’t assume that AI in this game is stupid or not.

There is one sadistic way that can make you run away from the target of people’s anger because it has been proven to have carried out murder. The trick is to give the body of the person you killed to a pig.

Later the pig will eat the corpse so that your trail of murder will not be discovered. Sounds funny right ?

Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Super Robot Wars DD Come To Mobile Version !

Finally, the Super Robot Wars series will come with the Super Robot Wars classic style on Smartphones (Android and iOS), namely Super Robot Wars DD.

Didn’t there already be Super Robot Wars X-Omega for Android and iOS? Indeed yes, but it has a different playing style with the classic Super Robot Wars series.

In the video trailer, we have been presented with a play style scene that looks like a classic, that is utilizing strategy and also with very, very classic animation.

Like other series, if there is a new Super Robot Wars game then there will be the latest anime series too, and who debuted in the Super Robot Wars DD game?

We have come to the Valvrave The Liberator series, which has aired and finished its anime since 2013. It really took a long time until finally its first debut with the emergence of the Valvrave I Hito unit in the Super Robot Wars game.

The next series is Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans with a well-known Mobile Suit unit, Gundam Barbatos.

The IBO Gundam series is also said to require quite a long time, because the series has been airing since 2015. So this game will be a good game for you who like Gundam so much !

Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

Two Overpowered And Forgotten Mage Hero In Mobile Legend

1. Kagura

Kagura the Onmyouji Master is one of the big damage mage heroes but has a high level of difficulty playing. But if you are good at using it, then the enemy will be difficult to defeat you.

Because Kagura has skills that can all provide damage and status to the enemy, moreover if he is paired with a magic geared item, the tank hero will be overwhelmed by it!

Remember that Kagura is the core of a combination of hero mages here, he will fill the mid lane position and as quickly as possible to quickly level up to dominate the map.

2. Alice

This is the old mage hero who is now getting stronger after getting the revamp from Moonton. Currently Alice is one of the many mage hero Mobile Legends that can be used under any circumstances.

You can use Alice as a Crowd Control hero or it can be a damage dealer who has the most painful magic damage area after Kagura and Odette.

In this Hero Legacy Mobile Legends combination, Alice can you position in the lower lane with one or two other mage heroes. In this hero combination, you have to make Alice fast full item and level up.

Best Tank Item In Dota 2

Best Tank Item In Dota 2

For those of you who are still newbie in playing the DOTA 2 game, you need to know the best item that must be owned by a tanker hero. This item will help you survive the opponent’s attack. what are the items?

The first item is Heart of Tarasque. This item gives a very large boosting of HP and STR. In addition, this item will also add tremendous regeneration capabilities when you are out of battle. This item has a fairly expensive price, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

For early games, the most useful item is Vanguard. This item has a function to block an opponent’s attack. This item is very effective in the early game. If you have entered mid or late game, you can upgrade to Crimson Guard.

The next item you can buy is Assault Cuirass. This item provides immense boosting armor for its users. In addition, this item also provides a very high attack speed. Same is the case with Heart of Tarasque, because this item is expensive, so this item is more suitable to buy when mid game or late game.

Next is Shiva Guard. Similar to Assault Cuirass, it’s just that this item has a slow effect on opponents around the user. In addition this item has the ability “Artic Field”, which is an ice area that will give magic damage to opponents who are in the area.

Global Version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Finally Released!

Global Version of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Finally Released!

After being successful with the Chinese version, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love finally released its global version which is certainly more exciting and friendlier to players outside of China.

If in the past the player will find it difficult with the Chinese language in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, for the global version, the language used is English so that it is easier for players to understand.

But it needs to be noted, for the global version that has just been released, the content inside is still lagging behind the Chinese version. Actually, this is a natural thing, because the developer certainly wants to develop the game slowly and does not want to be too hasty.

Just 3 days from the time of release, this game has been ranked first in the most downloads in the Play Store and also in the App Store worldwide. This proves that the existence of the legendary Ragnarok game remains strong today.

In this global version, the system carried is still the same as the one in Chinese ROM, the difference is only in the event that runs. Currently the developer is running an interesting event. This event was held to celebrate the opening day of the global version of Ragnarok Eternal Love.

Well, what are you waiting for? Immediately download the game and feel the exciting adventure in the world of Rune Midgard with your friends and defeat all existing bosses! Happy hunting guys!